Potsdam Captures Regular Season Title; Malone 2nd, Canton 3rd

Hurdlers from the Salmon River Shamrocks and Massena Red Raiders cross the last hurdles in the 110-meter race.   Potsdam took first place overall, followed by Tupper Lake, Malone, Canton and Lowville rounding out the top five.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Girls Van Dusen Gallery

Final NCSN Girls Team

Tupper Lake
Salmon River
W-L-T   GB
10-0-0      -
  9-1-0      1
  8-2-0      2

  7-3-0      3
  6-4-0      4

  5-5-0      5
  4-6-0      6

  2-8-0      8
  2-8-0      8
  2-8-0      8
0-10-0    10

Meets in Weeks 1-4: April 26-May 20, 2017

THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017

Canton 127, Massena 93
Gouverneur 125½, Massena 79½
Tupper Lake 142, Madrid-Waddington 97
Tupper Lake 159, Clifton-Fine 36
Madrid-Waddington 138, Clifton-Fine 40



Malone 198½, Ogdensburg 104½


TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017

Canton 175½, Ogdensburg 131½
Canton 211, Salmon River 78
Ogdensburg 184, Salmon River 79
Malone 173, Tupper Lake 124
Malone 187, Gouverneur 128
Gouverneur 160½, Tupper Lake  128½
Potsdam 164, Norwood-Norfolk 135
Potsdam 207, Massena 109
Norwood-Norfolk 180, Massena 136


SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2017

94th Annual Van Dusen at Ogdensburg
Potsdam 115½
Tupper Lake 110
Malone 82½
Canton 76
Lowville 71
Ogdensburg 53
Gouverneur 46
Madrid-Waddington 39
Indian River 34
Norwood-Norfolk 32
Massena 29
Salmon River 9
Clifton-Fine 4
Complete 2017 VanDusen Results



Ogdensburg 155, Massena 153
Ogdensburg 156, Madrid-Waddington 139
Massena 157, Madrid-Waddington 143

Canton 169, Norwood-Norfolk 147
Malone 221, Salmon River 61
Potsdam 182, Gouverneur 134


MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017

Gouverneur 173, Madrid-Waddington 125
Gouverneur 197, Salmon River 99
Madrid-Waddington 159, Salmon River 113


THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

Gouverneur 174, Ogdensburg 138



Massena 142, Tupper Lake 130


TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2017

Potsdam 220, Clifton-Fine 30
Potsdam 214½, Salmon River 83½
Salmon River 153, Clifton-Fine 48
Norwood-Norfolk 172, Gouverneur 145
Malone 184, Canton 133


FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017

Potsdam 165, Canton 152
Potsdam 198, Madrid Waddington 91
Canton 185, Madrid-Waddington 96

Malone 152, Massena 112
Malone 181, Clifton-Fine 28
Massena 177, Clifton-Fine 30

Norwood-Norfolk 215, Salmon River 66
Norwood-Norfolk 161, Tupper Lake 126
Salmon River 181, Tupper Lake 141



Potsdam 169, Tupper Lake 127
Potsdam 185, Ogdensburg 131
Ogdensburg 156, Tupper Lake 132


TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017

Canton 178, Gouverneur 137
Canton 226½, Clifton-Fine 28½
Gouverneur 206, Clifton-Fine 36

Malone 185, Norwood-Norfolk 133
Malone 200½, Madrid-Waddington 97½
Norwood-Norfolk 190, Madrid-Waddington 110

Massena 201, Salmon River 77


FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017

Warrior Girls Invitational at Indian River
Indian River 120
Beaver River 108
Canton 99.5
Tupper 87
Gouverneur 48
Carthage 38
Pulaski 32.5
Sandy Creek 14
General Brown 1



Potsdam 161½, Malone 156½
Norwood-Norfolk 209, Clifton-Fine 40
Norwood-Norfolk 182, Ogdensburg 122
Ogdensburg 188, Clifton-Fine 38



Canton 203, Tupper Lake 67 (Massena ppd.)


Competitors from (l-r) Gouverneur, Canton and Clifton-Fine (right) charge side-by-side toward the finish line in a close battle in the 100-meter dash event.  Gouverneur's Elaina Porter won the event, along with top honors in the 200 and 400 meters.  However, Canton won the overall meet over both the Wildcats and Clifton-Fine Eagles in the tri-meet at Canton. (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

An athlete from Canton leaps into the pit in her second attempt at the triple jump event.  Canton's Isabel Dusharm captured three events -- the 100 & 400 hurdles, and the triple jump.  Single event winners included: Canton's Grace Bessette in the 800, Emma Bentley-Hicks in the 1500, Claire Bartlett in the 3000 meters and Sydney Lorenc in the high jump.  Gouverneur winners included: Lexie Bradshaw in the long jump, Isabel Durham in the shot put and Faith Hutton in the discus.

norwood-norfolk wins tri- meet over c-f, ogdensburg

A sprinter from Ogdensburg narrowly leads runners from Clifton-Fine (left) and Norwood-Norfolk (right) in the second heat of the 100-meter dash event.  The Flyers swept the meet picking up victories over the Blue Devils 182-122 and the Eagles 209-40 to open the 2017 spring track season.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

A competitor from Norwood-Norfolk leaps over the bar in her second attempt in the High Jump event.  The Flyers were led by Maddie Seguin's four wins -- in the high jump, long jump, triple jump and 100 hurdles.  Olivia Eng captured the shot put and discus.  Sydney Levison took top honors in the 1500 and 3000, while running on the winning 3200 relay.  Brianna Hacia won the 400 hurdles, Harley Mashaw won the 400 meters and OFA won the 400 relay, for a second-place finish.


Hurdlers from the Salmon River Shamrocks and Massena Red Raiders cross the last hurdles in the 110-meter race.   Potsdam took first place overall, followed by Tupper Lake, Malone, Canton and Lowville rounding out the top five.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Girls Van Dusen Gallery

Sprinters from Canton, Massena, Ogdensburg and Gouverneur battle in the 55-meter dash.  The 94th running of the VanDusen Invitational Track meet in Ogdensburg featured 11 boys teams. Winners of the girls events included: Tupper Lake’s Tess Klossner won the 400-meter hurdles and long jump....Sophia Martin topped the triple jump and high jump... Katie finished first in the 100-meter hurdles. Malone’s Emily Pomainville won the 1500 meters. Lowville’s Hannah Freeman crossed the finish line first in the 800-meters. Gouverneur’s Alaina Porter won 400-meters. Norwood-Norfolk’s Sydney Levison captured the 3000-meters. In the relays, Lowville won the 3200, Tupper Lake bested the 1600 and Potsdam won the 400 meters.

ogdensburg beats both m-w and massena in tri-meet

Runners from Massena, Ogdensburg and Madrid-Waddington dash off the starting line beginning the 3000-meter run event which was won by the Yellow Jackets' Maria Allen with a time of 13:09. The Blue Devils swept the tri-meet picking up victories over both Massena 155-153 and Madrid-Waddington 156-139. The Red Raiders captured second place over the Yellow Jackets 157-143. (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery

Sprinters from Madrid-Waddington, Massena and Ogdensburg hand off the baton in the first turn of the 4x100-meter relay that was won by Ogdensburg, posting a time of 54.72.

WILDCATS sweep m-w and salmon river in tri meet

A Madrid-Waddington athlete leads runners from Gouverneur and Salmon River out of the corner and into the home stretch of the girls 1500-Meter run. The Wildcats swept the tri meet by defeating both the Yellowjackets (173-125) and the Shamrocks (197-99). Madrid-Waddington took second place over Salmon River by a score of 159-113. (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery

A Shot Putter from Salmon River takes her third and final attempt in the shot put event.

malone claims victory over canton bears 184-133

Malone’s Emily Pomainville leads teammates and opponents from Canton off the starting line to begin the 1500-meter run that was won by Pomainville.  The Huskies picked up their fifth win of the season, winning the dual meet over the Golden Bears 184-133.  Canton slipped to 4-2.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

A Canton athlete takes her final attempt in the shot put event.

potsdam sweeps both tupper lake & Ogdensburg

Runners from Tupper Lake, Potsdam and Ogdensburg burst off the starting line to begin the 400-Meter relay event that was one by the Sandstoners. Potsdam swept the tri meet in the Adirondacks defeating both the Blue Devils (185-131) and the Lumberjacks (169-127). Ogdensburg edged out Tupper Lake to claim second place in the meet (156-132). Cody Jenne photo Meet Gallery

An Athlete from Tupper Lake leaps into the sandpit in her second attempt in the triple jump event.