Brushton-Moira, Potsdam Win Titles; Harrisville, Heuvelton Share

Final Standings & Non League Stats

EAST DIVISION            W-L-T  Pts  Non-Lg
St. Lawrence Ctl.
Tupper Lake
St. Regis Falls
13-1     -        0-0
10-4     3       0-0
  9-5     4       0-0
  8-6     5       0-0
  8-6     5       0-0
  6-8     7       0-0
1-13   12       0-0
1-13   12       0-0

Salmon River
11-1     -        1-1
10-2     1       2-1
  7-5     4       1-0
  7-5     4       1-2
  4-8     7       0-0
2-10     9       0-0
1-11   10       0-0
WEST DIVISION          W-L-T  Pts  Non-Lg
13-1     -        0-0
13-1     -        0-1
  9-5     4       0-1
  7-7     6       0-0
  7-7     6       0-0
4-10     9       0-0
3-11   10       0-0
0-14   13       0-0

Heuvelton first baseman Jack Palmer (14) stretches for the throw that barely beats Lisbon’s Joe Pellerin (7). The Knights took an early 1-0 lead, but the Bulldogs scored nine unanswered runs to secure a 9-1 victory. With the win, Heuvelton secured a share of the West Division regular season title.  (Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Game Gallery


Games of Week 3-6: May 5-23, 2014

 NCSN Section X Baseball Scoreboard

FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014
Non League

Potsdam 7, Massena 4

THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014

East Division

Norwood-Norfolk 4, Chateaugay 2 (1st game)
Norwood-Norfolk 11, Chateaugay 1 (2nd game)

St. Lawrence Central 6, Tupper Lake 1
Parishville-Hopkinton 7, St. Regis Falls 0 (forfeit)
Central Division
Massena 6, Gouverneur 2
Malone 6, Ogdensburg 3


East Division
Madrid-Waddington 19, St. Regis Falls 2 (1st game)
Madrid-Waddington 5, St. Regis Falls 1 (2nd game)
Brushton 9, Norwood-Nfk. 4 (completion
Central Division

Massena 10, Salmon River 0
Potsdam 14, Ogdensburg 4
West Division
Hammond 7, Hermon-DeKalb 2 (1st game)
Hammond 16, Hermon-DeKalb 1 (2nd game)
Heuvelton 9, Lisbon 1
Harrisville 22, Clifton-Fine 2

TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014
East Division

Brushton-Moira 11, St. Regis Falls 0 (1st game)
Brushton-Moira 22, St. Regis Falls 2 (2nd game)
Madrid-Waddington 6, Tupper Lake 2 (1st game)
Tupper Lake 3, Madrid-Waddington 2 (2nd game)

St. Lawrence Central 5, Chateaugay 1
Central Division
Ogdensburg 10, Massena 2 (1st game)
Massena 7, Ogdensburg 6 (2nd game)
Canton 5, Malone 3
West Division
Morristown 6, Hammond 5 (completion sus. game). game)
Morristown 30, Hammond 8 (regular game)
Heuvelton 10, Edwards-Knox 1

MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014
East Division

Parishville-Hopkinton 14, Madrid-Waddington 13
Tupper Lake 16, St. Regis Falls 4
Central Division
Massena 6, Potsdam 1
Canton 2, Gouverneur 0
Malone 10, Salmon River 3
West Division
Harrisville 7, Lisbon 6
Hammond 12, Edwards-Knox 5
Morristown 25, Hermon-DeKalb 2

SUNDAY, MAY 18, 2014
Non League

Ogdensburg 6, Morristown 5

SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014
East Division
Brushton-Moira 16, Parishville-Hopkinton 2 (1st game)
Brushton-Moira 10, Parishville-Hopkinton 3 (2nd game)

West Division
Lisbon 12, Hermon-DeKalb 2 (1st game)
Lisbon 12, Hermon-DeKalb 2 (2nd game)

Ogdensburg Tournament
Tournament canceled, rain

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

East Division
Brushton-Moira 15, Chateaugay 0
Parishville-Hopkinton 16, St. Regis Falls 7
St. Lawrence Central 6, Madrid-Waddington 5
Central Division
Potsdam 5, Malone 4
Gouverneur 10, Canton 9
West Division
Edwards-Knox 14, Clifton-Fine 10 (finish susp. game). game)
Edwards-Knox 22, Clifton-Fine 13 (2nd game)
Heuvelton 7, Hermon-DeKalb 0 (forfeit)

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 14, Tupper Lake 3
Central Division

Potsdam 14, Gouverneur 4
Malone at Ogdensburg, postponed
Canton 14, Salmon River 10
West Division
Hammond 5, Clifton-Fine 4 (1st game)
Clifton-Fine 16, Hammond 14 (2nd game)

Non League
Massena 5, Peru 4

TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014
East Division

Brushton-Moira 11, Tupper Lake 2
Norwood-Norfolk 7, Madrid-Waddington 3
St. Lawrence Central 16, St. Regis Falls 3
Parishville-Hopkinton 2, Chateaugay 0 (1st game)
Parishville-Hopkinton 9, Chateaugay 5 (2nd game)
Central Division
Gouverneur 3, Salmon River 2
West Division
Lisbon 20, Hammond 4
Heuvelton 8, Harrisville 0
Edwards-Knox 21, Hermon-DeKalb 2
Morristown 25, Clifton-Fine 12
Non League
Beekmantown 10, Malone 7
Massena 1, Carthage 0 (8 innings)

MONDAY, MAY 12, 2014
East Division
Madrid-Waddington 9, Norwood-Norfolk 3
Tupper Lake 17, Parishville-Hopkinton 0
Central Division

Ogdensburg 15, Gouverneur 3
Massena 6, Malone 3
Potsdam 9, Canton 0 (1st game)
Potsdam 9, Canton 1 (2nd game)
West Division
Harrisville 13, Morristown 5
Edwards-Knox 6, Hammond 3

SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014
East Division
Parishville-Hopkinton 6, St. Lawrence Ctl. 4 (1st)
St. Lawrence Ctl. 18, Parishville-Hopkinton 12 (2nd)
Central Division
Massena at Gouverneur, postponed, wet grounds

FRIDAY, MAY 9, 2014

East Division

Brushton-Moira 7, Madrid-Waddington 3
Norwood-Norfolk 9, St. Lawrence Central 3
Tupper Lake 9, Parishville-Hopkinton 4
St. Regis Falls 12, Chateaugay 4
Central Division
Salmon River 10, Gouverneur 9
Ogdensburg 3, Canton 1
West Division
Lisbon 19, Clifton-Fine 3
Edwards-Knox 23, Morristown 17
Harrisville 7, Hermon-DeKalb 0 (forfeit)
Non League
Peru 14, Malone 8

Central Division

Potsdam 2, Massena 1
Ogdensburg 13, Salmon River 4 (1st game)
Ogdensburg 8, Salmon River 3 (1st game)

West Division
Harrisville 9, Edwards-Knox 1 (1st game)
Harrisville 4, Edwards-Knox 1 (2nd game)
Morristown 17, Hermon-DeKalb 10
Heuvelton 18, Hammond 2


East Division
Brushton-Moira 10, St. Lawrence Ctl. 2 (1st game)
Brushton-Moira 5, St. Lawrence Ctl. 0 (1st game)
Norwood-Norfolk 1, St. Regis Falls 0 (1st game)
Norwood-Norfolk 20, St. Regis Falls 2 (2nd game)

Tupper Lake 7, Chateaugay 5 (1st game)
Tupper Lake 9, Chateaugay 2 (1st game)

Central Division
Malone 6, Gouverneur 1 (1st game)
Malone 23, Gouverneur 3 (2nd game)

West Division
Heuvelton wins over Clifton-Fine (F/DH)
Morristown 3, Lisbon 0 (1st game)
Morristown 7, Lisbon 6 (2nd game)

TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014
Central Division

Malone 1, Canton 0, 8 innings
Massena 11, Salmon River 3
Potsdam 12, Ogdensburg 0
West Division
Harrisville 19, Clifton-Fine 6

MONDAY, MAY 5, 2014

East Division

Brushton-Moira 6, Norwood-Norfolk 1 (1st game)
Brushton-Moira 4, Norwood-Norfolk 4, susp. (2nd)

Madrid-Waddington 11, Chateaugay (1st game)
Madrid-Waddington 9, Chateaugay 8 (2nd game)

Tupper Lake 3, St. Regis Falls 0
Central Division
Malone 13, Salmon River 1
Massena 4, Canton 0 (1st game)
Massena 2, Canton 1 (2nd game)
West Division
Harrisville 14, Hammond 2 (1st game)
Harrisville 12, Hammond 4 (2nd game)
Clifton-Fine 15, Hermon-DeKalb 3 (1st game)
Clifton-Fine 15, Hermon-DeKalb 1 (2nd game)
Edwards-Knox 11, Lisbon 6 (1st game)
Lisbon 5, Edwards-Knox 3 (2nd game)
Heuvelton 7, Morristown 2 (1st game)
Heuvelton 18, Morristown 0 (2nd game)

Non League
Indian River 7, Potsdam 5 (9 innings)
Ogdensburg at Plattsburgh, canceled

M-W Jackets Draw Even Atop East By Beating Flyers

Madrid-Waddington’s Michael Thew (11) slides hard into second base and is safe after the ball deflects into centerfield off Norwood-Norfolk’s Peter Jarvis. The Jackets erupted for four runs in the second inning and three more in the fourth, en route to a 9-3 win. The Jackets climbed back atop the East at 6-1. (Gearsbeck photo) Game Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk’s Zeb Brown (10) slides head-first into second base to earn the steal before Madrid-Waddington’s Tanner Uppstrom (1) can apply the tag. (Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Game Gallery

Potsdam Stays Unbeaten in Central, Sweeping Canton

Canton’s Alex Hayes (3) slides into second base, where he barely gets under the tag of Potsdam second baseman Trevor Keleher (4). The Sandstoners swept the Bears 9-0 and 9-1 in the doubleheader. Potsdam pitcher Will Coleman earned the win in both games and lashed a bases-clearing triple in the second game. (Drew Gearsbeck Photo) Game Gallery

Canton’s Robbie Stiles (20) sends the ball into center field for a base hit and advances a runner to scoring position at second.

Pirates' defense Leads To
9-1, 4-1 Sweep of Cougars

Edwards-Knox’s Trent White (12) leaps for the throw, then tags out Harrisville’s Kevin Kapfer (11) at the plate. The Pirates opened an early lead, while pitcher Nate Weaver kept the Cougars in check, including six strikeouts, in forging a 9-1 win in the first game. The Pirates won the second game 4-1. (Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Game Gallery

Harrisville’s Jared Dreythaler (15) makes an all-out diving effort, but the ball swirled around the heel of his glove and popped out when he hit the ground. The Pirates tacked on three insurance runs in the final inning of Game 1 to secure a 9-1 victory. Nate Weaver earned the win on the mound with a six-strikeout performance. The Pirates, undefeated in nine games, swept the nightcap 4-1. Kevin Kapfer laced three hits, while Weaver, Justin Hartle and Tim Fowler pounded out two hits each in the sweep. (Drew Gearsbeck photo)

Morristown Sweeps Lisbon 3-0, 7-6; Fox Deals Shutout

Morristown’s Jacob VanArnum (2) shows the umpire the ball after tagging out Lisbon’s Alex Arduine (10). The Green Rockets scored three runs in the first two innings of the opener. Pitcher Jacob Fox dealt a five-hit shutout in Morristown’s 3-0 win. The Rockets then squeezed out a victory in the nightcap 7-6.

Morristown’s Tyler Delosh (13) slides hard into second base to disrupt the potential double play from Lisbon’s Adam Kelley (9). After Morristown’s Jacob Fox cut down the Knights on a five-hit, 3-0 shutout in the first game. The Rockets hung on to shade Lisbon 7-6 in the second game of a twinbill at Lisbon. Karter VanArnum had the hot bat in the second game with two doubles and a triple. Fox also had two hits in the nightcap. Lisbon was led by Alex Arduine who contributed three hits, while Donnie Duprey delivered two singles.  (Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Game Gallery

Coleman Strikes Out 10 in Potsdam's Win Over O.F.A.

Potsdam’s Will Coleman (6) fires the final pitch of the game to lock down the Sandstoners’ 12-0 win over the Ogdensburg Blue Devils. Coleman twirled a four-hitter, including ten strikeouts. The Sandstoners improved to 4-0 Central and 5-1 overall, while the Blue Devils slipped to a 3-1 overall and Central Division record. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Ogdensburg’s Kyle Badlam (1) makes contact with the ball, sending it down the third-base line, but Potsdam’s Connor Prosper snares the shot and ends the game with a 5-to-3 put out. Pitcher Will Coleman kept the Blue Devils in check, tossing a four-hit shutout and striking out 10 Blue Devils as the Sandstoners would roll to a 12-0 final. Trevor Keleher wielded the hot bat for Potsdam with three hits, including a double. Ben Miller also had three RBI singles, while Devon Delaney, Nate Gingrich and Jake Keleher each lashed two hits. Jon Taylor had two of four hits for the Blue Devils.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Heuvelton Earns Share of West Title With Pirates

Heuvelton first baseman Jack Palmer (14) stretches for the throw that barely beats Lisbon’s Joe Pellerin (7). The Knights took an early 1-0 lead, but the Bulldogs scored nine unanswered runs to secure a 9-1 victory. With the win, Heuvelton secured a share of the West Division regular season title.   (Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Game Gallery

Lisbon’s Logan Mathews (4) skies to pull down the throw and lands on second base to secure the force out, before Heuvelton’s Josh Trathen (20) can reach the base. Heuvelton’s Mike Martin struck out six batters in pitching the Bulldogs to a 9-1 victory over the Lisbon Golden Knights in the final regular-season game in the West Division. Martin and Ben Jacobs each had two hits to lead the offensive attack. Alex Arduine paced the Golden Knights with two hits. Heuvelton closed out the regular season at 13-1 West, 13-2 overall and a share of the West Division regular-season championship with the Harrisville Pirates. Lisbon finished with a 7-7 regular-season mark.

Massena's Haas Deals Potsdam's First Lg. Loss 6-1

Massena's Tyler Haas (9) drops down a bunt and nearly beats out the throw to first base. Haas tossed a three hitter and struck out five Potsdam batters in a 6-1 decision that ended Potsdam's undefeated streak in league play. Isaac Ward powered Massena with three hits. Will Coleman led Potsdam with two hits. (Bob LaRue Photo) Game Gallery

Massena's Tyler Haas (9) is out by a whisker at first base, after laying down a bunt.  The fire-balling Massena ace subdued the Sandstoners on just three hits while striking out five batters in a 6-1 Central Division win at Potsdam. Haas also had a pair of hits. The two teams split their season series 1-1. The loss was the first in league play for Potsdam (10-1 Central, 10-2 overall). Massena improved to 7-1 Division, 9-1 overall and stayed in contention for the division’s regular-season crown. Isaac Ward had the hot bat with three hits, including a double for the Raiders. Pitcher Will Coleman struck out 11 Raiders and delivered two of Potsdam’s three hits.  (Bob LaRue photo)  Game Gallery

Cougars Roar Past Eagles To Earn Playoff Berth

Edwards-Knox’s Tyler Jandreau (6) breaks for second base, while Clifton-Fine’s Damian Sharlow (7) delivers the pitch to the plate. The Cougars exploded for ten runs in the top of the first inning. The Eagles cut into the lead, but could not overcome. Edwards-Knox swept the twinbill 14-10 and 22-13.  (Drew Gearsbeck Photo)  Game Gallery

Edwards-Knox’s Devin Sharlow (2) attempts to slide back to first base, but Clifton-Fine’s Logan Hayes (12) stretched to complete the double play.

St. Regis Bats Erupt For First Win vs. Chateaugay

Chateaugay’s Nick Ashline (6) delivers the pitch, but St. Regis Falls’ Ryan Duquette (2) drives the ball to centerfield for an RBI double. The Saints erupted for five runs in the third inning to take a commanding 6-0 lead. St. Regis Falls went on to beat Chateaugay 12-4 to earn their first win of the season.  (Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Game Gallery

St. Regis Falls’ Matt Cummings (3) attempts a pickoff at first base, but Chateaugay’s Devin LaBare (8) beats the tag from first baseman Tyler Fraser (9). The Saints got a strong pitching performance from Jason Cummings who fanned 15 Bulldogs in earning a 12-4 victory. It marked the Saints’ first win of the season (1-5). Ryan Duquette wielded the hot bat with four hits, including a double and a triple. With two-hit games were Corey LaBounty, Louis Goodrow, Trystin Harrison and Jesse Goodrow.

O.F.A. Wins Mound Duel in Beating Canton BEARS 3-1

An Ogdensburg batter sends it down the first baseline for a single. O.F.A. pitcher Seth Pinkerton tossed a one-hitter and struck out 13 Golden Bears, in pacing the Blue Devils to a 3-1 victory at Canton. Pinkerton also contributed one of just three O.F.A. hits allowed by Canton pitcher Alex Hayes in the pitchers’ duel. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Canton’s Dan Scanlon (26) leaps high in the air to snag a lined ball to record the final out of the fifth inning. The Golden Bears and Blue Devils were tied 1-1 going into the fifth inning until the Blue Devils scored two unearned runs in the top of the fifth to take a 3-1 lead, the eventual final score. O.F.A. had three runs on three hits. Seth Pinkerton, Nick Sweeney and Sebastian Quintilliani had the only hits for Ogdensburg. Opposing pitcher Alex Hayes had the only hit for Canton in a one-run, one-hit game for the Bears. (Cody Jenne photo) 

Lalone, Tayler Lead O.F.A. in Sweeping Salmon River

Ogdensburg’s Dakota Brady (21) drives the ball down to rightfield for an RBI single. The Blue Devils’ Jon Tayler and Peyton Lalone produced three hits apiece in the first game in a 14-4 win, then went on to sweep with an 8-3 triumph in the second contest. O.F.A. improved to 4-2, while the Shamrocks slid to 0-7. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Ogdensburg’s Jon Tayler (7) hook slides into third base and beats the sweep tag from Salmon River’s Brandon Burdash (17). Taylor and Peyton Lalone both smacked three hits in the first game, backing the 7K pitching performance from Jordan Miller in a 14-4 win for O.F.A. Sebastian Quintilliani fanned nine Shamrocks in the second game in an 8-3 sweep, as Ogdensburg improved to 4-2 Central. Justin Bigness produced three hits in the second contest for Salmon River.

Heuvelton Captures 10th Win in Rocking Red Devils

Hammond’s Peyton Frisina (9) slides into second base, beating the thrown from Heuvelton pitcher Jack Palmer to second baseman Adam Woodard (27). The Bulldogs’ bats slashed away for an 18-2 West Division win over the Red Devils. Palmer nailed down the victory with a seven-strikeout effort for the Bulldogs. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Hammond’s Nolan Martin (30) sends the ball down the third-base line for a hit, one of the few relinquished by Heuvelton pitcher Jack Palmer in his seven-K performance. The Bulldogs’ Mike Martin, Cole Piercey and Andrew Woodward cracked three hits apiece as the Bulldogs cranked out an 18-2 win over the Red Devils. The Bulldogs, who improved to 9-1 West and 9-2 overall, also received two-hit contributions from Dylan Liscum, Aiden Scagel, Jordan Macaulay and Joe McDonald.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

St. Mary, Burnett Lead B-M in TWINBILL Sweep of Larries

>Brushton-Moira’s Austin Tavernia (24) slides into third base and beats the tag from St. Lawrence Central’s David Barney (23). B-M’s Jacob St. Mary twirled a three-hit shutout in the second game, capping a sweep for the Panthers in 10-2 and 5-0 victories at Brasher. The Panthers improve to 5-1 on the season.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Brushton-Moira’s Jacob St. Mary (7) send the ball into center field for a base hit. St. Mary smacked two hits and collected two RBIs in the doubleheader. He tossed a three-hit shutout in a 5-0 win in Game 2. Zach Burnett was the winning pitcher, had two hits and three RBIs in the first game. Alex Burnett had two hits. The Larries were led by Luke Peets who tripled and drove in a run.  (Cody Jenne photo) 

E-K, Lisbon Boys Battle To Doubleheader Split

Lisbon’s Joe Pellerin (7) slips while fielding the bunt from Edwards-Knox’s Tyler Jandreau (6), but recovers to get the force at first base. The Knights and Cougars traded runs throughout the first game, but E-K scratched out four insurance runs in the final inning to secure an 11-6 win. Lisbon won the nightcap 5-3. (Drew Gearsback photo) 

Edwards-Knox’s Devin Sharlow (2) spins away to avoid the tag and scores a run around Lisbon catcher Jake Pellerin (12).  Edwards-Knox’s Kaden Dandrow collected four hits, including three singles in the first game of a doubleheader split at Lisbon. The Cougars pulled away in the final inning of an 11-6 win in the opener. Don Duprey led the Knights with two hits in the first game. Jake and Joe Pellerin both had two hits in the second game, leading Lisbon the 5-3 win in the second game.  (Drew Gearsback photo)  Game Gallery


Games of Weeks 1-2: April 21-May 3, 2014

 NCSN Section X Baseball Scoreboard

FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014
East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 10, Parishville-Hopk. 2 (1st game)
Norwood-Norfolk 4, Parishville-Hopk. 2 (2nd game)

West Division
Heuvelton 7, Edwards-Knox 1


East Division
Tupper Lake 10, St. Lawrence Central 6
West Division
Harrisville 12, Morristown 5
Non League
Malone 4, Peru 2


East Division
Brushton-Moira 13, Chateaugay 0
Norwood-Norfolk 11, Tupper Lake 5
Madrid-Waddington 3, St. Lawrence Central 0
Parishville-Hopkinton at St. Regis Falls, postponed
Central Division
Potsdam 4, Malone 1
West Division
Heuvelton 11, Hermon-DeKalb 0
Hammond 5, Morristown 5, 7th inning, suspended
Harrisville 17, Lisbon 0
Clifton-Fine at Edwards-Knox, suspended rain

MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014

East Division
Madrid-Waddington 16, Parishville-Hopkinton 3
St. Lawrence Central 7, Chateaugay 0
Central Division
Potsdam 10, Gouverneur 3
Malone 5, Ogdensburg 4 (8 inn.)
Canton 11, Salmon River 4
West Division
Heuvelton 4, Lisbon 3

FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014

East Division

Brushton-Moira 19, Tupper Lake 10
St. Lawrence Central 5,St. Regis Falls 1
Central Division
Ogdensburg 13, Gouverneur 3
West Division
Lisbon 15, Hammond 4
Harrisville 4, Heuvelton 1
Edwards-Knox 11, Hermon-DeKalb 1
Morristown 19, Clifton-Fine 2


East Division
Chateaugay 10, St. Regis Falls 4
Central Division

Potsdam 14, Salmon River 5 (1st game)
Potsdam 10, Salmon River 0 (2nd game)
Massena 8, Gouverneur 3
Ogdensburg 5, Canton 0
West Division
Heuvelton 14, Hammond 6
Morristown 11, Edwards-Knox 6


Madrid-Waddington 10, Brushton-Moira 7
St. Lawrence Central 11, Norwood-Norfolk 5
Massena 4, Malone 3 (9 innings)
Harrisville 22, Hermon-DeKalb 2
Lisbon 19, Clifton-Fine 6
Parishville-Hopkinton at Tupper Lake (2), ppd.
Chateaugay at St. Regis Falls, postponed
Morristown at Edwards-Knox, postponed
Hammond at Heuvelton, postponed

Non League
Ogdensburg at Plattsburgh, postponed

MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2014

Non League - at Cooperstown, NY
New York Mills 3, Heuvelton 0


Norwood-Norfolk’s Zeb Brown (10) dives into third base on a steal, beating the throw from first to St. Lawrence Central third baseman David Barney (23). The Larries scored three runs quickly to take the early lead. Despite the Flyers scoring two runs in the fifth, St. Lawrence won 11-5 in their season opener. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

St. Lawrence Central’s Haydin St. Hilaire (7) makes contact with the ball, sending it down the third baseline for a single and advancing a runner into scoring position at second. The Larries scored three runs quickly to take the early lead and despite the Flyers scoring two runs in the fifth, they could not overcome the Larries as St. Lawrence picked up its first home win 11-5.

Miller's Three-Hitter Anchors Potsdam's 3rd Win

Gouverneur’s Brandon Ramos (10) slides into home plate, beating the throw from Potsdam third baseman Connor Prosper to catcher Andrew Ace (1) to score Gouverneur’s third run. The Sandstoners got a strong pitching effort from Ben Miller who tossed a three-hitter and fanned 11 Wildcats in a 10-3 win.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Potsdam’s Morgan Sutliff (7) drives the ball into centerfield for a single. Along with Ben Miller’s three-hit pitching performance, Trevor Keleher led the Potsdam effort at the plate with two hits and two RBI’s in a 10-3 Sandstoner victory in the Wildcats’ season opener (0-1). Potsdam improve its record to 3-0.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery


Gouverneur third baseman Justin Bullock (16) tries to slap the tag on elusive Massena runner Connor Paquin. The Raiders rallied in the third and fourth innings to open a 7-1 lead, en route to their second straight victory an 8-5 win over the Gouverneur Wildcats. Paquin scored a pair of runs.

Massena pitcher Isaiah Dillabough delivers a strike to Gouverneur's Cody Ashley in the fourth inning.  Dillabough fanned nine Wildcats in pacing the Raiders to an 8-3 Central Division win. Bailey Hewlett doubled and delivered an RBI for Massena, while Pat Manning and Tyler Haas also knocked in runs for the Raiders. Gouverneur was led by Dan Mullen’s two hits.  (Bob LaRue photo)  Game Gallery