Gouverneur Wins Wooden Bat Tourney; O.F.A. Wins Consolation

Final Standings & Non-League Stats

EAST DIVISION            W-L-T  Pts  Non-Lg
St. Lawrence Ctl.
Tupper Lake
St. Regis Falls
13-1     -        1-1
12-2     1       1-0
  8-6     5       0-0
  8-6     5       0-0
  7-7     6       0-0
  5-9     8       0-0
2-12   11       0-0
1-13   12       0-0
Salmon River
10-2     -        2-0
10-2     -        1-4
  9-3     1       5-2
  5-7     5       2-1
  3-9     7       0-0
  3-9     7       0-1
2-10     8       0-2
WEST DIVISION          W-L-T  Pts  Non-Lg
14-0     -        0-0
11-3     3       1-1
11-3     3       0-0
  7-7     7       1-1
  6-8     8       1-1
4-10   10       0-1
3-11   11       0-0
0-14   14       0-0

Parishville-Hopkinton’s Justin Frank (15) slides into third base, knocks the base loose and beats the throw to Chateaugay’s Kigean Gibbons (13). The Panthers and the Bulldogs each scored one run in the first inning, before Parishville-Hopkinton rolled away with an 18-3 victory.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery


Games of Week 6: May 18-23, 2015

  NCSN Section X Baseball Scoreboard

SATURDAY, MAY 23, 2015
Ogdensburg Wooden Bat Tournament
Lisbon 12, Canton 7 (semifinal)
Gouverneur 4, Ogdensburg 3 (semifinal)
Ogdensburg 4, Canton 0 (consolation)
Gouverneur 8, Lisbon 3 (championship)

THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015

Central Division
Ogdensburg 9, Potsdam 0
Massena 17, Salmon River 5

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 9, Madrid-Waddington 6
Brushton-Moira 19, St. Regis Falls 5
Parishville-Hopkinton 11, Chateaugay 3
Tupper Lake 6, St. Lawrence Central 4
Central Division
Salmon River at Massena, postponed till tomorrow
West Division
Morristown 18, Hammond 5
Harrisville 10, Lisbon 6

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015
Central Division
Gouverneur 8, Canton 1
Massena 18, Potsdam 4
West Division
Morristown 12, Edwards-Knox 9
Heuvelton 11, Harrisville 3
Hermon-DeKalb 13, Clifton-Fine 12
Non League
Malone 7, Norwood-Norfolk 2

MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
East Division
Madrid-Waddington 19, St. Regis Falls 1
Norwood-Norfolk 19, Chateaugay 7
Parishville-Hopkinton 12, Tupper Lake 3
St. Lawrence Central 9, Brushton-Moira 6
Central Division
Ogdensburg 8, Massena 1
Malone 17, Canton 4
Gouverneur 14, Salmon River 3
West Division
Morristown 11,Harrisville 9 (1st game)
Harrisville 15, Morristown 4 (2nd game)

Lisbon 22, Hammond 6
Heuvelton 19, Hermon-DeKalb 5
Edwards-Knox 4, Clifton-Fine 2


Canton catcher Jake Corbine (17) stretches back toward the plate for the tag.  However, Malone’s Jared Moody slides just beating the tag to record the fifth run for the Huskies and a 5-2 lead in the third inning. The Huskies' early rally set the tone to capture the 17-4 victory over the Golden Bears.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Malone’s Jacob Sharf (12) drives a ball down into center field for a base hit in the third inning.  Malone pitcher Jared Moody struck out 11, while contributing four hits to his own cause in the win.  Jordan Boyea added three hits, including a home run.  Zack Monette also contributed three hits.  Canton was led by Alden Slack with a triple and single; and Avery Slack who also had two hits.


Parishville-Hopkinton’s Justin Frank (15) slides into third base, knocks the base loose and beats the throw to Chateaugay’s Kigean Gibbons (13). The Panthers and the Bulldogs each scored one run in the first inning, before Parishville-Hopkinton rolled away with an 18-3 victory in East Division action.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Chateaugay’s Kigean Gibbons (13) drives a ball into centerfield for a base hit and to advance a runner into scoring position.


Games of Week 4-5: May 4-16, 2015

  NCSN Section X Baseball Scoreboard

SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015
Non League
Ogdensburg 8, Malone 2

FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015

East Division
Parishville-Hopkinton 11, Chateaugay 4
Tupper Lake 13, St. Regis Falls 3
West Division
Heuvelton 19, Hammond 5
Edwards-Knox 13, Lisbon 7
Morristown 4, Clifton-Fine 3 (1st game)
Morristown 13, Clifton-Fine 7 (2nd game)
Non League
Massena 9, Indian River 0

THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015

East Division
Madrid-Waddington 9, Tupper Lake 2 (1st game)
Madrid-Waddington 4, Tupper Lake 3 (2nd game)

Brushton-Moira 15, Parishville-Hopkinton 3 (1st)
Brushton-Moira 11, Parishville-Hopkinton 2 (2nd)

St. Lawrence Central 11, St. Regis Falls 2
Central Division
Gouverneur 8, Potsdam 1
Massena 6, Ogdensburg 5

East Division
Madrid-Waddington 9, Chateaugay 1 (1st game)
Madrid-Waddington 7, Chateaugay 6 (2nd game)

Norwood-Norfolk 14, Tupper Lake 5
Central Division
Malone 14, Salmon River 8 (1st game)
Salmon River 11, Malone 9 (2nd game)

Ogdensburg 14, Canton 2
West Division
Edwards-Knox 13, Hammond 5

TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

East Division
Brushton-Moira 6, Norwood-Norfolk 3
West Division
Heuvelton 6, Edwards-Knox 5
Hermon-DeKalb 16, Hammond 6
Harrisville 16, Clifton-Fine 2
Non League
Indian River 6, Massena 4

MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015
East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 6, Brushton-Moira 1
St. Regis Falls 9, Chateaugay 2
St. Lawrence Central 7, Parishville-Hopkinton 3
Madrid-Waddington at Tupper Lake, ppd. till Thurs.
Central Division
Gouverneur 4, Ogdensburg 3
Potsdam 7, Malone 6 (11 innings)
Salmon River 10, Canton 4
West Division
Harrisville 20, Hermon-DeKalb 0 (1st game)
Harrisville 18, Hermon-DeKalb 1 (2nd game)

Morristown 16, Lisbon 3

Dick Kobell Tournament at IHC Watertown
IHC 11, Edwards-Knox 0 (semifinal)
Edwards-Knox 2, Alexandria Bay 0 (semifinal)
Harrisville 16, Alexandria Bay 8 (consolation)
IHC 11, Harrisville 4 (championship)
Non League
Ogdensburg 15,Plattsburgh 9
Ogdensburg 9, Peru 4

FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015
East Division
Tupper Lake 7, Chateaugay 2 (1st game)
Tupper Lake 7, Chateaugay 6 (2nd game)

Norwood-Norfolk 19, St. Regis Falls 0 (1st game)
Norwood-Norfolk 16, St. Regis Falls 2 (2nd game)
Central Division
Massena 9, Canton 0
West Division
Lisbon 16, Clifton-Fine 13
Heuvelton 4, Morristown 3
Non League
Malone 9, Northeastern Clinton 6

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 9, St. Lawrence Central 2
Brushton-Moira 11, Madrid-Waddington 10
Parishville-Hopkinton 9, Tupper Lake 4
Central Division
Ogdensburg 11, Malone 6 (1st game)
Malone 10, Ogdensburg 6 (2nd game)
Massena 8, Gouverneur 6
Potsdam 13, Canton 3
West Division
Edwards-Knox 27, Hermon-DeKalb 4
Harrisville 20, Hammond 0

East Division
Brushton-Moira 15, Tupper Lake 7
Central Division
Canton 8, Salmon River 6
West Division
Lisbon 19, Hermon-DeKalb 5

TUESDAY,  MAY 5, 2015

East Division
St. Lawrence Central 7, Chateaugay 2
Central Division
Gouverneur 11, Salmon River 3
Massena 11, Malone 2
West Division
Clifton-Fine 5, Hammond 2 (1st game)
Clifton-Fine 20, Hammond 11 (2nd game)

Morristown 25, Hermon-DeKalb 3
Heuvelton 15, Lisbon 4

MONDAY, MAY 4, 2015

East Division
Tupper Lake 9, St. Regis Falls 4
Madrid-Waddington 7, St. Lawrence Central 0
Norwood-Norfolk 11, Parishville-Hopkinton 2
Brushton-Moira 13, Chateaugay 0
Central Division
Ogdensburg 7, Canton 0
Potsdam 9, Salmon River 8
West Division
Harrisville 11, Edwards-Knox 4 (1st game)
Harrisville 11, Edwards-Knox 4 (2nd game)

Brushton Beats parishville in double header

  Brushton-Moira's Taylor Tallman (32) reaches out to try and slap a ball into the field in the Panthers double header against Parishville-Hopkinton. in a battle of the wildcats, Brushton-Moira would win in the first game scoring 15 runs and only allowing Parishville-Hopkinton to get three of their own. Making the final score of Game 1: 15-3. In Game two it would be much of the same as Brushton won that game 11-2. (Jason Aubrey photo) Game Gallery Parishville-Hopkinton's Jack Pullano (6) fouls off a ball during the Panthers double header against Brushton-Moira. Brushton-Moira would be victorious in both games with a score of 15-3 in the first, and 11-2 in the second game.  

Wildcats pounce early TO BEAT SALMON RIVER 11-3

Salmon River’s Tyler Brooks (4) laces the ball and sends it deep to right field for a base hit and to advance the runner from first to third. The Wildcats broke out the bats early scoring four runs in the first and six in the second inning to build a commanding 10-0 lead. Gouverneur defeated the Shamrocks 11-3. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

On a stolen base, Salmon River’s  Devlin Laughing (15) slides into second base, just beating out the throw to Gouverneur’s Connor Fenlong (8).



OOgdensburg base runner Peyton Lalone (4) slides, but is tagged out at second by Massena's second baseman Isaac Ward (6). The Blue Devils and Red Raiders scored a run apiece in the first inning. However, Ward tripled in the third to put Massena ahead 3-1.  Ogdensburg rallied to go ahead 5-3, heading into the bottom of the seventh.  The Raiders scored three times in the bottom of the frame for a walk off 6-5 Central Division win.  (Clay Allen photo)  Game Gallery
MMassena pitcher Jake Vierno (23) dives and throws out the Ogdensburg base runner heading for first.

Green Demons storm past red devils in 16-6 victory

Hermon-DeKalb’s Dylan Burwell (4) launches a ball into right field for a base hit and to advance a runner into scoring position. The Green Demons started the game out strong earning eleven runs in the first three innings to give them a 11-2 edge over the Red Devils. Hermon-DeKalb held off Hammond to earn a 16-6 victory. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Hammond’s Alexander Overguard (17) slides into third base beating the throw from first to steal the base.

Flyers Top Panthers 6-1 in Battle of Unbeatens

  Brushton-Moira’s Ricky Collette (8) barely gets back to the bag under the high chin tag from Norwood-Norfolk first baseman Riley Stuart (22). In a game of the previous unbeatens in the East Division, the Flyers scored first on a suicide squeeze bunt in the bottom of the second.  The Flyers added another run in the third and pushed across four more in the bottom of the fifth to beat the Panthers 6-1. Brushton struggled scored just one run in the top of sixth, despite loading the bases with no one out.  (Jason Aubrey photo)  Game Gallery  NCSN Broadcast    Norwood-Norfolk’s Peter Jarvis (7) lays down a bunt for a suicide squeeze, for the Flyers' first run. Brushton-Moira catcher Bryan Aubrey (33) fields the ball. Jarvis came on in two innings of relief to earn the save for starter Zach Benware who allowed one unearned run in five-plus innings.

SHamrocks defeat golden bears 10-2 with 4 runs in 4th

Salmon River's Cole Lage (15) sends the ball down the third baseline to earn a hit and advance the runner to third base. The Shamrocks rallied for four runs in the fourth inning to take a big lead en route to a 10-2 over the Golden Bears at Canton. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

SSalmon River's Cole Lage (15) slides safely into second base, beating the throw to Canton's Alden Slack.

Heuvelton holds off green rockets for 4-3 victory

Heuvelton's Jordan Macauley (25) drives the ball along the third baseline for a hit and to advance a runner into scoring position in the sixth inning.  The Bulldogs took a 4-2 lead in the fourth inning and held off a Morristown comeback to capture a 4-3 victory over the Green Rockets in West Division action on Friday.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Morristown's Ryan Vollmer (2) dives onto second base for the steal to advance into scoring position.


Games of Weeks 2-3: April 20-May 2, 2015

& NCSN Section X Baseball Scoreboard

West Division
Morristown at Harrisville (2), postponed
Non League
Watertown 4, Massena 3 (1st game)
Watertown 17, Massena 0 (2nd game)

FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2015

East Division
Parishville-Hopkinton 10, Madrid-Wadd. 3 (1st)
Madrid-Waddington 11, Parishville-Hopk. 0 (2nd)

Brushton-Moira 22, Tupper Lake 1
Central Division
Ogdensburg 7, Salmon River 2 (1st game)
Ogdensburg 14, Salmon River 5 (2nd game)

Massena 13, Canton 0
West Division
Lisbon at Hermon-DeKalb, postponed

Central Division
Gouverneur 1, Malone 0
West Division
Heuvelton 22, Hermon-DeKalb 1
Harrisville 6, Lisbon 4
Morristown 20, Hammond 3
Edwards-Knox 22, Clifton-Fine 9
Non League
Norwood-Norfolk 6, Massena 1

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 17, Madrid-Waddington 2
St. Lawrence Central 6, Tupper Lake 5
Brushton-Moira 17, St. Regis Falls 6
Central Division
Ogdensburg 8, Potsdam 0
Massena 10, Salmon River 5
Gouverneur 6, Canton 2


East Division
Brushton-Moira 18, Chateaugay 0
Central Division
Gouverneur 13, Malone 4
Massena 12, Potsdam 1
West Division
Lisbon 20, Hammond 10
Morristown 6, Edwards-Knox 2
Clifton-Fine 9,  Hermon-DeKalb 5

MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015

East Division
Madrid-Waddington 7, St. Regis Falls 2
Norwood-Norfolk 12, Chateaugay 1
Brushton-Moira 23, St. Lawrence Central 4
Central Division
Malone 3, Canton 2
West Division
Edwards-Knox 19, Hammond 1
Lisbon 19, Hermon-DeKalb 6
Heuvelton 6, Harrisville 5

Central Division
Ogdensburg 6, Gouverneur 1
West Division
Heuvelton 26, Hammond 5

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015

East Division
St. Lawrence Central 10, St. Regis Falls 4
Norwood-Norfolk 6, Tupper Lake 0
West Division
Morristown 24, Lisbon 12
(All other games postponed)

Central Division
Gouverneur 3, Potsdam 2
West Division
Lisbon 13, Edwards-Knox 11

Central Division
Malone 11, Potsdam 1
West Division
Hermon-DeKalb 8 Hammond 6

East Division
Chateaugay 24, St. Regis Falls 2
Parishville-Hopkinton 16, St. Lawrence Central 3
West Division
Heuvelton 4, Edwards-Knox 1

MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015
West Division
Harrisville 13, Clifton-Fine 0

Blue Devils quick scoring downs sandstoners 8-0

Ogdensburg’s Dakota Brady (21) sends a ball into center field that was caught by Potsdam’s shortstop to record the first out of the 2nd inning athough Brady advanced a runner into scoring position on third base. The Blue Devils scored three runs in the third to position themselves for a 8-0 victory over the Sandstoners. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Potsdam’s Delaney Ball (15) slides into third base past Ogdensburg’s Andrew Layng (10) to advance into scoring position.  OFA pitcher Kinnon LaRose struck out 13 batters and allowed just two hits in gaining the mound win. He also had three hits and four RBIs. Peyton Lalone came on in relief for the seventh inning, struck out two and allowed no hits. Lalone had three hits, two RBIs and four stolen bases. Seth Pinkerton added two hits, two RBIs and three runs scored.

LIsbon comes back from five RUNS DOWN to win 13-11

Lisbon's Joey Pellerin (7) steps onto first base, just beating the throw from the Edwards-Knox shortstop.  The Cougars took a 5-2 lead at the end of the first inning. The Golden Knights came back to win 13-11.(Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Lisbon's Jake Kiah (2) makes contact with the ball and drives it into rightfield.  Adam Kelley laced three hits and earned the mound save in leading Lisbon past E-K. Kane Jordan also delivered three hits, while Logan Matthews and Donald Sequin cranked two hits each. The Cougars were led by Devin Sharlow who produced a triple and a single.

niles' two doubles send bulldogs past saints 24-2

St. Regis Falls' Dylan Decarr (10) fouls off a pitch in as teammate Evan Atkinson (32) gets a secondary lead at third base.  Chateaugay Bulldogs scored seven runs in the second inning en route to a 24-2 East Division victory at St. Regis Falls.  (Jason Aubrey photo)  Game Gallery

Chateaugay's Nick Ashline (6) watches a high pitch go by against St. Regis Falls. Ashline singled in the at bat to knock in Zach Cowan (2).  Chateaugay broke open the contest with seven runs in the second inning, when the Saints were plagued by three errors. The Bulldogs tacked on four runs in the third and threatened more, but left the bases loaded. Chateaugay pounded out six more runs in the each of the fourth and fifth innings to pile up, to back starting pitcher Nick Ashline who gained the mound win. Zach Cowan led the way with three hits, including two doubles and three RBIs. Zack Taylor also had three hits and a pair of RBIs. The Saints’ Elijah Dale scored after a leadoff triple in the fourth inning, then Matt Cummings double and scored in the fifth for the lone runs for St. Regis Falls.


By Bob LaRue, North Country SportsNet
Harrisville pitcher Nate Weaver tossed the season’s first no-run, no-hitter, behind a 17 strikeout performance in leading the Pirates to a 13-0 romp over the Clifton-Fine Eagles in a West Division matchup. Weaver also anchored the Pirate offense with four hits and an RBI in four trips to the plate. Jake Hartle, Ryan Weaver and Jared Dreythaler each produced two hits for Harrisville. Hartle also had two RBIs. The Pirates improved to 2-0, while the Eagles fell to 0-3.

strong second inning lifts P-H PANTHERS past Larries

Parishville-Hopkinton's Mice Charleston (1) launches a deep fly ball to centerfield for an RBI double, bringing home two runs in the second inning and extend the Panthers' lead over St. Lawrence Central 6-2. Parishville-Hopkinton extended the lead to 12-2 by the fifth inning, en route to a16-3 victory. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

On a steal attempt, Parishville-Hopkinton's Garrett Hayes (11) dives into second base, beating the throw from home.  The Panthers erupted for seven runs on seven hits in the second inning, lacing three hits into the gaps and dropping several hits into the shallow outfield. Wyatt Snell legged out an inside-the-park home run to lead off the inning, then drove in two runs with a hit in the same inning. He contributed four hits to lead the Panthers, while Justin Frank and Garrett Hayes added three hits apiece and Jake Pullano delivered two hits. Hayes, who survived a rocky first inning which ended 2-2, then worked his way out of a minor jam in the second inning and gave up just one run the rest of the way. Pitcher Brian Waite struck out 12 for the Larries.

MALONE Huskies take down POTSDAM sandstoners 11-1

Potsdam second basemen Jacob Keleher (6) snags the ball and tags out Malone’s Ian Mahoney (10) on the attempted steal.  The tag helped the Sandstoners keep their early 1-0 lead.  Malone came back in the bottom of the second to go up 4-1, en route to an 11-1 Central Division victory. (Jason Aubrey photo)  Game Gallery
Potsdam’s Jake Keleher (6) drills a single against Malone. The pitch was delivered by the Huskies' Jared Moody (13) who relinquished only one run to gain the mound win.  Malone hurler Jared Moody struck out 11 and held the Sandstoners to just one run in anchoring the Huskies’ first win of the season (1-1). Ben Walley had a home run and a single, while Moody aided his own cause with two hits. Also with a pair of hits were Malone’s Dylan Thomas and Ian Mahoney. Potsdam slid to 0-3.

miller throws no-hitter IN O.F.A.'S TWINBILL SWEEP

Ogdensburg’s Jordan Miller twirled a no-hitter and fanned eight Shamrocks, as the Blue Devils beat Salmon River 7-2 in the first game of a twinbill sweep. Peyton Lalone also had two stolen bases in the opener. Kinnon LaRose and Dakota Brady homered for O.F.A. to help win the nightcap 14-5.


Harrisville's Justin Brackett (17) dives to save the ball as Lisbon's Reilly Alberto (1) runs past first base.  Pirates pitcher Jared Dreythaler struck out nine in anchoring a 16-4 West Division victory.  Harrisville's Kevin Kapfer laced two hits to lead the offensive attack as the Pirates improved to 3-1.  (Brock Simons photo)  Game Gallery

Harrisville's Justin Brackett (1) slides safely under the tag at second base.  Joey Pellerin led the Lisbon effort with two hits and a nine-strikeout performance on the mound.

Larries nip Lumberjacks in  final inning in 6-5 victory

St. Lawrence Central’s Shiloh Winters (4) slides across home plate, beating the throw to Tupper Lake’s catcher to give the Larries a 4-1 lead. The Lumberjacks battled back to a 5-5 tie going into the seventh inning. The Larries were able to score the game-winning run in the seventh to capture the 6-5 walk-off win. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Tupper Lake’s Anson Gagnier (10) drives the ball deep into right field for a double.  St. Lawrence Central’s Ryan Newtown raced home with the walk-off run on a throwing error in the bottom of the seventh inning. SLC pitcher Shiloh Winters struck out 11 Lumberjacks, while contributing to his own cause with three hits at the plate. The Larries improved to 3-4. Tupper Lake was led by John Bouchk who had three hits in four trips.

Norwood-Norfolk Tops Madrid-Waddington 17-2

Norwood-Norfolk's Zack Benware (3) tags a Madrid-Waddington runner out.  The Yellow Jackets kept the game within reach in the first five innings, despite trailing the Flyers 5-2.  N-N plated 12 runs in the final three innings to win 17-2. (Brock Simons photo) Game Gallery

Madrid-Waddington's Michael Thew (11) slides safely into second base as Norwood-Norfolk's Coby Munson (8) gets pulled off the bag for the throw.  Tristan Harvey cranked out four hits, while Zach Benware added three hits and Coby Munson stroke two singles in powering the Flyer attack. N-N stayed unbeaten atop the East Division at 5-0. The Jackets were led by Grant VanBuren with two hits.

CLifton-Fine slides past Green Demons in 9-5 win

Clifton-Fine’s Chase Koster (11) slides into home plate, beating the throw from the first baseman to Hermon-DeKalb catcher Patrick Woodrow (1) to score the insurance run in an 8-5 lead over the Green Demons.  The Eagles nailed down their first win of the season beating Hermon-DeKalb 9-5.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Hermon-DeKalb’s Tanner Hale (5) sends the ball deep into rightfield for a base hit. The Eagles scored three runs in the second inning and four more in the third frame to gain a 7-1 lead. Forrest Hathaway and Jake Folsom each produced two hits for Clifton-Fine in their first win of the season (1-3), behind a 12-strikeout effort by Eagles’ pitcher Damien Sharlow. The Demons closed the gap by posting a three-run fourth and cutting the C-F lead to 7-4. Patrick Woodrow contributed two hits for H-D, behind the 14-strikeout pitching of Dylan Burwell.

madrid-Waddington defeats St. Regis falls 7-2

A Madrid-Waddington runner stops at third base, after the ball gets thrown out of play during Monday's game against the Saint's of St. Regis Falls. The Yellow Jackets outhit St. Regis Falls in winning the East Division encounter 7-2 at Madrid.  (Brock Simons photo)  Game Gallery

A St. Regis Falls' player steals second base.

Norwood-Norfolk downs Lumberjacks in 6-0 win

Norwood-Norfolk's Tristen St. Andrews (14) slides into third base, beating the tag from Tupper Lake's Nathan Boyea (16). St. Andrews was the Flyers’ base thief of the game with five swipes.  The Flyers put together four runs in the fourth inning to take a 5-0 lead over the Lumberjacks. Norwood-Norfolk captured the East Division victory over the Lumberjacks 6-0.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery 

Norwood-Norfolk's Peter Jarvis (7) sends the ball into centerfield for a base hit.  N-N pitchers Cody Munson and Zach Benware combined in pitching the Flyers’ second shutout in three games so far this season, while spoiling the Lumberjacks’ season debut. Zeb Brown cracked two hits for the Flyers.

Gouverneur nips potsdam IN 3-2 CENTRAL DIVISION victory

Potsdam's Connor Brady (16) slides into second base, but is tagged out just before touching the base by Gouverneur second baseman Maddison McIntosh (7).  The Wildcats broke a 2-2 tie with a single run in the fifth inning and held on to defeat the Sandstoners 3-2 in Central Division action. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Gouverneur's Maddison McIntosh (7) drives the ball to centerfield for a base hit.  Ben Sitts’ double drove in Braden Fenlong with the game-winning run. Wildcat pitcher Aaron McEathron fanned 14 Sandstoners in the win. Potsdam’s Aaron Besaw was virtually as dominant on the mound with 13 strikeouts.


Games of Week 1: April 13-19, 2015

  NCSN Section X Baseball Scoreboard

Rome Free Academy Tournament
Oneida 12, Ogdensburg 6 (semifinal)
Ogdensburg 7, Rome Free Acad. 5 (consolation)
Non League
Alexandria Bay 26, Hermon-DeKalb 3

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015
East Division
Brushton-Moira 20, Madrid-Waddington 4
Parishville-Hopkinton 5, St. Regis 2 (1st game)
Parishville-Hopkinton 17, St. Regis 2 (2nd game)
Norwood-Norfolk 11, St. Lawrence Central 2
Central Division
Canton 15, Potsdam 9


East Division

Chateaugay 5, St. Lawrence Central 3
Central Division
Gouverneur 8, Massena 3
West Division
Hermon-DeKalb 11, Edwards-Knox 10
Lisbon 11, Clifton-Fine 5
Heuvelton 21, Morristown 6
Harrisville 15, Hammond 6
Non League
Brushton-Moira 14, Salmon River 1


East Division

Norwood-Norfolk 24, Parishville-Hopkinton 0


East Division
St. Lawrence Central 9, Madrid-Waddington 7
St. Regis Falls at Tupper Lake, postponed
Central Division
Massena 8, Malone 4
Salmon River 2, Potsdam 0
West Division
Heuvelton 24, Clifton-Fine 11 (1st game)
Heuvelton 11, Clifton-Fine 1 (2nd game)

Morristown 43, Hermon-DeKalb 5

MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
West Division
Heuvelton 9, Lisbon 2
Harrisville at Edwards-Knox, ppd.
Morristown at Hermon-DeKalb, ppd.
Clifton-Fine at Hammond, ppd.

Green Demons win thriller: WALKOFF WIN VS. cougars

Hermon DeKalb's Dylan Burwell (4) throws a strike as an Edwards-Knox runner steals second.  Both the Cougars and Demons struggled to hit the ball.  With the Cougars up 10-4, the Green Demons rallied for seven runs in their final at bat, winning 11-10 on a walkoff  to earn their first win in three years.  Burwell struck out 11 over six innings for the Demons.  (Brock Simons photo)  Game Gallery

Edwards-Knox's Thomas White (6) tags a Hermon-DeKalb runner at second base for the out.  H-D's Hunter Woodrow had a two-run homerun in the 5th inning and an RBI double in the 7th frame to tie the game.  Patrick Woodrow sprinted home on a passed ball to provide the game-winning walk-off run. Devon Sharlow and Tyler Jandreau notched two hits for the Cougars in their season opener.

Heuvelton scores four in second inning for first win

Heuvelton's second baseman Josh Trathen (20) tags out a Lisbon base runner at second to record the first out of the second inning.  Heuvelton pitcher Mike Martin fanned 11 Lisbon batters in leading the Bulldogs to a 9-2 win on opening day.  Ben Jacobs and Jordan Macaulay each rapped two singles for Heuvelton. Logan Matthews singled three times for Lisbon.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Massena's quick scoring downs huskies 8-4 in opener

Malone’s Bailey Conklin (9) sends a ball into center field for a base hit in top of the third inning. The Red Raiders put together a strong fourth inning, racking up four runs to take a 5-1 lead over the Huskies. Massena held on, despite a late Malone rally to capture an 8-4 victory in the season opener.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Massena second baseman Bailey Hewlett (2) leaps to snag the high throw from home plate, but was unable to stop Malone’s Jordan Boyea (1) from reaching second base in time.  Josh LaShomb drove in a pair of runs with a double in the first inning, launching Massena in an 8-4 win over Malone in their season opener. Isaac Ward tagged a pair of hits and drove in two runs. Boyea led all batters with three hits.


Canton beats potsdam in season opener 15-9

Potsdam’s Connor Prosper (23) takes a big swing to try and put the ball into play. The Sandstoners would fight from behind by knocking three runs in the bottom of the first, after giving up six runs to Canton earlier in the inning.  In the Bears' season opener, Canton would move on to beat the Sandstoners 15-9. (Jason Aubrey photo)  Game GalleryPotsdam’s Connor Prosper (23) takes a big swing to try and put the ball into play. The Sandstoners would fight from behind by knocking three runs in the bottom of the first, after giving up six runs to Canton earlier in the inning.  Canton would move on to beat the Sandstoners 15-9.

wildcats down red raiders in season opener in 8-3 win

Gouverneur's Braden Fenlong (19) slides into home plate past Massena catcher Bailey Hewlett (2) to score the seventh run for the Wildcats.  In the season opener for the Wildcats, Gouverneur defeated the Red Raiders 8-3.  Aaron McEathron pitched five innings and gave up just three runs in the win.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Massena's Devin Page (10) launches a ball into rightfield for a base hit.  Nate Besaw knocked in two key runs with a single in the third inning, then Connor Fenlong smacked a double in the fifth inning to add insurance scores for the Wildcats.  Isaiah Dillabough who had an RBI for the Red Raiders.


Brushton-Moira's Bryan Aubrey (33) drives the ball deep into centerfield for a base hit and to advance a runner into scoring position at second base.  The Panthers scored quickly in delivering 14-1 interdivisional victory over Salmon River. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Salmon River's David Roundpoint (6) tags Brushton-Moira's Austin Tavernia (24) to record the second out of the third inning.  Austin Tavernia fired a no hitter while striking out seven Shamrocks in the 14-1 road victory. Tavernia aided his own cause with two hits and three walks in five trips to the plate. Alex Burnett also collected four hits and Jon Kennedy two hits in the Panthers’ season opener.

Norwood-Norfolk downs
P-H panthers in opener

Norwood-Norfolk's Peter Jarvis (7) hits a liner to centerfield against Parishville-Hopkinton. The Flyers scored eight runs in the second inning to break out to an 8-0 lead. Norwood-Norfolk scored five runs in the fourth inning add to their lead over the Panthers. Norwood-Norfolk defeated the Panthers 24-0.  (Jason Aubrey photo)  Game Gallery

Parishville-Hopkinton’s Garret Hayes (11) looks to get a secondary lead at first base during their game against Norwood-Norfolk.  Zach Benware laced four hits in leading the Flyers.  Tristan St. Andrews, Tristen Harvey and Peter Jarvis all cracked two hits for the Flyers in their season opener.