Norwood-Norfolk Captures East Title; O.F.A., Chateaugay Win

Final Standings & Non League Stats

EAST DIVISION              W-L  GB  Non-Lg
Tupper Lake
St. Regis Falls
12-2     -        0-0
11-3     1       0-0
10-4     2       1-0
  6-6     5       0-0

  6-8     6       0-0
4-10     8       1-0
3-11     9       0-0
2-10   10       0-0
x-St. Lawrence Ctl.
Salmon River
14-0     -        1-1
11-3     3       0-2
  7-7     7       0-0
  7-7     7       0-0
  6-8     8       0-0
  6-8     8       0-0
4-10   10       0-0
1-13   13       0-1

WEST DIVISION             W-L  GB  Non-Lg
14-0     -        2-0
10-4     4       0-0
  9-5     5       1-0
  7-7     7       0-0
  7-7     7       0-0
  7-7     7       0-3
2-12   12       0-1

0-14   14       0-0

A Malone batter drives the ball over the head of the leftfielder for a triple to lead off the bottom of the first inning. The Huskies swept the Wildcats in a doubleheader with a 5-4 victory in the first game and a 9-7 victory in the second game. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery


Games of Weeks 1-4: April 22-May 22, 2019

 NCSN Section X Softball Scoreboard

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2019

East Division
St. Regis Falls at Colton-Pierrepont ppd.
Norwood-Norfolk 7, Parishville-Hopk. 0 (F-Game 1)
Norwood-Norfolk 7, Parishville-Hopk. 0 (F-Game 2)
Chateaugay 17, Madrid-Waddington 7 (completion)
Central Division
Ogdensburg 11, Gouverneur 0



East Division
Tupper Lake 11, St. Regis Falls 6 (1st game)
Tupper Lake 23, St. Regis Falls 10 (2nd game)
Madrid-Waddington 13, Colton-Pierrepont 12
Central Division
Canton 1, Ogdensburg 0
Malone 16, Potsdam 8
West Division
Morristown 4, Hermon-DeKalb 2 (1st game)
Hermon-DeKalb 5, Morristown 2 (2nd game)
Hammond 13, Lisbon 8
Non League
Chateaugay 13, Salmon River 3


TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2019

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 2, Chateaugay 1 (11 innings)
Brushton-Moira 19, Tupper Lake 6 (1st game)
Brushton-Moira 25, Tupper Lake 2 (2nd game)
Madrid-Waddington 27, Parishville-Hopkinton 9
Central Division
Ogdensburg 12, Massena 5
Malone 5, Gouverneur 4 (1st game)
Malone 9, Gouverneur 7 (2nd game)
West Division
Heuvelton 9, Hammond 0
Edwards-Knox 9, Morristown 0
Morristown 9, Harrisville 5


MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 13, Colton-Pierrepont 1
Parishville-Hopkinton 17, St. Regis Falls 13
Tupper Lake 32, Madrid-Waddington 30 (8 innings)
Central Division
Ogdensburg 13, Malone 10 (8 innings)
St. Lawrence Central 6, Canton 0
West Division

Harrisville 8, Hermon-DeKalb 7 (1st game)
Hermon-DeKalb 5, Harrisville 4 (2nd game)
Heuvelton 13, Hammond 2
Edwards-Knox 12, Lisbon 1


SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2019

Central Division
Potsdam 9, Canton 0 (1st game)
Potsdam 9, Canton 8 (2nd game)
St. Lawrence Central 6, Gouverneur 2
West Division
Hammond 1, Edwards-Knox 0 (1st game)
Hammond 3, Edwards-Knox 2 (2nd game)


SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 20, Tupper Lake 0
Brushton-Moira 20, Madrid-Waddington 5
Central Division
Ogdensburg 7, Canton 5
St. Lawrence Central 9, Massena 5
West Division
Harrisville 20, Morristown 4
Hermon-DeKalb 9, Clifton-Fine 3
Mudville Tournament
Heuvelton 5, Construction 1
Heuvelton 12, Copenhagen 2


FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2019

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 6, Brushton-Moira 1 (1st game)
Norwood-Norfolk 5, Brushton-Moira 3 (2nd game)

Chateaugay 18, St. Regis Falls 5 (1st game)
Chateaugay 11, St. Regis Falls 9 (2nd game)

Madrid-Waddington 17, Parishville-Hopkinton 12
Central Division
Massena 12, Potsdam 8
Ogdensburg 16, Salmon River 0 (1st game)
Ogdensburg 24, Salmon River 9 (2nd game)

St. Lawrence Central 5, Gouverneur 2
Malone 8, Canton 3

West Division
Heuvelton 10, Harrisville 2

Edwards-Knox 5, Morristown 1
Morristown 13, Clifton-Fine 4


THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019

East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 13, Madrid-Waddington 4
Brushton-Moira 8, Colton-Pierrepont 3 (1st game)
Brushton-Moira 11, Colton-Pierrepont 5 (2nd game)
Central Division
Gouverneur 8, Canton 1
Massena 15, Salmon River 6
St. Lawrence Central 6, Ogdensburg 1
West Division
Edwards-Knox 13, Harrisville 0
Heuvelton 9, Hermon-DeKalb 1
Edwards-Knox 18, Clifton-Fine 0



East Division
Parishville-Hopkinton 21, Tupper Lake 16
Colton-Pierrepont 21, Madrid-Waddington 20
Central Division
Gouverneur 9, Massena 6 (1st game)
Gouverneur 9, Massena 5 (2nd game)
St. Lawrence Central 8, Malone 0
Ogdensburg 16, Potsdam 1
West Division
Hammond 19, Clifton-Fine 3 (1st game)
Hammond 13, Clifton-Fine 2 (2nd game)

Hermon-DeKalb 7, Edwards-Knox 6
Non League
Indian River 7, Harrisville 6
Gouverneur at Carthage, canceled


TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2019

East Division
Brushton-Moira at Madrid-Waddington, ppd.
Norwood-Norfolk at Parishville-Hopk. (2), ppd. to 5/23
Central Division
Massena at St. Lawrence Central, ppd. to 5/18
Potsdam at Canton (2), ppd. to 5/19
Malone at Gouverneur, postponed
West Division
Hermon-DeKalb 6, Lisbon 5
Heuvelton 7, Lisbon 0
Harrisville at Morristown (2), ppd.
Edwards-Knox at Hammond (2), ppd. to 5/19


MONDAY, MAY 13, 2019

East Division
Chateaugay 7, Parishville-Hopkinton 2
Norwood-Norfolk 19, Tupper Lake 0
         (N-N's Grace Furnace perfect game)
Colton-Pierrepont at Brushton-Moira (2), ppd.

Central Division
Potsdam 12, Salmon River 11 (1st game)
Potsdam 14, Salmon River 6 (2nd game)

St. Lawrence Central 10, Malone 1
Gouverneur at Ogdensburg, ppd.

West Division
Heuvelton 4, Edwards-Knox 2


SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2019

Non League
Carthage 8, Harrisville 5 (1st game)
Carthage 9, Harrisville 3 (2nd game)



East Division
Colton-Pierrepont 13, Parishville-Hopkinton 11
Central Division
St. Lawrence Central 4, Ogdensburg 0
Potsdam 12, Malone 10 (10 innings)
West Division
Edwards-Knox 6, Hermon-DeKalb 5
Lisbon 11, Clifton-Fine 10 (1st game)
Lisbon 12, Clifton-Fine 8 (2nd game)



East Division
Chateaugay 19, Parishville-Hopkinton 5
Central Division
Canton 10, Salmon River 3 (1st game)
Canton 14, Salmon River 12 (2nd game)
St. Lawrence Central 14, Potsdam 3
Massena 20, Malone 3
West Division
Hammond 9, Harrisville 3 (1st game)
Harrisville 8, Hammond 6 (2nd game)
Edwards-Knox 10, Lisbon 7
Heuvelton 6, Morristown 2


TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019

East Division
Chateaugay 17, Tupper Lake 3 (1st game)
Chateaugay 26, Tupper Lake 5 (2nd game)

Madrid-Waddington 12, St. Regis Falls 6 (1st game)
St. Regis Falls 6, Madrid-Waddington 4 (2nd game)

Norwood-Norfolk 16, Colton-Pierrepont 1
Central Division
Salmon River 6, Malone 0 (1st game)
Malone 15, Salmon River 12 (2nd game)
Potsdam 7, Gouverneur 6 (1st game)
Gouverneur 13, Potsdam 0 (2nd game)
Ogdensburg 15, Massena 4
West Division
Heuvelton 7, Clifton-Fine 3 (1st game)
Heuvelton 9, Clifton-Fine 3 (2nd game)

Non League
Parishville-Hopkinton 19, Lisbon 12


MONDAY, MAY 6, 2019

East Division
Colton-Pierrepont 8, Chateaugay 7 (1st game)
Chateaugay 7, Colton-Pierrepont 0 (2nd game)
Norwood-Norfolk 16, St. Regis Falls 6 (1st game)
St. Regis Falls 11, Norwood-Norfolk 10 (2nd game)
Brushton-Moira 19, Parishville-Hopkinton 4 (1st)
Brushton-Moira 9, Parishville-Hopkinton 7 (2nd)
Central Division
Canton 7, Massena 1 (1st game)
Canton 9, Massena 4 (2nd game)

Ogdensburg 10, Malone 7
West Division
Morristown 14, Lisbon 1 (1st game)
Morristown 6, Lisbon 4 (2nd game)

Hammond 6, Hermon-DeKalb 4
Heuvelton 13, Edwards-Knox 7


Edwards-Knox's Willow Frizell (18) beats the throw to first base, despite a bad throw to the bag against Heuvelton.  The Cougars carried a 4-3 lead through two innings, and led 5-4 through five innings, but Heuvelton plated four runs in the sixth and five insurance runs in the seventh to emerge with a 13-7 win in a battle of previously-unbeaten West Division teams.  (Bob LaRue photo)  Game Gallery

Kelsey Williams (25) claimed the comeback win on the mound for the Bulldogs.  Williams also produced three hits at the plate.  Madison McCormick stroked two doubles, stole home and ripped a single as Heuvelton remained unbeaten (5-0).  Megan Woodard, Emily Streeter, Molly Williams and Chyanne Turner all connected for two hits.  Leading the Cougars were Abby Hart and Koryn Rowe each with three hits, including a double.


Colton-Pierrepont's Maddie Rousell (9) keeps the rally going with a base hit and an RBI against Chateaugay in the first game of a doubleheader.  After trailing 5-0 in the second, the Colts drove in five runs to tie in the bottom of the second.  The Colts prevailed 8-7 in Game 1, but were shutout in the nightcap 7-0.  (Bob LaRue photo)  Game Gallery

Chateaugay's Julietta Lamore (10) delivered in Game 1, while Chloe Champagne tossed a three-hit, seven strikeout performance in Game 2.  Champagne cranked two hits in each game, including a home run to support her own cause in the nightcap. Kaitlynn Johnson, Kaitlynn Long and Joz Campbell each stroked two hits for the Colts in the opening game.


Morristown’s Emma Showers (1) blasts the ball just over the head of the Lisbon shortstop to earn the base hit and to advance runners onto second and third bases in the third inning.  Morristown cruised to a 14-1 victory in Game 1, then held off the Golden Knights for a 6-4 win in the nightcap.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Lisbon’s Adrian Duvall (20) sends the ball deep into rightfield to deliver a double in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Ogdensburg captures 15-4 victory over massena

Massena’s Desiree Hargrave (25) blasts the ball deep against the centerfield fence to score two runs and get herself to second base in the bottom of the fifth inning. The Ogdensburg Blue Devils captured the 15-4 victory over the Red Raiders (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Massena’s Elizabeth Rogers (5) slides into third base beating out the tag from the Ogdensburg third baseman to advance into scoring position from first base. O.F.A. top four batters -- Natalie McCormick, Celia Henry, Hailee Farrand and Rileigh Planty all scored three times.  Libby Rogers and Jolyn Cook each crossed the plate twice to account for all of the Raiders' lone scoring.


A Malone batter drives the ball over the head of the leftfielder for a triple to lead off the bottom of the first inning. The Huskies swept the Wildcats in a doubleheader with a 5-4 victory in the first game and a 9-7 victory in the second game. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Gouverneur’s Jasmine Matice (15) drives the ball against the fence in centerfield for a double in the top of the second inning.  Malone finished its season at 6-8. 

Heuvelton captures west title topping Hammond 13-2

Hammond’s Kelsey Bennett slides onto second base just beating the tag from the Heuvelton second baseman to steal the base in the top of the fourth inning.  The Bulldogs captured the Section X West Division championship after earning the 13-2 victory over the second-place Red Devils.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery 

Heuvelton’s Madison McCormick drives the ball into the gap between left and center field to earn a base hit and to advance a base runner onto third base in the bottom of the third. The Bulldogs scored three runs in each of the first, second, fourth and fifth innings leading to the victory.

tupper lake OUTSLUGS M-W JACKETS 32-30 in 8 innings

Tupper Lake’s Alexandra Bishop slides into home plate, just beating the tag from the Madrid-Waddington pitcher on a passed ball, to give the Jackets a 3-0 lead in the top of the first inning.  Tupper Lake had strong hitting and held off a strong offensive effort by Madrid-Waddington to earn a 32-30 slugfest victory for their first win of the season.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

A Tupper Lake batter sends the ball deep into leftfield to earn a triple in the top of the first inning.  Tupper Lake jumped out to a 9-0 lead, then added three in the second, four in the third, and six runs on each of the fifth and sixth innings, to belt out a 32-30 win.  THe Jackets tallied four runs in the first, seven in the second, five in the third and sixth in the sixth inning to catch up.  Tupper Lake outscored M-W 3-1 in the eighth inning to win.


Harrisville's Tori Moore dives back to the bag at second base on a fifth-inning pickoff attempt.  After leading 1-0 through the first 3½ innings, the Bulldogs broke the game open with five runs in the fourth and four more in the fifth inning.  The Pirates scored two runs in the sixth.  Final score: Heuvelton 10, Harrisville 2. (Bob LaRue photo)  Game Gallery

Harrisville catcher Bayleigh Spencer catches Heuvelton's Kelsey Williams in a rundown between third base and home.  Williams dove back safely when the ball got loose behind third baseman Chloe Benson.  Bulldogs pitcher Emma Ladouceur scattered eight Pirate hits and allowed just two earned runs.  Moore stroked three of those hits.  For Heuvelton, Madison McCormick hit a fourth-inning home run and went 3-for-3.  Molly Williams also cracked three hits.

Chateaugay deLivers two wins vs. st. regis 18-5, 11-9

Chateauguay's Anna Dumas (7) drives the ball into the gap between center and leftfield for a base hit to advance a base runner into scoring position at second in the top of the second inning. The Bulldogs swept the doubleheader against the Saints earning an 18-5 win in Game 1 and an 11-9 win in Game 2. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery 

Chateaugay’s Katherine Miller (2) slides onto second base, just beating the force play from the St. Regis Falls shortstop in the second inning.  Chateaugay broke a 1-1 tie with six runs in the second inning, then tacked on a pair of four-run insurance innings in the fifth and sixth innings to beat the Saints 18-5 in the opener.  In the nightcap, a nine-run outburst in the first inning anchored the Bulldogs' win.  However, Chateaugay had to hold off a furious eight-run Saints' comeback in the final three innings. 

  massena SENDS salmon river TO 15-6 DEFEAT

Salmon River’s Shaylin Herne (15) slides across home plate just beating the tag from Massena pitcher Ieronhenehtha Lazore (7) to score in the top of the fifth inning. The Red Raiders surged in the later innings of the game to capture the 15-6 victory. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Salmon River’s Makhia Snyder (6) slides into second base beating the tag from Massena second baseman Grayce Trimboli (12) to advance into scoring position. After Salmon River took a 3-2 lead after two innings, Massena broke the game open by scoring five runs in the fourth inning and four runs in the fifth inning, en route to a 15-6 win.  Grayce Trimboli and Lazore scored four runs on two hits each to pace the Red Raiders. For the Shamrocks, Mikaylee Henhawk led with three hits.

  norwood-norfolk wins over madrid-waddington

Norwood-Norfolk’s Grace Furnace (15) dashes past the Madrid-Waddington catcher to beat the tag and score, giving the Flyers a 1-0 lead early in the fifth inning. The Flyers broke out the bats later in the game to capture the 13-4 victory over Madrid-Waddington.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Norwood Norfolk’s Grace Furnace (15) slides into third base beating the tag from the Madrid-Waddington third baseman to steal in the third inning. On the mound, Furnace threw a two hitter for Norwood-Norfolk. After a scoreless game into the bottom of the fourth inning, Norwood-Norfolk got on the board with two runs.  The Flyers blew the game open with seven runs in the fifth inning and four runs in the sixth inning. Norwood-Norfolk’s Chloe Harvey scored three times on just one hit. Kaelee Shewsberry scored two runs on one hit and one hit by pitch. The Flyers were aided by four walks and five batters hit by pitch.  For the Yellowjackets, all of the runs came in the seventh inning, off one hit in the inning. 


St. Lawrence Central’s Maggi Yandoh (4) slides safely into second base beating the tag from the Malone second baseman in the bottom of the first inning.  Yandoh would later score on a two-RBI double by Makiah Ramsdell, giving the Larries a 2-0 lead.  St. Lawrence Central beat Malone 10-1.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

St. Lawrence Central’s Makiah Ramsdell (3) strikes out the side against Malone  in the top of the second inning.  Ramsdell struck out the first eight batters she retired in the opening three innings, and 16 overall for the game.  She also allowed just two hits, both in the sixth inning, that produced on run for the Huskies.  Meanwhile, the Larries stacked up four runs in the third inning for a 6-0 lead, then added two more in the fourth and two in the sixth inning.  Hannah Crump scored three runs on three singles.  Christy Smith had two hits.

 battle at top: ramsdell fans 17 in larries' 4-0 win 

On a wild pitch, Ogdensburg pitcher Rileigh Planty covers the plate and tags out St. Lawrence Central pinch runner Savannah Adams (10) at the plate.  Larries' pitcher Makiah Ramsdell struck out 17 Blue Devils and allowed just three hits in shutting out Ogdensburg 4-0 in a matchup of previous unbeatens in the Central Division.  Ramsdell also delivered an RBI single.  (Bob LaRue photo)  Game Gallery

The Larries' Kelsy Waite (2) drills the ball down the third baseline.  Waite drove in the game's first run with an RBI triple.  Waite was the only batter with two hits in the contest.  St. Lawrence Central pushed across two runs in the third inning, then tacked on another pair of runs in the sixth for the win.  Planty, Natalie McCormick and Samara LaFlair had the lone hits for Ogdensburg. 

  chateaugay PILES UP 19-5 victory over p-h panthers

Chateaugay’s Brinn Golden (6) blasts the ball deep into leftfield for a double and an RBI in the second inning. The Bulldogs racked up five runs in the first inning to set the tone, en route to a 19-5 victory over the Parishville-Hopkinton Panthers. Jennie Jones scored four runs to lead the Bulldogs. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Chateaugay’s Chloe Champagne (8) slides slides safely onto second base, beating out the tag from Parishville-Hopkinton second baseman Daisy Liebfred in the top of the first inning.  Four insurance runs in each of the sixth and seventh innings put the game away for the Bulldogs.  Indiana Snell ripped four hits, while Breanna White scored three runs to led P-H.


Norwood-Norfolk's Miranda Smith (15) fouls the ball to stay alive in the fifth inning.  The Flyers rallied for six runs in the second inning and four more in the third to blow open a 12-1 lead, en route to an eventual 16-1 victory.  Emma Schiavone scored four runs, while Chloe Harvey rapped two hits for the Flyers.  (Sam Wangerin photo)

Colton-Pierrepont’s Abeni Payne (12) pitches a strike to even out the pitch count on the last batter of the fifth inning.  Payne also scored the Colts' only run.



Games of Weeks 1-2: April 22-May 5, 2019

 NCSN Section X Softball Scoreboard

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019

Central Division
St. Lawrence Central 15, Salmon River 0 (1st game)
St. Lawrence Central 10, Salmon River 0 (2nd game)
West Division

Harrisville 13, Clifton-Fine 9 (1st game)
Harrisville 9, Clifton-Fine 7 (2nd game)

Hermon-DeKalb vs. Edwards-Knox, postponed
Hermon-DeKalb at Lisbon, ppd. to 5/14



East Division
Colton-Pierrepont 23, Tupper Lake 17 (1st Game)
Colton-Pierrepont 23, Tupper Lake 17 (2nd Game)

Brushton-Moira at Norwood-Norfolk, ppd.
Central Division
Potsdam 11, Massena 8
Canton at Ogdensburg, ppd.
St. Lawrence Central at Gouverneur, ppd.
Salmon River at Malone (2), ppd.

West Division
Heuvelton 20, Harrisville 5
Hammond 14, Lisbon 3
Hermon-DeKalb 16, Clifton-Fine 5



East Division
Brushton-Moira 15, St. Regis Falls 2 (1st game)
Brushton-Moira 17, St. Regis Falls 12 (2nd game)
Colton-Pierrepont 25, Parishville-Hopkinton 3
Central Division
St. Lawrence Central 19. Potsdam 0
Massena 15, Salmon River 9
Canton 6, Gouverneur 5
West Division

Harrisville 25, Lisbon 14 (1st game)
Harrisville 30, Lisbon 13 (2nd game)

Hammond 3, Morristown 0 (1st game)
Morristown 7, Hammond 3 (2nd game)

Heuvelton 8, Hermon-DeKalb 3
Edwards-Knox 24, Clifton-Fine 9


MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2019

East Division
Brushton-Moira 7, Chateaugay 5 (1st game)
Brushton-Moira 6, Chateaugay 2 (2nd game)
Parishville-Hopkinton 18, Tupper Lake 4
Norwood-Norfolk 20, Madrid-Waddington 9
Central Division
Ogdensburg 22, Potsdam 6
St. Lawrence Central 3, Canton 2 (8 innings)
Gouverneur 14, Salmon River 0 (1st game)
Gouverneur 14, Salmon River 9 (2nd game)

West Division
Hammond 5, Hermon-DeKalb 2
Morristown 12, Clifton-Fine 7
Non League
Edwards-Knox 31, Watertown 2



East Division
Chateaugay 15, Norwood-Norfolk 10
Parishville-Hopkinton 22, St. Regis Falls 5
Madrid-Waddington 23, Tupper Lake 14
Central Division
Ogdensburg 11, Gouverneur 1
St. Lawrence Central 14, Massena 0
Canton 9, Malone 3
West Division
Heuvelton 18, Morristown 6
Edwards-Knox 6, Harrisville 2

Hermon-DeKalb 18, Lisbon 8



East Division
Chateaugay 20, Madrid-Waddington 10 (1st game)
Chateaugay 8, Madrid-Wadd. 1 (2nd, 3 inn. susp.)
St. Regis Falls at Norwood-Norfolk, postponed
Central Division
Malone 10, Massena 7
West Division
Heuvelton 25, Lisbon 1


MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2019

East Division
Madrid-Waddington 20, Brushton-Moira 16


Brushton-Moira’s Jayden Cartier (7) rips a double into the gap between left and centerfield and to advance a runner to third base in the third inning. Madrid-Waddington jumped to a 5-0 lead i the second inning, then held off the Panthers in the final inning to post a 20-16 West Division victory on opening day. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Madrid-Waddington’s Alyssa Mayette-Oshier (2) drives the ball just over the head of the second baseman to earn a base hit in the first inning.  After building a 5-0 lead through the first two innings, the Jackets tacked on five runs in the third inning to build a 10-1 lead.  However, the Panthers countered with a seven-spot in the fourth, courtesy of six walks.  However, M-W answered with five runs again in the bottom of the fourth, then held on for a 20-16 win.  



After two Hermon-DeKalb runners were both hung up on third base, the Green Demons' Kari Hance (2) dashes home under the tag of Clifton-Fine catcher Lydia Kerr (11) to extend H-D's lead to 7-3 in the fourth inning.  Hermon-DeKalb bounced back from a 3-0 deficit early to scored six runs in each of the third and fourth innings, en route to a 16-5 home victory over the Clifton-Fine Eagles.  (Bob LaRue photo)  Game Gallery

Clifton-Fine's C. Crare (18) laces a ground ball to the infield in the fourth inning.  Hermon-DeKalb ace Bri Grant struck out 13 Eagles, while supporting her own cause with two hits and two RBIs in leading the Green Demons to a 16-5 win. The Eagles swooped in with three runs to open the contest, but H-D immediately countered with six runs. Maddi Brabaw laced three hits, while Kari Hance delivered a pair of singles and three RBIs. Tess Garvey sprinkled in a pair of singles. The Eagles were led by Kaitlyn Sroka who produced three hits, including a double.

Larries' ramsdell pitches
3-2 win vs. canton in 8 inns.

St. Lawrence Central’s Makiah Ramsdell (3) drives the ball into rightfield to earn a base hit and to advance a base runner into scoring position on third base in the first inning.  The Golden Bears and Larries battled into extra innings, before St. Lawrence emerged with a 3-2 victory.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Canton’s Isabella Jaskowski slides onto third base just beating the tag to steal the base in the bottom of the second inning.   Of the 24 batters she faced in eight innings, Makiah Ramsdell struck out 18 to anchor an extra-inning victory over Canton. In the pitcher’s duel, Canton’s Emily Wentworth fanned 13. Lexi Huiatt paced Canton with three hits. Canton manufactured a run in the first inning on a bunt single by Huiatt, who later scored on a delayed double steal. The Bears opened a 2-0 lead in the fourth when Megan LaFlair scored on a Brooke Larrabee single. St. Lawrence Central tied the game in the six inning when Kelsy Waite singled, then Ramsdell reached and scored on an error. Ramsdell led off the extra inning with single and produced the go-ahead run on two infield errors, before Wentworth could shut down the final three batters.


Ogdensburg’s Hailey Reed launches the ball into the gap between center and left field to earn the double and move a runner onto third base in the fourth inning.  The Blue Devils erupted for 16 early runs, then cruised past Potsdam 22-6.  (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Potsdam’s Jessica Blackmer (30) blasts the ball deep into right field, back to the fence, to earn a double and to drive in a run from second base in the bottom of the fourth inning.  Claire Rishe smacked a triple and a double, while Rileigh Planty contributed a double and a single in powering the Blue Devil offense. Karley Green delivered three hits, including a double, to lead the Sandstoners.