Gouverneur Captures First Title Since 1997; M-W & O.F.A. Win

Final NCSN Boys Team

Tupper Lake
Salmon River
W-L-T   GB
10-0-0     -
  9-1-0     1
  8-2-0     2
  7-3-0     3
  6-4-0     4

  5-5-0     5
  4-6-0     6
  2-7-1     7½
  2-8-0     8

  1-8-1     8½
0-10-0   10

The Gouverneur track team celebrates achieving a undefeated season, finishing at 10-0 and capturing their first Northern Athletic Conference regular-season title since 1997. The Wildcats captured a hard-fought victory in the final meet of the regular season, beating the Norwood-Norfolk Flyers 123½-117½.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery


Meets in Weeks 1-4: April 22-May 22, 2014

 NCSN Boys Track & Field Scoreboard

THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014

Madrid-Waddington 128, Potsdam 71
Ogdensburg 175, Massena 60


TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014

Gouverneur 128, Ogdensburg 112
Madrid-Waddington 126, Canton 105
Malone 166, Potsdam 60
Tupper Lake 135, Salmon River 77
Tupper Lake 141, Clifton-Fine 42
Salmon River 107, Clifton-Fine 53


MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014

Norwood-Norfolk 162, Massena 69


SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014

Van Dusen Invitational at Ogdensburg
Malone 119
Gouverneur 95
Ogdensburg 95
Norwood-Norfolk 85
Madrid-Waddington 42
Canton 31
Watertown 30
Potsdam 24
Massena 23
Saranac Central 11
Tupper Lake 3
Complete Van Dusen Results



Gouverneur 125, Malone 116
Massena 124, Potsdam 85
Massena 142, Tupper Lake 70
Potsdam 105, Tupper Lake 77
Ogdensburg 149½, Canton 82½
Ogdensburg 178, Clifton-Fine 24
Canton 158, Clifton-Fine 23
Norwood-Norfolk 158, Madrid-Waddington 82
Norwood-Norfolk 173, Salmon River 57
Madrid-Waddington 137, Salmon River 96


MONDAY, MAY 12, 2014

Ogdensburg 143, Potsdam 67
Malone 164, Canton 73


SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014

Madrid-Waddington Invitational
Malone 171
Ogdensburg 94
Potsdam 54
Madrid-Waddington 53
Norwood-Norfolk 48
Gouverneur 45
Canton 25
Massena 22
Tupper Lake 6
Salmon River 3



Malone 134½, Ogdensburg 106½
Malone 184½, Salmon River 47½
Ogdensburg 152½, Salmon River 72½



Norwood-Norfolk 157, Canton 78


TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014

Gouverneur 179, Salmon River 54
Gouverneur 159, Potsdam 73
Potsdam 106½, Salmon River 106½ (tie)
Ogdensburg 140, Madrid Waddington 82
Ogdensburg 153, Tupper Lake 65
Madrid-Waddington 142, Tupper Lake 71
Malone 165, Massena 72
Malone 185½, Clifton-Fine 26½

Massena 157, Clifton-Fine 37



Malone 145½, Norwood-Norfolk 94½
Malone 175, Tupper Lake 52
Norwood-Norfolk 155, Tupper Lake 63
Canton 148½, Massena 86½
Canton 142, Salmon River 72
Massena 122½, Salmon River 89½
Gouverneur 148, Madrid-Waddington 92
Gouverneur 179, Clifton-Fine 28
Madrid-Waddington 164, Clifton-Fine 36



Canton 116, Potsdam 88
Gouverneur 164, Massena 77
Norwood-Norfolk 124, Ogdensburg 17
Malone 170, Madrid-Waddington 70
Tupper Lake at Salmon River postponed



Norwood-Norfolk 183, Clifton-Fine 19
Norwood-Norfolk 150, Potsdam 82
Potsdam 114, Clifton-Fine 35
Gouverneur 168, Canton 70
Gouverneur 175, Tupper Lake  50
Canton 120, Tupper Lake 75
Madrid-Waddington 146½ , Massena 92½

Gouverneur Ends Malone's Seven-Year Unbeaten Run

Gouverneur’s Brandon Dusharm captures the win in the 100-meter dash by just defeating Malone’s Tyler Martin by 0.2 seconds at the line. The Wildcats and the Huskies battled with many photo finishes in a close meet. The Wildcats earned key victories in the field events to capture the win over Malone 125-116. (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Gouverneur’s Jose Flores takes his second attempt in the high jump event.  (Cody Jenne photo)

Malone Rises To Top at Yellow Jacket Invitational

Potsdam’s Oden Robertson leads runners from Ogdensburg, Tupper Lake and Canton in the 100-meter dash. Robertson won the event. The Malone Huskies, with 171 points, claimed the team victory at the Madrid-Waddington Invitational, followed by Ogdensburg in second with 94 points and Potsdam third at 54. (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Cantons Jacob Oatman leaps over the fourth set of hurdles in the 100 Meter hurdle event.  (Cody Jenne photo)

Erdman Leads Gouverneur Wins vs. Potsdam, Salmon

Gouverneur’s Brayton Dursham, Potsdam’s Dan Stone and Salmon River’s Antoine Domino are side-by-side as they race to the finish in their heat of the 100-meter dash. Gouverneur swept the meet, beating the Sandstoners 159-73 and the Shamrocks 179-54. Potsdam and Salmon River tied at 106½ each.   (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Potsdam’s Josh Robar fires off his second attempt in the discus event. Gouverneur’s Jacob Erdman won three events – the 800, 1600 and 3200 meter races, while Joshua Uribe won the triple jump and the 110 hurdles. O’den Robertson won the 200, 100 and the long jump. Gouverneur went on to beat both Salmon River 179-54 and Potsdam 153-73, while Salmon and Potsdam ended in a tie at 106½ each.

Gouverneur Boys Run Away From Massena For 3rd Win

Gouverneur’s Luke Dunkelberg leads two Massena and two teammates around the last bend and into the home stretch of the 200-meter run. The Wildcats started the meet strong earning a 45-14 lead after completing four events. Gouverneur picked up its third win on the road at Massena 164-77.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Gouverneur’s Joshua Urbie takes his second attempt at the high jump. Gouverneur’s balanced teamwork was led by four athletes with two wins in various events, as the Wildcats (3-0) won the meet 164-77. Luke Dunkelberg captured wins in the 200 and 400, while classmate Jacob Erdman won the distance events, the 1,600 and 3,200 races. Josh Uribe was tops in the 400 hurdles and triple jump, while Adrian McShane won the 100 hurdles and high jump events. Massena won two events. Andrew Brush won the long jump, while the 1600-meter relay team also captured a win.

Wildcats Gone Wild: First Reg. Season Title Since 1997

Norwood-Norfolk’s Connor Levison leaps over the third hurdle in the 110-meter hurdles in the final regular-season meet at Gouverneur. Three Wildcats were two-event winners – just enough to edge Norwood-Norfolk 123½-117½ and capture the first Gouverneur regular-season spring track-and-field title since 1997. The unbeaten Wildcats (10-0) were led by Adrian McShane who won the high jump and long jump, Alex Prespare who flung for distance in the shot put and discus, and Jose Flores who sprinted first in the 100 and 200-meter dashes. For the Flyers, Levison won the 110 and 400 hurdles. Norwood-Norfolk also had a shot of a share of the regular-season title, but finished at 8-2 overall.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

M-W Jackets Capture 126-105 Win Over Canton Bears

Canton’s Evan LaPoint and Madrid-Waddington’s Loring Hill sprint side-by-side down the final stretch of the boys’ 400-meter dash. Hill edged LaPoint at the finish line. The Yellow Jackets also pulled away for a 126-105 victory over the Golden Bears. The Jackets improved to 5-4, while the Bears slipped to 5-5.  (Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Meet Gallery

Canton’s Tyler Trahan springs into the air during his long-jump attempt.  The Yellow Jackets also pulled away for a 126-105 victory over the Golden Bears. The Jackets improved to 5-4, while the Bears slipped to 5-5.

Malone Wins VanDusen; Gouverneur & O.F.A. Tie 2nd

Gouverneur’s Jacob Erman and Malone’s Dylan Lavoie splash down during the boys steeplechase at the Van Dusen Invitational in Ogdensburg. Malone won the event with 119 points. Gouverneur and O.F.A. tied for second at 95 points each. Norwood-Norfolk and Madrid-Waddington rounded out the top five.(Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Meet Gallery

 Massena’s Andrew Brush takes his first attempt during the triple jump event.  Malone won the event with 119 points. Gouverneur and O.F.A. tied for second at 95 points. Brush won the long jump. Watertown's Matt Olney won the Pentathlon. Potsdam's Ebuka Onone won both the 100 and 400 meters. Norwood-Norfolk's Kyle Fulk won the 1600 and 3200 meters, while N-N's Connor Levison won the 110 and 400 hurdles. Tyler Bouchard of Ogdensburg won the high jump and triple jump. (Drew Gearsbeck photo)  Meet Gallery

Ogdensburg Runs Past Potsdam For 143-67 Win

Ogdensburg’s Seth Tebo leads Potsdam’s Tristian Curran and Jason Jemison around the bend on the first lap of the 1600-meter run. The Blue Devils picked up key victories in field events and relays to give them the edge to pull away for a 143-67 win over the Sandstoners. O’den Robertson won two events for Potsdam. (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Ogdensburg’s Joe Grizzuto takes his third attempt in the High Jump event which he would win with a height of 6 feet.  (Cody Jenne photo)

WILDCATS Stay Unbeaten in DUALS Sweep of M-W, C-F

Gouverneur’s Devin Breckenridge leads runners also from Madrid-Waddington and Clifton-Fine around the first bend in the 1600-meter run. The Wildcats captured the victory in the meet, beating Madrid-Waddington 148-92 and downed Clifton-Fine 179-28. The Yellow Jackets finished second, beating the Eagles 164-36.  Meet Gallery

Clifton-Fine’s Will Sealander takes his first attempt at distance in the long-jump event, which he eventually went on to win. Gouverneur’s Jake Erdman led the way with long-distance victories in the 1,600 and 3,200-meter races as the Wildcats swept host Madrid-Waddington 148-92 and Clifton-Fine 179-28. Meanwhile, Madrid-Waddington split by beating the Eagles 164-36. Other winners included Gouverneur’s Adrian McShane in the high jump, Chad Curcio in the triple jump, Alex Prespare won the shot put.  (Cody Jenne photo)

Flyers Sweep Opening Meet vs. Potsdam, CLIFTON-fine

Runners from Norwood-Norfolk, Potsdam and Clifton-Fine dash off the starting line for the one-mile run in the opening track meet of the season. The Flyers captured the tri-meet with a 150-82 victory over Potsdam. The Flyers also triumphed over the Eagles 183-19, while Potsdam clipped the Eagles 114-19.  (Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk’s Skyler Stamford takes his second attempt in the shot put event. Connor Levison and Kyle Fulk scores two first-place finishes to guide the Flyers to an opening-meet sweep over Potsdam 150-82 and Clifton-Fine 183-19. Potsdam also defeated the Eagles 114-35. Fulk won the 1,600 and 3,200 meter runs, while Levison won both the 110 and 400 hurdle events. Potsdam’s O’den Robertson was also a dual winner, capturing the 100 meters and long jump.