Brushton-Moira Outduels Malone; Ogdensburg Defeats Potsdam

Standings & Non League Stats

EAST DIVISION              W-L  GB  Non-Lg
St. Lawrence Ctl.
St. Regis Falls
13-1     -        2-0
10-4     3       3-0
  9-5     4       0-0
  8-6     5       4-1
  7-7     6       0-0
4-10     9       0-0
3-11   10       1-1
2-12   11       0-1
Salmon River
Tupper Lake
14-0     -        0-4
11-3     3       0-4
10-4     4       1-3
  8-6     6       0-3
  7-7     7       0-1
4-10   10       0-0
2-12   12       0-3
0-14   14       0-0
WEST DIVISION             W-L  GB  Non-Lg
13-0     -        2-1
11-3     2½    1-1
  9-5     4½    2-0
  9-5     4½    0-0
  7-7     6½    3-1
2-11   11       0-0
2-12   11½    1-2
1-11   11½    0-3

   Chateaugay’s Katelyn Dewey (4) slides onto home plate, trying to score from second base.  However, Parishville-Hopkinton’s Taylor Scovil (15) makes the catch and the tag to record the final out of the third inning. The Bulldogs rallied in the late innings to capture a 10-6 victory over the Panthers.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery


Games of Week 6: May 18-23, 2015

  NCSN Section X Softball Scoreboard

THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015
Central Division
Ogdensburg 29, Potsdam 4

Non League
Brushton-Moira 4, Malone 1


East Division
Brushton-Moira 15, St. Regis Falls 0
Norwood-Norfolk 12, Madrid-Waddington 2
Chateaugay 10, Parishville-Hopkinton 6
West Division
Hammond 13, Morristown 9
Lisbon 18, Harrisville 3
Non League
St. Lawrence Central 8, Ogdensburg 6

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015
Central Division
Gouverneur 16, Canton 5
Massena 27, Potsdam 5
Malone 19, Tupper Lake 0
West Division
Morristown 8, Edwards-Knox 1
Heuvelton 28, Harrisville 0

MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015

East Division
St. Regis Falls 9, Madrid-Waddington 4
Chateaugay 11, Norwood-Norfolk 9
Parishville-Hopkinton 7, Colton-Pierrepont 4
Brushton-Moira 10, St. Lawrence Central 3
Central Division
Ogdensburg 12, Tupper Lake 0
Gouverneur 13, Salmon River 9
West Division
Morristown 14, Harrisville 12 (1st game)
Morristown 13, Harrisville 4 (2nd game)
Hammond 7, Lisbon 4
Edwards-Knox 31, Clifton-Fine 6
Non League
Heuvelton 16, Ogdensburg 0


Bulldogs score early to down p-h panthers 10-6

  Chateaugay’s Katelyn Dewey (4) slides onto home plate, trying to score from second base.  However, Parishville-Hopkinton’s Taylor Scovil (15) makes the catch and the tag to record the final out of the third inning. The Bulldogs rallied in the late innings to capture a 10-6 victory over the Panthers.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Parishville-Hopkinton’s Nicole White (1) launches a ball into right field for a basehit to lead off the bottom of the fourth inning


Games of Week 4-5: May 4-16, 2015

 NCSN Section X Softball Scoreboard

SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015

Mudville Tournament
Vernon-Verona-Sherill (VVS) 5, Ogdensburg 4
Hoosic 12, Ogdensburg 2
Lake Placid Tournament
Lisbon 16, Saranac Central 15 (semifinal)
Lake Placid 13, Lisbon 4 (championship)


FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 20, Colton-Pierrepont 5
Chateaugay 12, Parishville-Hopkinton 10
Central Division
Malone 10, Salmon River 0 (1st game)
Malone 11, Salmon River 0 (2nd game)
Massena 13, Canton 7
West Division
Morristown 16, Clifton-Fine 3 (1st game)
Morristown 14, Clifton-Fine 11 (2nd game)
Edwards-Knox 7, Lisbon 4
Heuvelton 17, Hammond 0


THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015

East Division
Brushton-Moira 9, Parishville-Hopkinton 0 (1st)
Brushton-Moira 8, Parishville-Hopkinton 0 (2nd)
St. Lawrence Central 19, St. Regis Falls 4
Central Division
Gouverneur 22, Potsdam 2
Ogdensburg 12, Massena 0
Canton 21, Tupper Lake 2



East Division
Chateaugay 2 , Madrid-Waddington 1 (1st game)
Chateaugay 7, Madrid-Waddington 2 (2nd game) 

Central Division
Potsdam 18, Tupper Lake 17
West Division
Edwards-Knox 6, Hammond 0
Non League
Watertown 13, Gouverneur 4


TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

East Division
St. Lawrence Central 15, Colton-Pierrepont 5
Brushton-Moira 3, Norwood-Norfolk 2
Central Division
Salmon River 4, Massena 3 (1st game)
Massena 6, Salmon River 3 (2nd game)

Malone 15, Canton 0
West Division
Heuvelton 10, Edwards-Knox 0
Hammond 19, Hermon-DeKalb 0
Clifton-Fine 9, Harrisville 8


MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 4, Brushton-Moira 3
Chateaugay 16, St. Regis Falls 4
St. Lawrence Central 22, Parishville-Hopkinton 0
Madrid-Waddington 14, Colton-Pierrepont 6
Central Division
Malone 24, Potsdam 4
Ogdensburg 16, Gouverneur 3
Massena 24, Tupper Lake 1 (1st game)
Massena 15, Tupper Lake 5 (2nd game)

Salmon River 11, Canton 4
West Division
Harrisville 17, Hermon-DeKalb 2 (1st game)
Harrisville 12, Hermon-DeKalb 8 (2nd game)
Lisbon 4, Morristown 0 (1st game)
Morristown 10, Lisbon 5 (2nd game)



Mudville Tournament
Valhalla 10, Malone 0
Oneida 6, Malone 0

Non League
Saranac Central 13, Massena 2 (1st game)
Saranac Central 19, Massena 6 (2nd game)
Lisbon 34, Potsdam 0 (1st game)
Lisbon 17, Potsdam 1 (2nd game)
Peru 15, St. Lawrence Central 4


FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 9, St. Regis Falls 2 (1st game)
Norwood-Norfolk 11, St. Regis Falls 4 (2nd game)

Colton-Pierrepont 6, Chateaugay 5 (8 innings)
Central Division
Gouverneur 13, Tupper Lake 2
West Division
Lisbon 23, Clifton-Fine 1
Heuvelton 5, Morristown 3 (9 innings)



East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 5, St. Lawrence Central 2
Brushton-Moira 15, Madrid-Waddington 0
Central Division
Malone 9, Ogdensburg 2
Gouverneur 16, Massena 11
Canton 17, Potsdam 2
Salmon River 20, Tupper Lake 3
West Division
Hammond 12, Harrisville 2
Edwards-Knox 16, Hermon-DeKalb 0



Central Division
Salmon River 8, Canton 2
Non League
Harrisville 28, Potsdam 11
Brushton-Moira 8, Malone 2


TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015

East Division
Chateaugay 7, St. Lawrence Central 6
Norwood-Norfolk 12, Colton-Pierrepont 5
Central Division
Massena 13, Canton 6
Ogdensburg 28, Potsdam 3
Malone 10, Gouverneur 2
West Division
Morristown 18, Hermon-DeKalb 0
Hammond 14, Clifton-Fine 6
Heuvelton 16, Lisbon 0


MONDAY, MAY 4, 2015

East Division
Colton-Pierrepont 8, St. Regis Falls 3
St. Lawrence Central 10, Madrid-Waddington 6
Norwood-Norfolk 11, Parishville-Hopkinton 4 (1st)
Norwood-Norfolk 9, Parishville-Hopkinton 8 (2nd)
Brushton-Moira 5, Chateaugay 1
Central Division
Malone 8, Massena 1
Gouverneur 21, Tupper Lake 0
Ogdensburg 11, Canton 5
Salmon River 24, Potsdam 4
West Division
Lisbon 19, Hermon-DeKalb 2
Edwards-Knox 11, Harrisville 3 (1st game)
Edwards-Knox 10, Harrisville 0 (2nd game)

Colton-PierrEpont EEKs out 6-5 win vs. chateaugay

       Colton-Pierrepont’s Morgan Doyle (1) slides safely into second base, as Chateaugay’s Alicia Cook (11) was unable to make a play on the bouncing ball.  The Colts jumped out to an early lead scoring two runs in the bottom of the first.  The Bulldogs came back to tie the game in the third. Tied after seven innings, the two teams went an extra frame where the Colts came out victorious 6-5.  (Jason Aubrey photo)  Game GalleryChateaugay’s Emily Dwyer (7) stretches for the ball as Colton-Pierrepont runner Mia Knight (6) reaches the first base safely on the play. 

Huskies score fast to down wildcats in 10-2 win

Malone’s Erin McDonald (10) slides into second base beating the throw to Gouverneur’s Brooke Shattuck (16) for the stolen base.  The Huskies got on the board quickly scoring four runs in the first inning to take a strong lead over the Wildcats.  Malone defeated Gouverneur 10-2.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

MaMalone’s Abigail Collins (4) drives the ball into center field for a single to load the bases in the third inning.


   Malone’s Gabriel Collins (11) slides in to score on a passed ball as Ogdensburg's pitcher Jennie Dalton (17) tries to put the tag down. Malone scored four runs in the top of the third to jump out to a 4-0 lead. Ogdensburg would put two runs on the board in the fifth inning. Malone win 9-2 in Central Division action. (Jason Aubrey photo) Game Gallery     Ogdensburg catcher Mollee Ahrens (15) fields a bunt put down by Malone’s Morgan Yando (1). Ahrens threw out Yando on the play. Malone scored seven runs in the third and fourth innings, while Ogdensburg struggled to find holes in the field. Malone ace Alissa McCauley struck out six and allowed just two runs, then drove in a run at the plate, in the Huskies’ 9-2 victory at Ogdensburg. Malone remained undefeated in the Central Division at 9-0, 9-1 overall. O.F.A. pitcher Jennie Dalton countered with nine strikeouts. Alicia Shaver led the Devils (7-3) with a pair of hits.


Harrisville catcher Cali Moore (9) leaps to snag a wild pitch in a non-league matchup at Potsdam.  The Pirates won their first game of the season in defeating the Sandstoners 28-11 in a non-leaguer. (Brock Simons photo) Gallery Posted Shortly

Potsdam first baseman Ali McFadden (25) catches the ball to get the out against the Pirates in Wednesday's 28-11 Harrisville victory.  (Brock Simons photo)  Game Gallery 


Colton-Pierrepont’s Hannah Hogle (7) attempted to beat the throw to Norwood-Norfolk first baseman Breanna Deshane (11). The Flyers came out swinging hot bats, putting up nine runs in the top of the first inning. Colton-Pierrepont cut the deficit by scoring three runs in the bottom of the first. However, the Flyers cruised to beat the Colts 20-5 at Swift Field in South Colton.  (Clay Allen photo)  Game Gallery

Colton-Pierrepont’s Morgan Doyle (1) makes solid contact with the ball for a single.  Doyle and Hannah Hogle had two hits, while Eve Whalen homered for the Colts.  N-N's Kristen Barkely produced three hits, while Katrina Durant tripled twice in the win for the Flyers (9-3, 12-3 overall).

COugars pounce on red devils in 6-0 victory

Edwards-Knox runner Makayla Bacon (12) slides in a beats out the tag by Hammond’s pitcher Mikayla Horton (13). Bacon would accumulate for the panthers first run in the bottom of the first inning. The Panthers would continue their run support in the 3rd with 3 more toe extend their lead to four. (Clay Allen photo) Game Gallery

Hammond’s Mariah Simons (4) throws to second quickly to turn the double play.  Edwards-Knox defeatrf Hammond 6-0.

Potsdam SQUEEZES OUT SLIM 18-17 WIN OVER tupper lake

Potsdam scores a run off a wild pitch in the bottom of the third inning.  After being tied 12-12 in the third inning, the Lady Sandstoners pulled out a slim 18-17 victory over the Lady Lumberjacks. (Brock Simons photo) Game Gallery

Tupper Lake's Malone McLear (21) reaches out to make the diving stop on the ball during Wednesday night's matchup against the Sandstoners in Potsdam. Potsdam gained its second win of the season, holding on for an 18-17 victory.  (Brock Simons photo) Game Gallery

Red Devils score big early to down green demons 19-0

Hammond’s Alyson Crosby (23) makes contact with the be ball and drives it into left field. The Red Devils rounded seven runs in the top of the third inning to take a commanding lead over the Green Demons. Hammond claimed the West Division victory over Hermon-DeKalb 19-0. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Hermon-DeKalb’s Cassidy Simmons (14) makes the catch to record the final out of the third inning.

NORWOOD-NORFOLk HANDS B-M panthers first loss 4-3

   Norwood-Norfolk first baseman Breanna Deshane (11) catches the ball on a throw from the catcher to try and get Brushton-Moira’s Melissa Cox (3).  The two top teams in the East played a tight game. The Flyers handed the Panthers their first loss with a bases-loaded, walk-off single in a 4-3 win. (Jason Aubrey photo) Game Gallery    Brushton-Moira’s Emily O’Connor (1) fields a ball hit back to the mound on a comebacker. O’Connor suffered her first loss of the season as the Flyers won 4-3. 

Bulldogs top Morristown 5-3 in extra-inning THRILLER

Heuvelton's Kaden Mack (23) dives onto home plate, but Morristown catcher Macalla Roberts (4) slaps on the tag just in time to retire the side of the third inning.  The Green Rockets and the Bulldogs took the game into extra innings before Heuvelton pulled away to earn the 5-3 West Division victory. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Heuvelton's Miranda Donnelly drives the ball deep into center field for a double.


Norwood-Norfolk's Bryanna Powell (10) makes contact with the ball in the first inning of Thursday's softball matchup against the St. Lawrence Larries.  The Flyers avenged an earlier one-run road loss by downing the Larries 5-2.  The win moved the Flyers into second place in the East Division.  (Brock Simons photo) Game Gallery

St. Lawrence Central's R. Barton (10) throws the ball to first base for the out.  In a tight low-scoring contest, Kirstin Barkley rapped a pair of doubles, while Sydney Molnar and Katrina Durant each stroked a pair of hits in the Flyers’ 5-2 victory at Norfolk, avenging a one-run loss to the Larries earlier this season. St. Lawrence Central was led by Haleigh Agans, who also smacked a double for an RBI.


Games of Week 1-3: April 13-May 2, 2015

 NCSN Section X Softball Scoreboard


Mudville Tournament
Heuvelton 6, Duanesburg 2
Deposit 3, Heuvelton 1
St. Lawrence 13, Cananjohaire 0
St. Lawrence 15, Scio 6
Adirondack 5, Gouverneur 1
Proctor 10, Gouverneur 1


FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2015

East Division
Parishville-Hopkinton 8 Madrid-Waddington 4 (1st)
Madrid-Waddington 8, Parishville-Hopkinton 4 (2nd)

Brushton-Moira 5, Colton-Pierrepont 0 
Central Division
Potsdam 25, Tupper Lake 19 (8 inn.)



East Division
Colton-Pierrepont 10, St. Lawrence Central 9
Central Division
Malone 15, Tupper Lake 0
West Division
Heuvelton 27, Hermon-DeKalb 0
Lisbon 23, Harrisville 12
Morristown 7, Hammond 4
Edwards-Knox 22, Clifton-Fine 3
Non League
Norwood-Norfolk 20, Salmon River 3
Gouverneur 14, Madrid-Waddington 6



East Division
Brushton-Moira 18, St. Regis Falls 0
Norwood-Norfolk 14, Madrid-Waddington 3
Central Division
Gouverneur 12, Canton 11
Ogdensburg 6, Salmon River 1 (1st game)
Ogdensburg 13, Salmon River 1 (2nd game)



East Division
Chateaugay 5, St. Regis Falls 0
Central Division
Massena 27, Potsdam 2
Malone 9, Gouverneur 4
West Division
Edwards-Knox 5, Morristown 3
Hermon-DeKalb 14, Clifton-Fine 13
Hammond 5, Lisbon 4


MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015

East Division
St. Regis Falls 8, Madrid-Waddington 5
Chateaugay 3, Norwood-Norfolk 0
Brushton-Moira 4, St. Lawrence Central 1
Central Division
Gouverneur 9, Salmon River 7
Ogdensburg 17, Tupper Lake 0
Malone 16, Canton 0
West Division
Edwards-Knox 6, Hammond 2
Lisbon 18, Hermon-DeKalb 3
Heuvelton 31, Harrisville 0



West Division
Heuvelton 9, Hammond 1
Hermon-DeKalb Tournament
Norwood-Norfolk 22, Hermon-DeKalb 0 (semifinal)
Edwards-Knox 9, Parishville-Hopkinton 1 (semifin.)
Parishville-Hopkinton 11, Hermon-DeKalb 7 (cons)
Norwood-Norfolk 7, Edwards-Knox 0 (championsp)
Non League
Immaculate Heart 21, Harrisville 2 (1st game)
Immaculate Heart 16, Harrisville 4 (2nd game)

St. Lawrence Central 14, Massena 5


FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015

East Division
St. Regis Falls 15, St. Lawrence Central 14

Central Division
Canton 4, Tupper Lake 1
Massena 7, Ogdensburg 4
(All other games postponed)



Central Division
Gouverneur 19, Potsdam 1
West Division
Edwards-Knox 5, Lisbon 3



East Division
Colton-Pierrepont 29, Parishville-Hopkinton 1
Central Division
Malone, 15, Potsdam 0
Ogdensburg 5, Gouverneur 4
West Division
Hammond 21, Hermon-DeKalb 6



East Division
Colton-Pierrepont 13, Madrid-Waddington 8
St. Lawrence Central 10, Parishville-Hopkinton 9
West Division
Heuvelton 3, Edwards-Knox 1
(All other games postponed)


MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015

West Division
Clifton-Fine 20, Harrisville 17
All other games postponed



Non League
Alexandria Bay 20, Hermon-DeKalb 2


FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

East Division
Brushton-Moira 25, Madrid-Waddington 0
Colton-Pierrepont 7, Chateaugay 4
St. Regis 4, Parishville-Hopkinton 2 (1st game)
Parishville-Hopkinton 10, St. Regis 5 (2nd game)
St. Lawrence Ctl. 12, Norwood-Norfolk 11 (9 inns.)
Central Division
Malone 4, Ogdensburg 3
Canton 17, Potsdam 1
Salmon River 6, Tupper Lake 0
Gouverneur 18, Massena 17



East Division
St. Lawrence Central 23, Chateaugay 2
West Division
Edwards-Knox 14, Hermon-DeKalb 3
Lisbon 8, Clifton-Fine 1
Heuvelton 15, Morristown 6
Hammond 26, Harrisville 5



East Division
Brushton-Moira 10, Colton-Pierrepont 0
Parishville-Hopkinton at Norwood-Norfolk, ppd.



East Division
St. Lawrence Central 23, Madrid-Waddington 8
Colton-Pierrepont 14, St. Regis Falls 13 (9 innings)
Brushton-Moira 17, Chateaugay 0
Central Division
Malone 7, Massena 2
Ogdensburg 15, Canton 0
Salmon River 16, Potsdam 11
West Division
Heuvelton 9, Clifton-Fine 0 (1st game)
Heuvelton 16, Clifton-Fine 0 (2nd game)
Morristown 19, Hermon-DeKalb 1


MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015

West Division
Hammond 18, Clifton-Fine 2
Heuvelton 5, Lisbon 0
Harrisville at Edwards-Knox, postponed
Morristown at Hermon-DeKalb, postponed

Cougars defeat Golden Knights 5-3 in comeback win

Lisbon's Claire McCormick (27) sends the ball along the third baseline for a single and to advance a runner into scoring position. Makayla Bacon, Dakotah Bacon, Kelsey White and Katrina Moore delivered two hits each, while Bacon struck out nine Knights in a tight 5-3 win at Lisbon. Sierra Ashley also had a strong game on the mound for Lisbon, striking out 14 Cougars in taking the mound loss. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Cougars RACE to 14-3 win over h-d green demons

Edwards-Knox infielder K. Moore (19) scoops up a ground ball against Hermon-DeKalb.  The Cougars opened up their 2015 season with a solid 14-3 victory in West Division action. (Brock Simons photo)  Game Gallery

Hermon-DeKalb’s Danielle Kerr (24) connects with the ball.  Hermon-DeKalb’s Danielle Kerr (24) connects with the ball.  The Cougars opened up their 2015 season with a solid 14-3 victory in West Division action. Edwards-Knox pitcher Mikayla Bacon kept the Green Demons off balance and collected 12 strikeouts in the Cougars’ season debut. On the offensive side, Mackenzie Hall delivered four hits including two triples in the Cougars’ road win.  (Brock Simons photo)  Game Gallery

Heuvelton'S tough defense ANCHORS WIN OVER lisbon

Lisbon's Amanda Mae (catcher) throws the ball to first base where the runner is caught off base to end the fourth inning.  Heuvelton's Paige McCormick drilled a home run and twirled a no-hitter with 15 strikeouts in guiding the Bulldogs to a 5-0 win. Katie Palmer stroked three hits for the Bulldogs in the season opener.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Huskies rally late for first win of season 7-2

Malone’s Brenna Hudson (9) slides into second base just beating out the throw from the plate to Massena third baseman Abbey Paduano (2) to advance from first base.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Malone’s Brooke Reville (16) launches a ball deep into center field to earn a double and place her in scoring position.  Alissa McCauley tossed a three-hitter and struck out seven, but it was the Huskies’ sixth inning rally that blew open the game for a 7-2 Malone win in the season opener at Massena. Malone led 3-2 before the key sixth-inning rally. Brooke Reville led the Huskies’ attack with two hits – a single and a double. McCauley and Brittany Streeter each doubled for the Raiders, while Abbey Paduano had an RBI single.

b-m panthers pounce on bulldogs in opener 17-0

Chateauguay's Caitlyn McCillicuddy (2) covers home plate, but Brushton-Moira's Ashley DeBeer (4) barely slides home safely on a passed ball.  The Panthers pounced for 11 runs in the first inning, en route to a 17-0 season-opening win.  (Jason Aubrey photo)  Game Gallery

Chateauguay pitcher Caitlyn McCillicuddy (2) tosses the ball to first basemen Emily Dwyer (7) for an out.  The Panthers’ Emily O’Connor tossed a five-inning no-hitter in a game shortened by the 15-run mercy rule, in the season opener. The game also marked the return of the Panthers to the East Division, after a year in the Central Division as part of the Section X division-balancing rotation.


Colton-Pierrepont’s Haylee Hennessy (5) slides onto second base beating the tag from St. Lawrence Central’s Hailee Weegar (8) to steal the base. In the decisive 7th inning, the Colts' Makayla Reed tripled and then scored on Eve Whalen's base hit  as the Colts nipped St. Lawrence Central 10-9.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Colton-Pierrepont’s Katie Johnson (23) makes contact with the ball to earn a base hit.  Eve Whalen went 3-for-5 and Makayla Reed smacked two hits to lead the Colts to a 10-9 victory over the Larries at Brasher.  Bailey Gauthie delivered two hits to lead the Larries' offense.


Harrisville's Cali Moore (2) drives the ball to centerfield against the Golden Knights during Thursday's game in Lisbon.  Sierra Dobbs belted four hits to lead Lisbon, as the Golden Knights outslugged the Pirates 23-12 a West Division game.
Lisbon squared its record at 3-3 on the season.  (Brock Simons photo)  Game Game Gallery

Lisbon's Katie scores a run for the Knights against the Harrisville Pirates. Sierra Dobbs cracked four hits for Lisbon, while Sierra Ashley added three singles and Reilly Mee, Claire Donaldson and Fayeanne West drilled two hits each in the Lisbon win. Malorie Baker paced the Pirates with three hits.

malone's alex prue tosses perfect game vs. tupper

Malone's Alexa Prue faced 18 batters over six innings and with the help of the Huskies' defense set down all 18 Tupper Lake batters in fashioning a 15-0 perfect game in Central Division action at Malone.  The game was shortened by the 15-run advantage rule.  Prue struck out 13 of the 18 batters she faced.  On the offensive side, Taylor Poirier collected three hits and five RBIs in powering the Huskies' victory. Abigail Collins added four hits and two RBIs in five trips to the plate.

Flyers top Yellow Jackets 14-3 in east division game

Norwood-Norfolk's Cassidy Weaver (13) swings at a pitch against the Madrid-Waddington Yellow Jackets in Wednesday's East Division game at Norfolk.  The Flyers opened up an 8-3 lead in the middle innings, then belted four runs in the fourth inning, en route to a 14-3 victory.  (Brock Simons photo)  Game Gallery

Madrid-Waddington's Sadie Newcombe (6) slides into second base during Wednesday's game at Norwood-Norfolk.  Kylee LaShomb scorched a double and a triple, while Sydney Molnar belted a triple to the fence in driving in runs to jumpstart the Flyers’ 14-3 victory over the Jackets. Kirstin Barkley and Alisbeth Furnace also delivered two hits for the Flyers who won their first divisional game and are 3-2 overall.

Hermon-Dekalb outlasts clifton-Fine for 14-13 win

Hermon-DeKalb third baseman Sabrina Wood (23) stretches to catch the ball thrown from home. However, Clifton-Fine’s Allison Rust (12) beats the throw. Hermon-DeKalb pulled out a 14-13 victory over Clifton-Fine. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Clifton-Fine’s Rachel Milone (10) makes contact with the ball for a single.  In the close seesaw battle, Hermon-DeKalb emerged from a deficit of 11-8 to score a walk-off 14-13 win over Clifton-Fine. H-D’s Sabrina Wood singled in the winning run in the bottom of the seventh inning to secure the first win of the season for the Green Demons. Hermon-DeKalb was led by Delaney Kerr’s four hits, while McKenzie McKenzie Marcellus collected three hits and three RBI’s. Allison Rust led the Eagles with a double and triple.

Gouverneur outlasts salmon river in 9-7 victory

  Gouverneur’s Brooklyn Wilson (18) stretches for the ball on a high throw as Salmon River’s Jenny DeJuny (1) races to get to the bag. Gouverneur raced out to an early 6-0 lead in the first inning. The Shamrocks chipped away at the lead as they scored in the top of the second and another run in the fourth. The Wildcats would hold on though, to win 9-7. (Jason Aubrey photo) Game Gallery    Salmon River’s Tekaritha George (12) gets a piece of the ball in their game against Gouverneur. The Shamrocks would fall behind early, but fight back with a four-run effort in the top of the seventh, falling short to the Wildcats 9-7.

S.R.F. Saints Down yellow jackets In 8-5 EAST Victory

St. Regis Falls (4) bunts the ball to advance the runner to second base. The Yellow-Jackets would keep the game close but the Saints would pull away to win 8-5.  (Brock Simons photo) Game Gallery

Madrid-Waddington's Sadie Newcombe (6) fields the ball and throws a St. Regis Falls runner out at first base.   The Saints earned their third victory of the season 8-5. Madrid-Waddington slips to 0-4, while St. Regis Falls improves to 3-2.

Canton pitching holds down tupper lake in 4-1 win

Tupper Lake's Sidney Kulzer (20) makes contact with the high pitch and sends the ball down the first-base line for a base hit and advances a runner into scoring position. The Canton Golden Bears held the Lady Jacks to just one run in their season opener in a 4-1 win.  Canton improved to 2-1.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Canton's Aubrey Thompson (18) hustles onto second base beating the throw to Tupper Lake's Sidney Kulzer (20).  Canton pitcher Ashley Mead fanned nine Lumberjacks and allowed just one run in the Golden Bears’ second straight win (2-1). Ticia Yerdon, Katie Furnia and Jen Wilson produced two hits apiece for Canton, while Sydney Kulzer slammed three hits and Brooke Dewyea added two hits for the Lady Jacks in their opener.

COlts down P-H Panthers
29-1 in east division matchup

 Colton-Pierrepont's Courtney Miller (8) drives the ball to leftfield for a single and advances the runner from first into scoring position on third base. The Colts put together a nine-run inning third inning to give them a commanding 13-1 lead over the Panthers. Colton-Pierrepont defeated Parishville-Hopkinton 29-1. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Colton- Pierrepont's Kendra Glibert (9) slides onto home plate scoring the eighth run in a nine-run third inning.  C-P’s Katie Johnson shut the Panthers down on a one-hitter, allowing just one run in the top of the second inning. Hannah Hogel connected for three hits, while Makayla Reed slammed a home run and both Morgan Doyle and Haylee Hennessy delivered two hits, as the Colts improved to 4-1.

Canton tops potsdam in first MEETING OF SEASON 17-1

Canton’s Katie Furnia (24) tosses the ball to first basemen Elizabeth Burke (15) for an out against Potsdam.  Furnia allowed just one run early in the game, but then shut down the Sandstoners in a 17-1 victory at Potsdam.  Canton squared its record at 1-1. (Aubrey photo) Game GalleryPotsdam’s Kelsey Green (12) tosses a pitch against Canton.  Green came in to relieve teammate Jasmine Jandreau in the fourth.  Canton jumped out to an 8-0 lead in the first inning, then outscored Potsdam 9-1 over the final four innings in a 17-1 victory. Kate Furnia twirled a complete-game four-hitter for the Golden Bears who squared their record at 1-1. The Sandstoners fell to 0-2.