Interdivisional: Canton, Norwood-Norfolk, Malone Top the Field

2014 Girls Section X
Cross Country Team Standings

Salmon River
Tupper Lake
 W-L-T Pct.    GB
 8-0-0   1.000   -
 7-1-0     .875   1
 6-2-0     .750   2
 4-4-0     .500   4
 2-3-3     .400   4½
 3-5-0     .375   5
 2-5-1     .286   5½
 0-6-2     .000   7
 0-6-2     .000   7

Canton’s Maria Ricalton and Norwood-Norfolk’s Hannah Gray battle side by side as they come to the finish of the interdivisional meet held at Norfolk. Canton captured the win with 40 points, closely by Norwood-Norfolk with 44. Malone (73), Gouverneur (86) and Potsdam (112) round out the top five. (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery


Meets of September 30, 2014 - October 25, 2014

  NCSN Boys Cross Country Scoreboard


Interdivisional Meet at Norwood-Norfolk
Canton 40
Norwood-Norfolk 44
Malone 73
Gouverneur 86
Potsdam 112
Ogdensburg 156
Brushton-Moira 176
Tupper Lake incomplete



Gouverneur 25, Malone 30
Gouverneur 24, Canton 32
Malone 26, Canton 31
Norwood-Norfolk 18, Ogdensburg 39
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Salmon River incomplete
Ogdensburg 23, Salmon River incomplete
Potsdam 26, Brushton-Moira 29
Potsdam 15, Tupper Lake incomplete
Brushton-Moira 15, Tupper Lake incomplete



Beaver River Invitational
Beaver River 34
Norwood-Norfolk 43
Malone 95
Potsdam 97
Watertown 128
Ogdensburg 152
Sandy Creek 153
Adirondack, Canton, Indian River, Phoenix - all incomplete
Individual Results - Section X Top 10
1st - Kaycie Saucier, NN
2nd - Emily Pomainville, Malone
5th - Cassidy Scott, Canton
8th - Hannah Gray, N-N
9th - Liah Livernois, NN



Norwood-Norfolk Invitational (Leagues)
Norwood-Norfolk 32
Malone 48
Gouverneur 78
Potsdam 107
Ogdensburg 117
Brushton-Moira 142
Canton incomplete
Tupper Lake incomplete



Canton 22, Potsdam 33
Canton 18, Ogdensburg 38
Potsdam 20, Ogdensburg 33
Gouverneur 15, Brushton-Moira 50
Gouverneur 15, Salmon River 50
Brushton-Moira 15, Salmon River 50
Norwood-Norfolk 23, Malone 32
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Tupper Lake 50
Malone 15, Tupper Lake 50

Saucier, Pomainville top n-n invitational section meet

Runners from Norwood-Norfolk, Brushton-Moira, Ogdensburg, Gouverneur and Malone all emerge from the wooded trails in Norwood-Norfolk in a section wide meet. The Flyers' Kaycie Saucier won the meet with a time of 19:45. She was followed by Malone’s Emily Pomainville (20:16), Canton’s Cassidy Scott (20:23), Gouverneur’s Margeaux Simmons (21:20) and Canton’s Maria Ricalton to round out the top five. (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery

Runners from Potsdam, Gouverneur, Norwood-Norfolk and Tupper Lake at the Leagues meet at Norwood-Norfolk. Kaycie Saucier led the field by 31 seconds leading the Flyers to the team victory.  (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery

Canton, N-n, Malone top in interdivisional meet

Norwood-Norfolk’s Kaycie Saucier dashes over the railroad tracks and turns into the final stretch of the interdivisional meet which she won with a time of 19:42.  Canton, which won only twice in dual meets all season, won the team total bumping Norwood-Norfolk by four points and the rest of the field by at least 33 points.  Cassidy Scott led the Canton effort with a third-place finish.  Emily Pomainville finished second to lead the third-place Huskies. Meet Gallery

Simmons, Dunkelberg lead 'cats PAST CANTON, MALONE

Gouverneur’s Margeaux Simmons leads Malone’s Emily Pomainville and Canton’s Maria Ricalton into the first bend of the Gouverneur course.  Pomainville won the meet in a time of 21:50, followed by Simmons (22:27). Ricalton placed third (23:26), then the Wildcats' Grace Cummings (23:29) and the Bears' Grace Bessette.  (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery

Canton’s Cassidy Scott makes her way up the hill and around the second bend. Gouverneur won the meet defeating Malone (25-30) and Canton (24-32) Malone beat out Canton for second (26-31). (Cody Jenne photo)


Norwood-Norfolk’s Sydney Levision leads a group of runners from Malone and Tupper Lake into the first bend of the September 30th meet.  The Flyers’ Kaycie Saucier won the meet (19:41), closely followed by Malone’s Emily Pomainville (20:10). Norwood-Norfolk's Hannah Grey (21:39), Leah Livernois (21:41) and Malone’s Rynn Schanak (22:43) rounded out the top five.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Tupper Lake’s Tess Klossner leads runner’s from Norwood-Norfolk and Malone out of the forest trails. Norwood-Norfolk defeated Malone 23-32 in the home meet.  Both teams defeated Tupper Lake which recorded incompletes. (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery


Meets of September 22-27, 2014

  NCSN Boys Cross Country Scoreboard


Salmon River Invitational
Norwood-Norfolk 19
Saranac Lake 30
Brushton-Moira 78
Tupper Lake incomplete



Norwood-Norfolk 23, Gouverneur 36
Norwood-Norfolk 18, Potsdam 43
Gouverneur 24, Potsdam 31
Malone 19, Ogdensburg 42
Malone 15, Brushton-Moira 50
Ogdensburg 20, Brushton-Moira 36

Salmon River, Tupper Lake at Canton (all incomp.)

N-N flyers sweep tri meet against wildcats & potsdam

Norwood-Norfolk’s Kaycie Saucier rounds the final bend before coming into the finish to place first in the meet.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery



malone beats ogdensburg and brushton-moira

Malone’s Emily Pomainville and Madi Champagne lead a group of runners from Ogdensburg, Brushton-Moira, and Malone. Pomainville placed first, while Champagne finished second. Malone’s Veronica Nichols placed third. The Huskies topped the Panthers 15-50 and beat the Blue Devils 19-42. OFA defeated Brushton-Moira 20-36.  (Gearsbeck photo)  Meet Gallery

A runner from Ogdensburg hustles to the finish line.


Meets of September 9-20, 2014

 NCSN Girls Cross Country Scoreboard


NYS Preliminary Meet at SUNY Canton
Division II - Malone 5th, Gouverneur 6th place (95)
6th - Emily Pomainville, Malone
11th - Cassidy Scott, Canton
19th - Maddie Dow, Potsdam
Division III - Norwood-Norwood 3rd (94 runners)
3rd - Casey Saucier, Norwood-Norfolk
12th - Hannah Grey, Norwood-Norfolk


Malone 24, Potsdam 35
Malone 15, Salmon River 50
Potsdam 15, Salmon River 50
Gouverneur 21, Ogdensburg 34
Gouverneur 15, Tupper Lake 50
Ogdensburg 15, Tupper Lake 50
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Brushton-Moira 50 (inc)
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Canton 50 (incomplete)
Brushton-Moira, Canton (incompletes) 
Complete Girls Varsity & JV Results By Division

Tupper Lake defeats wildcats and Blue Devils  

Gouverneur’s Margeaux Simmons placed first in the season opening meet held in Tupper Lake. She was followed by teammate Gabby Dunkelberg who took second. Tupper Lake’s Tess Klossner captured third place closely followed by Ogdensburg’s Sarah Mitchell. Anana Bishop placed fifth for the Lumberjacks. (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Gouverneur’s Margeaux Simmons sprints into the finish line to capture the win. Tupper Lake swept the senior meet defeating Gouverneur 15-30 and Ogdensburg 15-50. The Wildcats took second beating the Blue Devils 21-34. (Cody Jenne photo) 



SAUCIER & flyers finish 3rd at pre-state invitational

Runners from Norwood-Norfolk lead a pack of competitors during the Section X Pre-State Invitational at SUNY Canton. The Flyers finished 3rd out of 13 teams for Division III schools. Kaycie Saucier finished third overall. Malone and Gouverneur placed fifth and sixth, respectively, out of 13 teams in Division II.  (Drew Gearsbeck photo) Meet Gallery

Gouverneur’s Gabby Dunkelberg helped the Wildcats to a sixth place finish for Division II schools. (Gearsbeck photo)