Chateaugay, Harrisville Clinch; Canton, O.F.A. Share Central Title

St. Lawrence Central’s Alex Bush (20) banks two points in the third quarter.  The Larries broke away from a 10-point lead at the half with a display of three-point shooting in the second half to power an 88-61 victory at Potsdam.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Final Standings & Non League

EAST DIVISION                  W-L   GB   Non-Lg
St. Regis Falls
Tupper Lake
13-1       -        5-2
12-2      1        6-1
11-3      2        1-6
  7-7      6        1-3
  6-8      7        3-3
  5-9      8        3-3
2-12    11        1-5
0-14    13        0-4
CENTRAL DIVISION           W-L    GB  Non-Lg
Salmon River
St. Lawrence Central
13-1       -        4-2
13-1       -        3-3
  8-6      5        4-0
  7-7      6        5-1
  6-8      7        5-1
  6-8      7        1-4
2-12    11        2-4
1-13    12        3-3
WEST DIVISION                 W-L    GB  Non-Lg
10-0       -        7-2
  6-4      4        7-3
  6-4      4        6-4
  4-6      6        4-4
  3-7      7        2-5
  1-9      9        5-4

Games of Week 11: February 5-10, 2018

 NCSN Boys Basketball Scoreboard


Non League
Malone 75, Beekmantown 59



Non League
Moriah 91, Malone 58  .
Potsdam 74, Hermon-DeKalb 64
New York Mills at Harrisville cancelled



East Division
Chateaugay 71, Tupper Lake 37
Brushton-Moira 74, Norwood-Norfolk 64 (OT)
Madrid-Waddington 63, Parishville-Hopkinton 25
St. Regis Falls over Colton-Pierrepont (f)

Central Division
Malone 85, Potsdam 51
Ogdensburg 76, St. Lawrence Central 52
Canton 61, Massena 31
West Division
Edwards-Knox 71, Lisbon 52
Harrisville 72, Heuvelton 53



Central Division
Ogdensburg 70, Gouverneur 50
St. Lawrence Central 50, Salmon River 39



East Division
Madrid-Waddington 74, St. Regis Falls 42
Norwood-Norfolk 66, Parishville-Hopkinton 41
Chateaugay 55, Brushton-Moira 45
Tupper Lake over Colton-Pierrepont (f)

Central Division
Ogdensburg 82, Massena 37
Salmon River 56, Malone 54
Canton 65, Gouverneur 28
St. Lawrence Central 88, Potsdam 61
West Division
Edwards-Knox 80, Hammond 75 (OT)
Hermon-DeKalb 51, Heuvelton 45
Harrisville 78, Lisbon 34


St. Lawrence Central’s Alex Bush (20) banks two points in the third quarter.  The Larries broke away from a 10-point lead at the half with a display of three-point shooting in the second half to power an 88-61 victory at Potsdam.  (Sam Wangerin photo) Game Gallery

Potsdam’s Zahir Purvis (52) banks two points to trim the Larries' lead in the fourth quarter.  St. Lawrence Central's Toby Reome splashed a game-best 31 points, while Matt Burg and Colby Perkins tossed in 15 points each.  For Potsdam, Purvis led the way with 25, while Nick Gregg posted 10 points.


Games of Week 10: January 20-February 3, 2018

 NCSN Boys Basketball Scoreboard


West Division
Hammond 70, Lisbon 54
Non League
Carthage 66, Massena 58
Indian River 71, Potsdam 42
Whitesboro 61, Canton 42
Harrisville 85, Thousand Islands 41



East Division
Madrid-Waddington 74, Tupper Lake 28
Brushton-Moira 55, Parishville-Hopkinton 32
St. Regis Falls 68, Norwood-Norfolk 61
Chateaugay over Colton-Pierrepont (f)

Central Division
Canton 66, Ogdensburg 63
Malone 72, Gouverneur 49
Salmon River 48, St. Lawrence Central 40
Massena 64, Potsdam 47 
West Division
Hermon-DeKalb 64, Lisbon 50
Hammond 87, Edwards-Knox 67
Non League
Heuvelton 53, IHC 51



Non League
Heuvelton 55, Norwood-Norfolk 43
Chateaugay 69, Brushton-Moira 42



East Division
St. Regis Falls 67, Parishville-Hopkinton 28
Norwood-Norfolk 64, Tupper Lake 47
Chateaugay 60, Madrid-Waddington 43
Brushton-Moira over Colton-Pierrepont (f)
Central Division
St. Lawrence Central 56, Gouverneur 48
Canton 82, Malone 58
Ogdensburg 79, Potsdam 46
Salmon River 55, Massena 44
West Division
Harrisville 73, Hammond 57
Heuvelton 56, Lisbon 37


Salmon River’s Ben Kelly (21) hits a fade-away jumper over two Massena defenders, contributing to his team's Central Division win over the Red Raiders. Kelly played a key role throughout the game, as the Shamrocks earned a victory over the Red Raiders 55-44.  (Troy O’Brien photo) Game Gallery

Massena’s Alex Rusaw (24) powers his way to the rim for two, narrowly evading Salmon Rivers Benjamin Kelly (21) during the action. Although Rusaw got the better of Kelly during this play, it was Kelly’s Shamrocks who had the last laugh, defeating the Red Raiders 55-44

Saints send seniors off with WIN OVER P-H PANTHERS

St. Regis Falls' Chris Goodrow (3) kicks off his senior game strong, speeding past Parishville-Hopkinton defenders for an easy layup, propelling his team to a 11-0 start. The Saints went on to claim victory during their Senior Night against the Panthers 67-28.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Parishville-Hopkinton’s Harrison Snell (4) stretches for a shot under the net, while heavily guarded by two St. Regis Falls' defenders. Snell scored 10 points, while Kyle Woods added six to lead the Panthers.  Goodrow scored 20 points, while Danny Lucy led all scorers with 22 and Alex White chipped in 12 to lead the Saints' offense.


Canton’s Cody Sipher (15) gets the inside jump on Malone defenders, snags the pass from Declan Porter and flushes a dunk in the first quarter.  Canton opened a 40-27 halftime lead, en route to a 82-58 win in the Central Division battle. (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Malone’s Hunter Ansari (30) buries the jumper for two points as the Huskies started the game with a 4-0 lead. Canton's Declan Porter led all scoring idowning 30 points, followed by teammate Andy Downs scoring 17 points.  Leading the way for the Huskies was Peyton Poirier who scored 19 points and Jake Vansteenberg who drained 13 points.

canton take close 66-63 victory over Ogdensburg 

Canton’s Cody Sipher (15) hits the baseline jumper for two points in a close seesaw contest against the Blue Devils.  O.F.A. gained the early lead and the lead switched hands, until the Bears went on a 14-0 run to open a 31-21 lead. Canton survived repeated Ogdensburg comeback surges in a 66-63 victory. (Sam Wangerin photo) Game Gallery

Ogdensburg’s MeSean Johnson (15) pulls up for two points in the paint as O.F.A. gained an 18-14 edge.  Johnson scored 14 points, while teammate Matt Rector led the way with 16.  Two dominant runs for the Golden Bears provided 10- and 12-point margins that eventually proved to be too much to overcome against the persistent Canton offense.  Declan Porter led all scorers with 29 points, while Andy Downs delivered 17 points in dishing O.F.A>'s first league loss and delivering the Bears (11-1) past the Blue Devils (10-1) in the standings as well.

ST. REGIS pulls away from
n-n flyers for 68-61 WIN

St. Regis Falls’ Chris Goodrow (3) breaks through three Norwood-Norfolk defenders to score the layup to tie the game up 8-8 midway through the first quarter. The Saints jumped to an early lead in the first half, then held off the Flyers comeback in the second half to capture the 68-61 victory. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk’s Cole Peretta (2) takes the jump shot from the free-throw line to egin the game. Goodrow led all scoring in the game with 34 points, followed by teammate Danny Lucy who piled up 26 points. Devan Marston and Joel Gouiga each scored 14 points with the Flyers.


Chateaugay’s Jonah McDonald (5) gets a shot off over the outstretched arm of a Brushton-Moira defender. McDonald netted 18 points for the Bulldogs, while Chandler LaPlante led all scorers with 28, including an impressive night shooting from three-point range. For Brushton-Moira, Jacob Brown netted 10 points, while AJ Premo contributed nine. Chateaugay went on to defeat Brushton-Moira 69-42 in a non-league game. (Troy O’Brien photo) Game Gallery

Brushton Moira’s Jacob Brown (23) pulls up for a mid-range jumper over a group of three Chateaugay defenders. Brown led the struggling Panthers with 10 points.

kelly scores 1,000th point; leads salmon to 60-42 win

Salmon River’s Ben Kelly (21) takes the jump shot over two Gouverneur defenders to down the distance two pointer in the first quarter. Kelly reached his 1,000th point  and lead all scorers in the game, draining 33 points and lifting the Shamrocks to capture a 60-42 victory over Gouverneur.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery 

Salmon River’s Hunter Ghostlaw (5) leaps over Gouverneur defender Christopher Monica (11) to score the layup, extending their lead to 10 points over the Wildcats in the first quarter. Salmon River jumped to a quick 18-4 first-quarter lead. Ghostlaw who downed 10 points. Connor Fenlong led the Wildcats with 16 points, while teammate Andrew LaPlante dropped in nine points.




Games of Weeks 8-9: January 15-27, 2018

 NCSN Boys Basketball Scoreboard


Non League
Candor 67, Lisbon 41
Indian River 72, Potsdam 28
Canton 67, Lowville 52
Thousand Islands 57, Gouverneur 47
Carthage 52, Massena 41
Madrid-Waddington 73, Hammond 55
Harrisville 64, Plattsburgh 41



East Division
Chateaugay 78, Norwood-Norfolk 50
Tupper Lake 57, Parishville-Hopkinton 37
Brushton-Moira 60, St. Regis Falls 41
Madrid-Waddington over Colton-Pierrepont (f)
Central Division
Malone 71, St. Lawrence Central 67
Canton 90, Potsdam 43
Massena 49, Gouverneur 38
Ogdensburg 89, Salmon River 61
West Division
Hammond 56, Hermon-DeKalb 55



West Division
Harrisville 86, Edwards-Knox 59



Non League
Salmon River 66, Heuvelton 44
Hermon-DeKalb 55, Copenhagen 50
Saranac Central 75, Potsdam 45
Carthage 78, Ogdensburg 73



Non League
Hermon-DeKalb 55, Belleville-Henderson 20
Northern Adirondack 77,  Brushton-Moira 50
Tupper Lake 48, Lake Placid 39
Chateaugay 79, Beekmantown 40
Norwood-Norfolk 79, Alexandria 70 (3OT)
Salmon River at Heuvelton ppd.
Massena at Thousand Islands ppd.



East Division
St. Regis Falls 39, Tupper Lake 37
Section X/III Challenge at Ogdensburg HS 
Heuvelton 52, New York Mills 48
Indian River 59, Massena 49
Sackets Harbor 51, Lisbon  35
Ogdensburg 63, Carthage 58
Non League
Norwood-Norfolk 64, Potsdam 62
St. Lawrence Central 53, Brushton-Moira 45
Madrid-Waddington 54, Edwards-Knox 35
Moriah 84, Harrisville 62



East Division
Chateaugay 74, Parishville-Hopkinton 36
Brushton-Moira 45, Madrid-Waddington 44
Central Division
Massena 63, Malone 59
Salmon River 61, Potsdam 24



East Division
Tupper Lake 75, Norwood-Norfolk 64
West Division
Hermon-DeKalb 59, Edwards-Knox 57



Central Division
Salmon River 63, Gouverneur 43
Canton 87, St. Lawrence Central 32
West Division
Heuvelton 65, Hammond 60



Non League
General Brown 75, Gouverneur 44
Hermon-DeKalb 61, Tupper Lake 33



Central Division
Ogdensburg 71, Malone 57
Non League
Harrisville 65, Sackets Harbor 28


Massena’s Alex Rusaw (24) powers his way to the rim, past the outstretched arm of Malone’s Cole Fountain (11) to score two of his 13 points.  The teams traded multiple leads throughout the game, but a strong 26-18 effort in the fourth quarter resulted in a narrow 63-59 victory for the Red Raiders.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Malone’s Cambrie Miller (1) pulls up for a three-pointer to reclaim the lead.  Massena capitalized on a 26-18 fourth-quarter run to erase a four-point deficit after the third period to defeat the Huskies at Malone. Tyler Bacon scorched the net with 31 points and pulled down 18 rebounds, while Rusaw produced 13 points in the Massena win. Cole Fountain popped in 18, Payton Poirier produced 16 and Hunter Swan added 11 points for the Huskies.

H-D downs Tupper on backs of Denesha brothers

With a strong move, Tupper Lake’s Noah Cordes (5) drives to the rim during the Lumberjack’s comeback effort.  However, the Lumberjacks weren’t able to match the scoring by H-D's Alex and Zach Denesha, falling to Hermon-DeKalb 61-33.  (Troy O'Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Hermon-Dekalb’s Alex Denesha (12) jets past Cordes on his way to an impressive first half, putting up 21 points, including 12 of points from three-point range. Meanwhile, Zach Denesha contributed 18 points and Garrett Willard with 11.  Tupper Lake was able to compete with top outputs with Jacob Stradley scoring 19 and Brad McLear with 13 points.

canton downs st. lawrence central to earn 87-32 win

St. Lawrence Central’s Toby Reome (3) breaks past teammates and Canton defender Chase Writesel (30) to score the first points of the game for the Larries midway through the first quarter to cut into the Golden Bears lead. Canton jumped to a quick 7-0 lead, before rolling to a 87-32 victory over St. Lawrence. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Canton’s Cody Sipher (15) leaps over St. Lawrence Central defenders Kolby Perkins (32) and Ethan LaRock (5) to score the lay up extending the Bears' lead.  Declan Porter poured in a game-best 24 points, while Sipher added 16.  For SLC, Matt Berg downed 10 points, while Reome netted nine.

Tupper Lake pulls away from P-h Panthers 57-37

Tupper Lake’s Bradley McLear (23) gets the inside bucket for two points as they jump out to an early 14-4 lead in the first quarter.  The Lumberjacks held off Parishville-Hopkinton to win 57-37.  (Sam Wangerin photo) Game Gallery

Parishville-Hopkinton’s Kyle Woods (22) hits a three-pointer for the Panthers' second score of the game.  The Jacks led 18-9 at the quarter, while P-H outscored Tupper 9-7 in the second.  However, a 32-19 run in the second half lifted the Jacks to the win.  Kameron Sarvis led all scorers with 20 points, while Brad McLear chipped in 12 and Jake Stradley added 10 points for the Lumberjacks.  P-H was led by Harrison Snell with nine points and Woods with seven. 

hermon-dekalb HOLDS ON
TO BEAT Copenhagen 55-50

Hermon-DeKalb’s Brandon Eggleston (1) splits through the Copenhagen defense to score a quick layup, extending the Green Demons' lead to five points just before halftime.  Hermon-DeKalb led the Golden Knights 35-30 at halftime, then held off the Golden Knights to pick up the 55-50 victory.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Copenhagen’s Cody Buckley (3) leaps over Hermon-DeKalb defender Tanner Hale (21) to score, trimming the Green Demons' lead to three points to start the third quarter. H-D's Zach Denesha led all scoring with 23 points, while brother Alex downed 19 points. Lucas Graves, Keegan Morrow and Cody Burkley each drained 11 points for the Golden Knights.

Salmon River pulls away
to beat Heuvelton 66-44

Salmon River’s Ben Kelly (21) gets the bucket for two points in a non-league encounter at Heuvelton.  After leading 28-24 at the half, the Shamrocks took over after the break with stingy defense and dominating the boards, going on to beat Heuvelton 66-44.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Heuvelton’s John Wrobel (32) hits the reverse layup for two points to draw the Bulldogs within four points.  Ian Snyder pumped in 22 points, while Ben Kelly tossed down 14 in the Shamrock win.  Noah Steele struck for 18 points and Wrobel posted 10 for the Bulldogs.

triple overtime thriller:
n-n flyers outlast alex bay

In a game that went into triple overtime, Norwood-Norfolk’s Cole Perretta (2) came up clutch for the Flyers.  With 25 overall points, six coming in overtime, Norwood-Norfolk got the victory on the strength of Perretta’s free-throw shooting. Teammate Devan Marston also contributed 25 points, while Luke Allen led the Flyers with eight points in overtime and 14 total points on the night.  Norwood-Norfolk held on to beat the Alexandria Bay Purple Ghosts 79-70 in triple overtime. (Troy O’Brien photo) Game Gallery

Alexandria’s Ian McIlrath (40) takes a shot in the paint over the outstretched arm of Norwood-Norfolk’s Jason Sweet (23). McIlrath led the Ghosts with 23 points.


St. Lawrence Central’s Matt Burg (10) takes the jumper for two points in the point over a trio of Brushton-Moira Panthers.  The Larries pulled away in the fourth quarter, defeating Brushton-Moira 53-46.  (Same Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Brushton-Moira's Colby McCarthy (23) sails up for two points, keeping the Panthers in the battle, in a non-league Coaches vs. Cancer matchup.  Matt Burg led the Larries with 20 points, while Colby Perkins chipped in 17.  Logan Bassett led the Panthers with 11 points. 


Games of Weeks 6-7: January 1-13, 2018

 NCSN Boys Basketball Scoreboard


East Division
Chateaugay 77, St. Regis Falls 33
Madrid-Waddington 62, Norwood-Norfolk 29
Brushton-Moira 82, Tupper Lake 56
Parishville-Hopkinton over Colton-Pierrepont (f)

Central Division
Massena 43, St. Lawrence Central 34
Potsdam 57, Gouverneur 53
Canton 72, Salmon River 50
West Division
Heuvelton 69, Edwards-Knox 57
Harrisville 74, Hermon-DeKalb 37



Central Division
Malone 72, Gouverneur 62
West Division
Hermon-DeKalb 51, Lisbon 39



East Division
Brushton-Moira 64, Norwood-Norfolk 36
Madrid-Waddington 67, Parishville-Hopkinton 41
Chateaugay 89, Tupper Lake 60
St. Regis Falls beats Colton-Pierrepont (f)

Central Division
Ogdensburg 71, St. Lawrence Central 43
Canton 74, Massena 39
Malone 70, Potsdam 52
Gouverneur at Salmon River, postponed
West Division
Harrisville 80, Heuvelton 52
Edwards-Knox 57, Lisbon 56



East Division
Chateaugay 70, Brushton-Moira 48
Madrid-Waddington 72, St. Regis Falls 37
Norwood-Norfolk 50, Parishville-Hopkinton 45
Tupper Lake over Colton-Pierrepont (f)

Central Division
Canton 63, Gouverneur 24
St. Lawrence Central 63, Potsdam 38
Salmon River 54, Malone 42
West Division
Hermon-DeKalb 54, Heuvelton 46
Harrisville 78, Lisbon 46



East Division
St. Regis Falls 60, Parishville-Hopkinton 27



Central Division
Ogdensburg 76, Massena 49
West Division
Edwards-Knox at Hammond ppd.

harrisville ROCKs away from hermon-dekalb 74-37

Harrisville’s Dalton Church (11) soars to the paint against Hermon-DeKalb defenders to score the layup midway through the fourth quarter to extend their wide lead over the Demons. The Pirates' quick scoring in the first half jumpstarted a 74-37 victory at DeKalb. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Hermon-DeKalb’s Zach Denesha (3) skies over Harrisville defender Peyton Schmitt (24) to drain the three-point jump shot to end the third quarter.  Denesha finished with 10 points.  Alex Denesha added nine.  For the Pirates, who stayed undefeated in the division, Trenton Sullivan poured in 22 points, while Ryan Weaver splashed 21.  Schmitt added 15.

Harrisville rejects Heuvelton IN 80-52 victory

 Harrisville’s Peyton Schmitt (24) rejects a shot at the rim from Heuvelton’s John Wrobel (32) at the beginning of the second quarter. Harrisville started the night hot, jumping out to a 12-5 lead after one quarter. Heuvelton was able to claw their way to a 17-17 tie, only to run into foul trouble in the second half. Heuvelton Bulldogs fall at home to the Harrisville Pirates 80-52.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Harrisville Pirate Peyton Schmitt (24) takes the ball coast-to-coast for the easy floater.  Trenton Sullivan with 20 points led the Pirates to their fifth-straight divisional win, 9-1 overall.  Jayden Sullivan added 17, while Schmitt pitched in 10  Zed Crayford led Heuvelton with 12.

Larries emerge victorious over Potsdam 63-38

Potsdam Sandstoner John Ashlaw (20) is unable to convert breakaway points as St. Lawrence Central’s Matt Burg (10) makes the block from behind. St. Lawrence Central got off to an 18-4 lead, and cruised past the Potsdam Sandstoners 63-38. (Troy O'Brien photo)  Game Gallery

St. Lawrence Central’s Matt Burg (10) elevates for the easy layup during the Larries' win over Potsdam.  Berg finished with a game-best 27 points, while Kolby Perkins contributed 14.  Potsdam was led by Kobe Phillips with 11 points.

st. regis falls RAcks up
60-27 win over p-h panthers

St. Regis Falls’ Alex White (24) breaks through three Parishville-Hopkinton defenders to sink the short jump shot and draw a foul midway through the second quarter. The Saints jumped to a 30-7 lead at the half and cruised in the second half to pick up the 60-27 victory. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Parishville-Hopkinton’s Kyle Woods (22) steps back from St. Regis Falls’ defender Chris Woodrow (3) to sink the three-point shot, nicking into the Saints' lead late in the second quarter.  Chris Goodrow poured in 24 points while Alex White chipped in 16 points and Dan Lucey contributed 12 more for St. Regis Falls. Tanner Rosenbarker led the Panthers with 10 points.

N-N Flyers Nip P-H panthers in comeback victory 50-45

Norwood-Norfolk Flyer Luke Allen (22) pulls up for a jumper over Panthers' defender Sam Clark-Vallance (2) during the Flyers' comeback effort in the fourth quarter. Clark-Vallance had a three-ball to put the Panthers up by five with three minutes to go, but Allen's 10 points in the second half led the Flyers to victory.  In a seesaw battle that saw 11 lead changes and six ties, Norwood-Norfolk outlasted Parishville-Hopkinton 50-45.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  NCSN Broadcast  Game Gallery

Parishville Hopkinton’s Kyle Woods (22) drives past Norwood-Norfolk’s Michael LaShomb (45) for his only field goal of the night. Woods finished the night with 14 points, 12 of which coming from the charity stripe, as the Panthers fell to the Flyers 50-45.  Cole Perretta led Norwood-Norfolk scorers with 21 points, while Woods led P-H, shooting a perfect 12-for-12 from the free-thrown line.

Potsdam turns back cats' 4th qtr. comeback effort

Potsdam’s Patrick Blanchard (33) elevates above the outstretched arm of Gouverneur defender Conner Fenlong (21) for two of his eight points on the night.  Gouverneur battled back from a 15-point deficit, but was unable to stop Potsdam’s last-minute push.  Potsdam won the night 57-53, led by Zahir Purvis who contributed 15 points even after an ankle injury suffered in the fourth quarter. Purvis’ reentry after the injury sparked momentum for Potsdam, leading to four points scored in the last minute. Gouverneur was led by co-captains Connor Fenlong and Andrew LaPlant, contributing 17 and 15 points respectively.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery  NCSN Broadcast

Gouverneur’s Caleb Jenkins sinks his opportunity for two points during the first half of play.  Gouverneur rallied back from a 47-33 hole in the fourth quarter to tie the game 53-53, before Potsdam put the game away with the final four points.

heuvelton claims victory over edwards-knox 69-57

Edwards-Knox’s Justin Scott (12) leaps over Heuvelton’s Keegan Kelley (22) to score the fade-away jumper under the basket to trim the Bulldogs' lead to just two points late in the first quarter.  Heuvelton pulled away from the Cougars in the second half to capture the 69-57 home-court victory. (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Heuvelton’s John Worbel (32) pulls back for the jump shot over Edwards-Knox defender Jordan Moore (45) to score in the late of the second half.  Wrobel led the Bulldogs with 18 points, while Noah Steele pitched in 10.  The Cougars were led by Justin Scott with 17 points and Joe Hart with 13.

hermon-dekalb pulls away from lisbon in 51-39 victory

Hermon-DeKalb’s Zach Denesha (3) leaps over Lisbon defender Adam Gravlin (32) to score in the middle of the fourth quarter to extend the Green Demons' lead to 10 points. The Golden Knights held a 25-23 lead at the half.   Hermon-DeKalb surged in the second half to capture the 51-39 victory over Lisbon. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Lisbon’s Josh O’Brien (10) leaps between three Hermon-DeKalb defenders to score midway through the third period  cutting into the Green Demon lead.  After Lisbon jumped off to a 15-5 lead after the first quarter, the Demons chipped away making it a two-point game at the half and opening a 39-31 lead through three quarters. The Denesha brothers again paced the upstart Demons – Alex with 14 points and Zach with 13. Garrett Willard chipped in 11 and Brandon Eggleston fired in 10 points, to round out the double-digit efforts. Josh O’Brien paced the Golden Knights with 13 points.

Edwards-Knox tops Lisbon in late game thriller

Lisbon’s Josh O’Brien (10) shoots over two Edwards-Knox defenders during the first half of play. In a game that came down to the wire, the Cougars held off the Knights on Parker Harper’s 22 points and winning the game by one.  O’Brien’s late-game heroics and 26 points came up just short.  A five-second violation against E-K with 3.6 seconds to go gave Lisbon the ball down by one.  The Golden Knights were unable to hit the game winner in a closely-contested matchup, falling to Edwards-Knox 57-56 in a thriller.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Lisbon's Adam Gravlin (32) is able to break away from defenders and explode to the rim for two.  Gravlin chipped in 10 points as second highest scorer for the Knights.  For Edwards-Knox in posting its first divisional win, Parker Harper posted a team-best 22 points, with 17 point help from Joe Hart.

CANTON dominates massena in 74-39 central division win

Canton’s Declan Porter (3) rings up two points to extend the Bears' lead in the first quarter.  Canton took a dominating 36-7 lead at the half and went on to beat Massena 74-39 in Central play.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery 

Massena’s Kaleb Miller hits for two of his team-leading eight points.  Cody Sipher led the Bears’ offense with 20 points, while Andy Downs poured in another 19 points and Declan Porter rounded out the double-digit scorers with 11.


Chateaugay's Chandler LaPlante, shown with Coach Mike Martin (left), Asst. Coach Jason LaPlante (right) netted his 1,000th varsity-career point in the Bulldogs 70-45 victory over Brushton-Moira on January 4th.  Chandler needed 11 points to reach the 1,000-point plateau.  He posted a game-high 27 points in the Bulldogs' win.  (Photo provided)


Games of Weeks 4-5: December 18-31, 2017

 NCSN Boys Basketball Scoreboard


Charlie Bridge Tournament at Sackets Harbor
Chateaugay 63, Immaculate Heart 46 (consolation)
Harrisville 65, Sackets Harbor 39 (championship)
Al Gutterson Tournament at Heuvelton
St. Regis Falls 55, Lisbon 46 (consolation)
Heuvelton 80, Hammond 62 (championship)



Sackets Harbor Tournament  
Harrisville 76, Chateaugay 68 (semifinal)
Gouverneur Holiday Tournament
Hermon-DeKalb 61, Edwards-Knox 53 (consolation)
Beaver River 60, Gouverneur 58 (championship)
Al Gutterson Tournament at Heuvelton
Hammond 73, St. Regis Falls 58 (semifinal)
Heuvelton 51, Lisbon 33 (semifinal)



John Burkman Tournament at Canton HS
Madrid-Waddington 64, Brushton-Moira 51 (consol.)
Canton 54, Indian River 45 (championship)
Non League
Lake George 58, Ogdensburg 53
Malone 73, Beekmantown 62



Gouverneur Holiday Tournament
Beaver River 54, Edwards-Knox 47 (semifinal)
Gouverneur 66, Hermon-DeKalb 53 (semifinal)
John Burkman Classic at Canton HS
Indian River 61, Madrid-Waddington 41 (semifinal)
Canton 73, Brushton-Moira 39 (semifinal)
Non League
Glens Falls 101, Ogdensburg 68
St. Lawrence Central 62, Norwood-Norfolk 29

Non League
Hammond 46, Alexandria 40
New York Mills vs. Harrisville, ppd.



Non League
Malone 57, Chateaugay 54
Salmon River 67, Hermon-DeKalb 39
Edwards-Knox 71, Tupper Lake 43
Heuvelton 47, Immaculate Heart 37



Non League
Lisbon 45, Parishville-Hopkinton 36
Potsdam 55, Colton-Pierrepont 29



East Division
Chateaugay 78, Colton-Pierrepont 21
Madrid-Waddington 60, Tupper Lake 42
Norwood-Norfolk 68, St. Regis Falls 60 (OT)
Brushton-Moira 84, Parishville-Hopkinton 31
Central Division
Ogdensburg 63, Canton 45
Malone at Gouverneur ppd.
Massena 85, Potsdam 50
West Division
Hermon-DeKalb at Lisbon ppd.
Edwards-Knox at Hammond ppd.

Ogdensburg downs canton in clash of undefeateds

Canton’s Declan Porter (3) attempts to block Ogdensburg’s Cale Sargent (32) as he goes up for the layup. Porter had 15 total points on the night, 13 of which came in the first half before sustaining an injury. Sargent finished the game with 13 total points, as Ogdensburg claimed victory over Canton 63-45.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Bears' guard Andy Downs (11) narrowly escapes the outstretched arm of Ogdensburg’s Cale Sargent (32) for two of his five points in the third period and eight points overall. The Blue Devils went on to win the game 63-45, thanks in large part to a clutch fourth quarter.  Cody Sipher added nine points for Canton.  For the Blue Devils, Matt Rector led all scorers with 20 points, Mecci Johnson added 16 and Sargent sunk 13.

kelly scores 16 as Salmon River rolls past h-d 67-39

Salmon River’s Blaze Benedict (22) elevates over Hermon DeKalb’s Garrett Willard (32) with a midair adjustment for two points.  The Shamrocks went on to beat the Green Demons 67-39.  Ben Kelly scored 16 points and Hunter Ghostlaw added 11 in leading the Shamrocks.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Hermon DeKalb’s Garrett Willard (32) turns defense into offense, putting up two points with an easy layup after a Green Demon steal in the first half.  Hermon-DeKalb was led by Zach Denesha with 11 points.  Zach Bogart added eight points, but Salmon River went on to win 67-39.

Heuvelton rolls over lisbon in semifinal rivalry

Heuvelton’s Jordan Fisher (3) defends against Lisbon freshman guard Jackson LaRock (25), after a crossover and drive to the rim. LaRock finished the game with two points, while Adam Gravlin led the Golden Knights with 10 points. For the Bulldogs, Noah Steele led all scorers with 20 points on the night, including five makes from beyond the arc. Heuvelton got the 51-33 win over Lisbon in the semifinals of  the Al Gutterson Tournament. (Troy O’Brien photo) Game Gallery NCSN Broadcast 

Heuvelton’s Noah Steele (12) capitalizes on a fast break, elevating for two points against Lisbon in the Al Gutterson semi-final match. This was one of Steele’s sole shots from inside three point range, as he sunk five from beyond the arc and netted twenty total points in a Bulldog win.

Hammond holds goodrow and the saints, winning 73-58

St. Regis Falls’ senior captain Chris Goodrow (3) meets three Hammond defenders on his way to the rim.  Goodrow was unable to get this attempt to fall, but still netted a game high 32 points. Meanwhile, Hammond's Jacob Walsh led his team with 23 points as the Red Devils picked up the 73-58 in the semifinals of the Al Gutterson Memorial Tournament. (Troy O’Brien photo) Game Gallery  NCSN Broadcast

Hammond’s Sean Walsh (25) creates enough space over St. Regis Fall’s Danny Lucey (5) for the basket. Walsh scored 19 points as Hammond advanced to face Heuvelton in the championship of the tournament.


Canton’s Andy Downs (11) hits for two on the breakaway for the first points of the game with four seconds, as Canton runs out to a 10-0 lead, then coasts past Brushton-Moira 73-39 in the semifinals of the Burkman Classic at Canton high school  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Brushton-Moira’s Logan Bassett jumps for three points, but the Panthers found them down 20-9 at the end of the first quarter.


Indian River’s Jose Santiago-Acosta (22) breaks free at the top of the lane for a three-pointer to take a 14-13 lead in the second quarter.  Indian River rallied with an 18-2 run late in the third quarter, leading to a 61-win over Madrid-Waddington in the semifinals of the Berkman Classic in Canton.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Madrid-Waddington’s Jesse Lamere (3) has the twisting layup for two points. 


Games of Week 3: December 11-16, 2017

 NCSN Boys Basketball Scoreboard


New York Mills Tournament
Madrid-Wadd. 64, West Canada Valley 59 (champ)
Non League
Lisbon 58, Lake Placid 23
St. Lawrence Central 56, Saranac Lake 42
Chateaugay 85, Heuvelton 60



New York Mills Tournament
Madrid-Waddington 81, LaFargeville 54 (semifinal)



East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 58, Tupper Lake 50
Brushton-Moira 48, Colton-Pierrepont 26
Central Division
Ogdensburg 95, Potsdam 37
Massena 51, Salmon River 30



East Division
Madrid-Waddington 55, Chateaugay 44
Central Division
St. Lawrence Central 65, Gouverneur 53
Canton 69, Malone 62
West Division
Harrisville 94, Hammond 44
Non League
Lisbon 48, Alexandria 31



East Division
Madrid-Waddington 78, Colton-Pierrepont 18
Tupper Lake 73, Parishville-Hopkinton 48
Chateaugay 90, Norwood-Norfolk 53
Brushton-Moira 60, St. Regis Falls 42
Central Division
Gouverneur 64, Massena 55
Canton 85, Potsdam 41
Malone 51, St. Lawrence Central 44
Ogdensburg 66, Salmon River 54
West Division
Hammond 75, Hermon-DeKalb 64
Harrisville 73, Edwards-Knox 42

madrid-waddington's fast start sinks chateaugay

Madrid-Waddington’s Jesse Lamere (3) leaps between a Chateaugay defender and Christopher Cook (13) to score extending the Yellowjackets lead over the Bulldogs midway through the second quarter. After leading by a stunning 27-5 at the half, Madrid-Waddington held off Chateaugay’s comeback attempt in the fourth quarter to capture the 54-44 victory.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Chateaugay’s Christopher Cook (13) breaks around Madrid-Waddington defenders Brennan Harmer (21) and Jesse Lamere (3) for the layup cutting in the second quarter.

larries fend of wildcat rallies to secure 65-53 win

St. Lawrence Central’s Toby Reome (3) floats the jump shot over Gouverneur's Brodey Young for two points.  Gouverneur staged two second-half comebacks, trailing by as much as 14, but cutting the Larries' lead to 51-50.  St. Lawrence Central went on a 14-0 run to secure a 65-53 win. (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Gouverneur’s Connor Fenlong (21) slices past the Larries' Alex Bush and hits the layup.  Down 46-34 in the third quarter, the Wildcats capitalized on turnovers to climb back to a 49-46 deficit after three quarters, then chipped away to get within a point at 51-50.  However, the Larries ran off 14 straight points before the Wildcats closed out with the final three points.  Reome poured in a game-best 20 points, while Matt Burg dropped in 18.  Andrew LaPlant led the Cats with 17 points, Fenlong scored 16 and Garrison Gagnon pitched in 11.

Chateaugay tops Heuvelton in "battle of the bulldogs"

Chateaugay’s Chandler LaPlante (2) squeezes between two Heuvelton defenders for a tricky layup during regulation. LaPlante led the team with 20 points, while Jonah McDonald finished with 18 and Chris Cook had 13.  Chateaugay beat Heuvelton in the "Battle of the Bulldogs" 85-60.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Heuvelton’s John Wrobel (32) leaps over Chateaugay’s Jed McDonald (11) for two points during the "Battle of the Bulldogs" at SUNY Canton. Wrobel finished with 22 points.

Massena claims first win of season over Salmon river

Massena’s Kamren LeBire (10) elevates past three Salmon River defenders, including Gregory Burdash (12), who had a hand up for the attempted block. Massena went on to win the night, notching their first win of the season 51-30 over the Shamrocks.  (Troy O'Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Salmon River’s Ben Kelly (21) hits a pullup jumper over Massena’s Joshua Sheets (21) early in the second period.  Kelly led the Shamrocks with 12 points, including two three-pointers.  For the Raiders, Josh Sheets led the scoring with 13 points and Tyler Bacon popped in 11.  Massena led 13-9 at the quarter, then 26-13 at the half, en route to the win.

Flyers hold off tupper rally & notch 58-50 win

Tupper Lake’s Kameron Sarvis (13) grabs a rebound and attempts to dribble his way past Norwood-Norfolk’s Devan Marston (4). Although Sarvis was able to contribute 10 points on the night, Marston’s team high 16 points, including 10-for-10 from the free-throw line, were able to power the Flyers past the Lumberjacks 58-50. (Troy O'Brien photo) Game Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk's Luke Allen (22) makes a leaping one-handed shot late in the third quarter over Lumberjack defender Ben Reichert-Lanthier (31).  Allen scored 10, Joel Derriga added 14 and Matt Frost pitched in 11.  Mike LaShomb grabbed nine rebound.  Sarvis also had 10 points for Tupper.


Games of Week 2: December 4-9, 2017

 NCSN Boys Basketball Scoreboard


Non League
Tupper Lake 49, Saranac Lake 48



East Division
Chateaugay 70, Parishville-Hopkinton 22
Madrid-Waddington 78, Brushton-Moira 45
St. Regis Falls 63, Tupper Lake 45
Central Division
Ogdensburg 91, Gouverneur 32
Salmon River 70, Potsdam 43
Canton 79, St. Lawrence Central 37
West Division
Heuvelton 80, Hammond 68
Hermon-DeKalb 49, Edwards-Knox 43



East Division
Norwood-Norfolk 53, Colton-Pierrepont 25
Central Division
Malone 78, Massena 25
Non League
Lisbon at Northern Adirondack ppd.



Central Division
St. Lawrence Central 55, Massena 35



East Division
Chateaugay 70, St. Regis Falls 45
Parishville-Hopkinton 50, Colton-Pierrepont 34
Brushton-Moira 83, Tupper Lake 39
Central Division
Potsdam 74, Gouverneur 67
Ogdensburg 72, Malone 59
Canton 76, Salmon River 42
West Division
Harrisville 85, Hermon-DeKalb 58

Kelly's 24 leads Shamrocks past Sandstoners 70-43

Salmon River’s Benjamin Kelly (21) elevates over three Potsdam defenders on his way to the rim.  Potsdam’s defense failed to contain Kelly who put up 24 points on the night, as the Shamrocks downed the Sandstoners 70-43. (Troy O’Brien photo) Game Gallery

Shamrock guard Jared Bigness (20) attempts to put a move on Potsdam’s Kobe Phillips (24), stopping to pull up for a jumper late in the third.  Bigness ended the game with 21 points.  For Potsdam, Teddy Rice poured in 13 points, while Conner Labar tossed down seven points.

chateaugay PUTS AWAY
st. regis falls in 70-45 WIN

St. Regis Falls’ Christopher Goodrow (3) leaps over teammates and Chateauguay defender Carson Kemp (30) to extend the quick jump shot to cut into the Bulldogs' lead late in the second quarter. The Bulldogs' quick early scoring lifted them to a 70-45 victory over the Saints. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Chateaugay’s Kiernan Gibson (15) breaks through two St. Regis Falls defenders to score the layup to end the second quarter. The Bulldogs carried a 44-14 lead at halftime.  Chateaugay's Jonah McDonald led all scoring with 23 points, while handler LaPlante added 19. For St. Regis Falls. Chris Goodrow netted 22 points while Danny Lucey chipped in 11.

sargent leads ogdensburg to 72-59 win over malone

Ogdensburg’s Jackson Jones (34) takes the jump shot, leaping over Malone defender Hunter Ansari (30), to drain the three-pointer, giving O.F.A. a four-point lead midway through the first quarter. With the game tied 51-51, the Blue Devils went on an 18-7 scoring run midway through the fourth quarter to capture the 72-59 victory. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Ogdensburg’s Cale Sargent (32) spins around Malone defender Hunter Ansari (30) for the quick layup in the second quarter.  Sargent piled up 30 points, while Matt Rector added 12 and John Powers scored 10 points in leading O.F.A. to the win in the Central Division opener.  For Malone, Hunter Ansari posted 17 points and Cole Fountain added 15.

Porter honored BEFORE Canton's Win over Salmon

Canton’s Noah Longshore (44) pulls up and attempts the inside bucket, while evading Salmon River defender Ben Kelly (21). Kelly got the block, but the Canton Bears got the win over the Shamrocks 76-42. (Troy O’Brien photo) Game Gallery

After a breakaway, Canton’s Preston Santimaw explodes to the rim for the easy layup.  Andy Downs paced the Bears with 18 points and Declan Porter powered in 17 for Canton.  Matt Cook and Ben Kelly scored 12 points each for the Shamrocks. 

Prior to the game, Porter was recognized as just the seventh player in Canton history to break the 1,000-point plateau.  The milestone was reached during the New York State Class B semifinal vs. Buffalo Health Science Charter School.  Monday's game was the first home game since.  He joins Hal Cohen, Time Stone, John Matott, Lee Catmill and Zach Wein and his older brother Louden as Canton's 1,000-point scorers.

HOLD OFF E-K cougars 49-43

Hermon-DeKalb’s Chase Donaldson (31) gets two points over the reach of Edwards-Knox defender Jordan Moore (45) in a seesaw battle at Hermon-DeKalb.  The Green Demons rallied to beat Edwards-Knox 49-43 in a West Division matchup. (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery  NCSN Broadcast

Edwards-Knox’s Zachary Scott (23) fires a jumper against H-D's Eric Bogart (5) early in the second quarter.  Edwards-Knox broke away from 6-6 tie by closing out the first quarter on a 9-0 run,  The Demons rebounded with seven straight points to open the second quarter.  E-K led 20-15 at the half.  The third quarter was a seesaw struggle with six lead changes, before H-D opened a seven-point advantage.  Zach Denesha led all scorers with 20 points, while Patrick Tahonica added 15 for the Demons.  E-K was led by Parker Harper with 13 points and Joe Hart who tossed in 11.

M-W's fast pace proves
too much for b-m Panthers

Madrid-Waddington freshman Jacob Rice (40) maneuvers around Brushton-Moira’s defender Parker Bassett (33) on his way to the rim, but Bassett blocks the shot.  The Yellow Jackets went on to score a 78-45 win over the Panthers.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Brushton-Moira guard Connor Bellows (3) runs into a wall of Madrid-Waddington defenders and attempts to find an open man in midair.  Madrid-Waddington's Jesse Lamere poured in 23 points, with Brennan Harmer right behind with 22.  Colby McCarthy led the Panthers splashing 14 points.

Huskies cruise vs. depleted Red Raiders in 78-25 win

Malone’s Payton Poirier (10) drives past Massena’s Tyler Bacon (33) for a layup, contributing to Malone’s 26 unanswered points in the first quarter.  The Huskies were able to take care of the Red Raiders 78-25. (Troy O’Brien photo) Game Gallery

Massena’s Kaleb Miller (30) finds a hole in the defense and drives past Malone’s Nathan Welch (52) for the bucket.  Cole Fountain and Hunter Ansari led the Huskies' balanced offense with 14 points apiece.


St. Lawrence Central’s Matt Burg (10) drives hard to the hoop and deposits two of his 20 points, leading the way for the Larries in a 55-35 Central Division win over Massena.  The Larries deployed a tenacious scrappy defense that forced turnovers that the Larries turned into points.  (Sam Wangerin photo) Game Gallery

Massena’s Tyler Bacon (33) drops in two points on the lay up. The Larries sprinted out to leads of 9-0 and 18-4 to end the first quarter. While playing with a depleted bench and trailing by as much as 16 points before the half, the Red Raiders trimmed the lead to 10 points, before falling away. In addition to Burg’s 20, Cash Feeley and Colby Perkins each finished with 10 points for SLC. Massena was led by Colin Dickerson with nine points and four players all tied with six points each.




Games of Week 1: November 24-December 2, 2017

 NCSN Boys Basketball Scoreboard


Lisbon Tournament
Hammond 63, Parishville-Hopkint. 30 (consolation)
Gouverneur 58, Lisbon 25 (championship)
Malone Tournament
Brushton-Moira 42, Saranac Lake 34 (consolation)
Malone 78, Seton Catholic 56 (championship)
Coaches vs. Cancer Tournament at Old Forge NY
Tupper Lake 61, Johnsburgh 51 (consolation)
Lake George Tournament
St. Lawrence Central 50, Maple Hill 45 (consolation)
Harrisville Tournament
Ogdensburg 70, Harrisville 67 (OT/championship)
Non League
Westhill 58, Canton 49



Lisbon Tournament
Gouverneur 64, Parishville-Hopkinton 49 (semifinal)
Lisbon 62, Hammond 53 (semifinal)
Malone Tournament
Malone 62, Brushton-Moira 38 (semifinal)
Coaches vs. Cancer Tournament at Old Forge NY
Adirondack Central 53, Tupper Lake 45 (semifinal)
Lake George Tournament
Lake George 54, St. Lawrence Central 41 (semifinal)
Harrisville Tournament
Ogdensburg 83, Lyme 59 (semifinal)
Harrisville 65, Immaculate Heart 40 (semifinal)
Syracuse AOS Tournament
Canton 67, Syracuse AOS 62 (semifinal)
Non League
Salmon River 53, Northern Adirondack 45



John Dinneen Tournament at Madrid-Waddington
Norwood-Norfolk 64, Edwards-Knox 57 (consolation)
Madrid-Waddington 56, Heuvelton 31 (championship)



Non League
Salmon River 65, Saranac Central 51
St. Lawrence Central 67, Parishville-Hopkinton 31
Chateaugay 68, Northern Adirondack 63



John Dinneen Tournament at Madrid-Waddington
Madrid-Waddington 76, Norwood-Norfolk 28
Heuvelton 62, Edwards-Knox 44
Non League
Lisbon 59, Colton-Pierrepont 34
Hermon-DeKalb 55, St. Regis Falls 39
Harrisville 74, Hammond 54



Brady Frazier Tournament at St. Regis Falls
Parishville-Hopk. 48, Colton-Pierrepont 22 (consol.)
Heuvelton 56, St. Regis Falls 50 (championship)
Muggsy's Tip Off Classic at Saranac Central
Saranac Central 58, Massena 42 (championship)

LaFargeville Tournament
Hermon-DeKalb 44, Sandy Creek 37 (consolation)
LaFargeville 51, Edwards-Knox 44 (championship)
Non League
Lisbon 50, Belleville Henderson 19
Alexandria Bay 42, Norwood-Norfolk 35
Thousand Islands 69, Hammond 65



Brady Frazier Tournament at St. Regis Falls
Heuvelton 67, Parishville-Hopkinton 21 (semifinal)
St. Regis Falls 60,Colton-Pierrepont 24 (semifinal)
Muggsy Classic at Saranac Central
Massena 52, Northeastern Clinton 51 (semifinal)
LaFargeville Tournament
Edwards-Knox 62, Hermon-DeKalb 43 (semifinal)

chateaugay downs st. regis falls in 70-45 victory

St. Regis Falls’ Christopher Goodrow (3) leaps over teammates and Chateauguay defender Carson Kemp (30) to score the quick jump shot to cut into the Bulldogs lead late in the second quarter. The Bulldogs quick scoring lifted them to a 70-45 victory over the Saints to start the season off on a high note. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

Chateaugay’s Kiernan Gibson (15) breaks through two St. Regis Falls defenders to score the lay up to end the second quarter. The Bulldogs carried a 44-14 lead over the Saints at halftime. Jonah McDonald lead all scoring for the Bulldogs with 23 points while St. Regis Falls Chris Goodrow netted 22 points in the game.


Brushton-Moira's Jacob Brown fires a shot over Malone defenders Ted Childs (4) and Johol Harshan (23) to score two of his seven points on the night.  Malone broke open to a 33-14 halftime lead and held off the surging Panthers who adjusted at the half.  Malone beat B-M 62=38 in the semifinals of the North Country Tournament at Franklin Academy.  (Bob LaRue photo)  Game Gallery  

Malone's Cole Fountain (11) drops in the jumper in the paint and gets fouled by the Panthers' Conner Bellows (3).  Hunter Ansari and Cole Fountain each scored 15 points and Hunter Swan scored nine points, all from behind the arc, in leading the Huskies to the win.  Logan Bassett led all scorers with 19 points, including three three-pointers for the Panthers.  Colby McCarthy added six points for B-M.

Heuvelton rolls past parishville-hopkinton 66-21

Heuvelton’s Keegan Kelley (22) leaps over Parishville-Hopkinton defender Alec Hayes (11) to score extending the Bulldogs' lead over the Panthers midway through the second quarter. After a fast start, Heuvelton pulled away from Parishville-Hopkinton to capture the 66-21 victory to advance to the championship of the Brady Frazier Tournament in St. Regis Falls.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery Parishville-Hopkinton’s Kyle Woods (22) looks for an open teammate to pass to as he makes his way toward the Heuvelton basket.  Woods led the Panthers with six points.  The Bulldogs dashed out to a 17-0 lead in setting the early pace.  Keegan Kelley posted 16 points, while Noah Steele added 13 and Dawson Marino pitched in 10. 

harmer nets 22 as jackets defeat n-n flyers 76-28

Madrid-Waddington's (3) Jesse Lamere nets two points to extend the Yellow Jackets lead in the second quarter.  Madrid-Waddington won the semifinal of the John Dinneen Memorial Tournament with a 76-28 win over Norwood-Norfolk.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk's Cole Perretta (2) takes a shot for two points. Madrid-Waddington broke out to a 14-0 lead, then never looked back in downing Norwood-Norfolk 76-28. Jackets led 42-19 at the half. M-W’s Brennan Harmer led all scorers with 22 points, Jesse Lamere added 14 and Evan Ruddy added 12 points. For Norwood-Norfolk, Luke Allen led the way with eight points while Joel Garriga finished with five points.


lisbon captures the 62-53 victory over hammond

Lisbon’s Kyle Burgess (12) leaps over a Hammond defended to score the quick jump shot early in the first quarter giving the Golden Knights the early four point lead. Lisbon held off the Red Devils comeback in the second half to capture the 62-53 victory to advance to the championship of their James Darcy Memorial Tournament. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

A Hammond forward spins past Lisbon defender Joshua O’Brien (10) to score late in the second quarter.  Lisbon's Josh O'Brien piled up 25 points, while Andrew Gravelin posted 18 and Karter Jordan poured in 14 points to lead the Knights.  John Boland dropped in 21 for Hammond.

gouverneur advances with 64-49 win over p-h panthers

Gouverneur’s Brodey Young (5) breaks around Parishville-Hopkinton defender Alec Hayes (11) to score, extending the Wildcat lead to 15 over the Panthers late in the second quarter. Gouverneur picked up the 64-49 victory over Parishville-Hopkinton to advance to the championship of the Lisbon tournament  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery  ‘

Parishville-Hopkinton’s Tanner Rosenbarker (24) takes the jump shot past Gouverneur’s Dylan Geer (14) to score midway through the second half.  Rosenbarker netted 15 points, behind a team best 22 from Kyle Woods.  Garrsion Gonyeau splashed 23 points and Andrew LaPlant tallied 17 points to lead the Cats. 

St. Lawrence Central starts hot, handles P-H

St. Lawrence Central’s Kolby Perkins (32) explodes past Parrishville-Hopkinton’s Austin Cook (23) on his way to the rim for the layup.  The Larries jumped out to a 21-point advantage over the Panthers, before ending the night with a 67-31 victory.  (Troy O'Brien photo)  Game Gallery

Parrishville Hopkinton’s Sam Clark-Vallance (2) looks to pass while being guarded by St. Lawrence Central’s Matthew Burg (10).  The Larries got a 21-point, first-quarter opening that set the tone for a 67-31 divisional crossover win over the Panthers at Parishville. Perkins launched six three-pointers and finished with 20 points, while Cash Feeley cashed in 13 points and snared 10 boards to lead the Larries. Burg and Ben Horner contributed eight points each. Alec Hayes led the Panthers with nine points, while Kyle Woods tossed in six.

Wrobel's 28 leads bulldogs pull away from cougars 

Heuvelton's John Wrobel (32) sinks the jump shot for two Heuvelton playeers.  Wrobel poured in 28 points in Heuvelton's win over Edwards-Knox 62-44 in the semifinals of the John Dinneen Memorial Tournament at Madrid-Waddington. (Sam Wangerin photo)  Game Gallery

Edwards-Knox's Justin Scott (12) shoots for two poionts. After Edwards-Knox jumped out to a 8-4 lead, Heuvelton reeled off 18 straight points, only to have the Cougars respond with 12 unanswered to tie the game 22-22 late in the first half. Heuvelton polished off the first half with an eight points run to lead 30-22 at the break. The Bulldogs took command in the second half behind the 28-point performance of John Wrobel. Noah Steele added 16 and Keegan Kelley added 10 for double-digit players. Edwards-Knox as led by Justin Scott with 14, followed by Parker Harper and Zach Scott with nine points each.

goodrow scores 24 in saints win over colts 60-24

     St. Regis Falls’ Chris Goodrow (3) wraps around Colton-Pierrepont defender Ben McKinley (4), scoring on the layup to expand the Saints' lead over the Colts to 15 points midway through the second quarter.  The Saints pulled away from Colton-Pierrepont in the second half to pick up the 60-24 victory, advancing to the championship of the SRF-Brady Frazier Tournament.  (Troy O’Brien photo)  Game Gallery  Colton-Pierrepont’s Ben McKinley (4) leaps over two St. Regis Falls' defenders to score the bucket in the first quarter.  Chris Goodrow scored 24 points, including four three-pointers, while Danny Lucey added 15 and Alex White chipped in 14 for the Saints.  The Colts were led by Ben McKinley with 11 points and Aiden Knight with eight.