Malone, Canton, Norwood-Norfolk Win Sectional Class Titles

2013 Girls Final Section X
Cross Country Team Standings

Salmon River
Tupper Lake
 W-L-T Pct.    GB
 8-0-0   1.000   -
 7-1-0     .875   1
 5-3-0     .625   3
 4-3-1     .563   3½
 4-4-0     .500   4
 4-4-0     .500   4
 0-6-2     .125   7
 1-5-2     .250   6
 0-7-1     .063   7½

Canton’s Lauren Pierce (19:11.74) and Norwood-Norfolk’s Kaycie Saucier (19:26.43) placed first and second in the Section X Cross Country Championship meet at Salmon River. The Malone Huskies claimed the Class B title and best team score. Canton captured Class C. Norwood-Norfolk topped Class D.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery


2013 Section X & N.Y.S. Cross Country Championships

  NCSN Girls Cross Country Scoreboard


Class B Finals
Malone finished 10th of 11 teams
Top Malone runners Carrie Pomainville finished 52nd, Emily Pomainville finished 60th of 121
Class C
Canton finished 2nd of 11 teams
Canton's Laura Pierce finished 4th of 130, Rebecca DelRossi finished 27th, Maria Ricalton finished 33rd, Gemma Delrossie finished 40th of 130
Class D
Norwood-Norfolk finished 6th of 10 teams
Top N-N runner Kaycie Saucier finished 10th, Hannah Gray finished 20th of 114.



Sectional X Championships at Salmon River
Class B Championship
Malone 15
Class C Championship
Canton 15
Gouverneur 64
Ogdensburg 74
Potsdam 77
Class D Championship
Norwood-Norfolk 15
Brushton-Moira 46
Top Five Individual Runners
Laura Pierce, Canton 19:11.74
Kaycie Saucier, Norwood-Norfolk 19:26.43
Carrie Pomainville, Malone 19:58.76
Emily Pomainville, Malone 20:17.02
Hannah Gray, Norwood-Norfolk 20:22.31
Complete Section X Girls Championship Results

Malone, Canton, N-N Flyers Win XC Championships

The Malone Huskies had a trio of runners all place within a 90 seconds of the lead, including Carrie and Emily Pomainville and Bekka Bond in third, fourth and sixth places respectively, in forging an overall first-place team finish in the Section X Cross Country championship.  Norwood-Norfolk's Hannah Gray was fifth.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery


Meets of September 10-October 26, 2013

 NCSN Girls Cross Country Scoreboard


Adirondack Invitational at Adirondack HS
Division I
Gouverneur 8th, Carthage 11th, Ogdensburg 13th among 15 teams.
Gouverneur's Margeaux Simmons and Gabby Dunkelburg finished 10th and 11th, while O.F.A's Kurstyn Macaulay placed 25th among 176 runners.
Division II
Norwood-Norfolk finished 4th among eight teams.
N-N's Kaycie Saucier WON the race, teammate Hannah Gray was 5th among 99 runners.



NAC League Championship at SUNY Canton
Malone 36
Canton 44
Norwood-Norfolk 53
Potsdam 116
Ogdensburg 125
Brushton-Moira 138
First Team All-Northerns
Saucier, Kaycie Norwood-Norfolk 18:50.50
Pierce, Laura Canton 18:59.60
Pomainville, Carrie Malone 19:30.60
Gray, Hannah Norwood-Norfolk 19:52.30
Pomainville, Emily Malone 19:55.10
Bond, Bekkah Malone 20:03.70
Simmons, Margeaux Gouverneur 20:04.10
Second Team All-Northerns
DelRossi, Rebecca Canton 20:05.20
Ricalton, Maria Canton 20:05.60
Livernois, Leah Norwood-Norfolk 20:07.70
Bronner, Morgan Malone 20:13.20
Whiteford, Carly Canton 20:15.40
Dunkelberg, Gabby Gouverneur 20:23.80
Champagne, Madeline Malone 20:27.50
Complete Sectional Qualifier Results



Norwood-Norfolk 17, Ogdensburg 44
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Salmon River 50
Ogdensburg 15, Salmon River 50
Brushton-Moira 15, Tupper Lake 50
Brushton-Moira 28, Potsdam 30
Potsdam 15, Tupper Lake 50
Malone 20, Canton 40
Malone 17, Gouverneur 41
Canton 20, Gouverneur 35



Invitational at Salmon River
Malone 34
Canton 59
Norwood-Norfolk 60
Gouverneur 102
Ogdensburg 130
Potsdam 135
Brushton-Moira 152
Top Five Individuals
Laura Pierce, Canton 19:32
Bekka Bond, Malone 19:48
Kaycie Saucier, NN 19:53
Hannah Grey, NN 20:28
Carrie Pomainville, Malone 20:53
Complete Boys & Girls Invitational Results



Beaver River Invitational
Malone 32
Beaver River 69
Norwood-Norfolk 82
South Jefferson 100
Sandy Creek 159
Gouverneur 184
Carthage 187
Ogdensburg 203
Indian River 211
Watertown 214
Adirondack & Potsdam, incomplete
Individual Top 10 Finishers
Malone's Rebekka Bond finished first
N-N's Kaycie Saucier 2nd & Hanna Gray 4th
Malone's Carrie & Emily Pomainville 5th & 6th
Norwood-Norfolk's Leah Livernois placed 9th
Malone's Madeleine Champagne finished 10th.



Gouverneur 25, Brushton-Moira 32
Gouverneur 15, Salmon River 50

Brushton-Moira 15, Salmon River 50
Ogdensburg 15, Potsdam 50
Ogdensburg 15, Canton 50
Canton inc., Potsdam inc.
Malone 15, Tupper Lake 50
Malone 23, Norwood-Norfolk 35
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Tupper Lake 50



Rochester Invitational
Malone placed 36th
Utica Invitational
Canton's Laura Pierce placed 1st out of 131



Norwood-Norfolk 23, Gouverneur 35
Norwood-Norfolk 23, Potsdam 36
Gouverneur 27, Potsdam 28
Malone 20, Ogdensburg 35
Malone 20, Brushton-Moira 35
Brushton-Moira 25, Ogdensburg 30
Canton 15, Tupper Lake 50
Canton 15, Salmon River 50
Tupper Lake inc., Salmon River inc.



Queensbury Invitational
Division II
Laura Pierce of Canton placed 6th of 178 runners
Rebekka Bond of Malone placed 13th
Emily Pomainville of Malone was 16th
Carrie Pomainville of Malone finished 18th
Division III
Gouverneur placed 15th, Ogdensburg 18th



Section X Leagues Meet
Malone 24
Norwood-Norfolk 54
Gouverneur 95
Potsdam 103
Ogdensburg 117
Brushton-Moira 121
Top Five Finishers
Saucier, Kaycie - Norwood-Norfolk 19:23.00
Pierce, Laura - Canton 19:23.50
Bond, Bekkah - Malone 19:35.60
Pomainville, Carrie - Malone 19:57.50
Pomainville, Emily - Malone 20:31.00
Complete Section X Leagues Results



Gouverneur 24, Ogdensburg 31
Gouverneur 15, Tupper Lake 50
Ogdensburg 15, Tupper Lake 50
Malone 15, Potsdam 50
Malone 15, Salmon River 50
Potsdam inc., Salmon River inc.
Norwood-Norfolk 27, Canton 28
Norwood-Norfolk 17, Brushton-Moira 45
Canton 19, Brushton-Moira 36

N-N's Saucier Top Runner; Malone, N-N, Wildcats Tops

Cross Country athletes from Malone, Ogdensburg and Potsdam launch from the starting line to begin the girls varsity portion of the Section X Leagues meet held at SUNY Canton. Norwood-Norfolk’s Kacie Saucier was top runner. The Huskies took the meet with 24 points, followed by the Flyers at 54.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

(Right to left) Norwood-Norfolk’s Kaycie Saucier won the Leagues competition with the fastest time 19:23, followed closely by Canton’s Laura Pierce (19:23:50). Malone’s Bekkah Bond, Carrie Pomainville and Emily Pomanville took third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

Wildcats Race To Win Behind Simmons,Dunkelberg

Gouverneur’s Margeaux Simmons (left) and Gabby Dunkelberg (center) finish first and second, while Ogdensburg’s Sarah Mitchell (center) finished in third in the season-opening meet. The Wildcats swept the meet by defeating the Blue Devils 24-31 and Tupper Lake 15-50.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Gouverneur’s Margeaux Simmons (right) and Gabby Dunkelberg (left) come around the second bend at mid-race, while followed closely by Ogdensburg’s Sarah Mitchell (center). Simmons finished at 23:56 and Dunkelberg at 24:20 in second place. Mitchell landed third at 24:45. All three girls stayed in close contention for the lead throughout the race. Ogdensburg’s Christin McCowley finished fourth and Gouverneur’s Brandy Lamanteer rounded out the top five.


A Gouverneur competitors leads a Norwood-Norfolk runner into the forested portion of the Norwood-Norfolk course. The Flyers (4-0) swept Gouverneur 23-25 and Potsdam 23-26. Gouverneur (3-1) claimed second with a slim 27-28 finish ahead of Potsdam.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

A Gouverneur competitor leads three Flyers runners and a Potsdam athlete into the second bend at the mile point of the course at Norwood-Norfolk. However, N-N’s Kaycie Saucier (20:09) outdistanced the rest of the pack by 44 seconds to claim the individual win in the girls’ meet. Flyer teammate Hannah Gray came in second place with a 53-second lead over Potsdam’s Madi Dow. Gouverneur’s Gaby Dunkelberg clocked in with a fourth-place finish at 21:57, followed by Wildcat teammate Margeaux Simmons 10 seconds later.

Huskies Top Sectional Qualifier & All Northerns

Norwood-Norfolk’s Kaycie Saucier leads Canton’s Laura Pierce past the one-mile marker in the Section X Qualifier Meet at SUNY Canton. Saucier raced to the win, while Pierce placed second and Malone’s Carrie Pomainville finished third. Malone placed three runners in the top-five finishers for team title.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Gouverneur and Malone runners sprint side-by-side to the finish line at Section X Qualifier Meet at SUNY Canton. Malone claimed first-place team honors with 36 points, while Canton pulled in second place at 44 points and Norwood-Norfolk at 59 points. Potsdam, Ogdensburg and Brushton-Moira rounded out the remaining positions.

Malone, Canton, Norwood-Norfolk Rise To XC Top/h3>

Malone’s Bekkah Bond and Carrie Pomainville lead Canton’s Laura Pierce around the two-mile marker in Canton’s Senior meet. Bond won the meet in 19:21, followed by Pomainville at 19:24. Pierce, the top finisher for the Bears, finished third at 19:37. With the sweep, Malone captured the regular-season title.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

A Malone runner leads two Canton runners past the one-mile mark in the Canton home meet at SUNY Canton. The Huskies took the top two individual spots and swept the meet, beating both Gouverneur and Canton. Gouverneur was second, beating the Bears. Malone’s Emily Pomainville pulled in fourth at 20:07, while Canton’s Maria Ricalton rounded out the top five at 20:21. Malone captured five of the first seven positions to dominate the scoring in the first ten slots. Gouverneur’s Margeaux Simmons, Malone’s Morgan Bronner and Madeleine Champagne, Canton’s Carly Whiteford and Gouverneur's Gabby Dunkelberg rounded out the top ten.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Malone, Canton, Norwood-Norfolk Rise To XC Top

Top five finishers in the Salmon River Section X Invitational: Canton’s Laura Pierce clocked the individual best (19:32), followed by Malone’s Bekkah Bond (19:48). Norwood-Norfolk’s Kaycie Saucier (19:53) and Hannah Grey (20:28) placed third and fourth. Malone’s Carrie Pomainville was fifth (20:35).  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

An Ogdensburg runner leads a grouping of competitors from Malone, Norwood-Norfolk, Potsdam and Gouverneur over a hill through a backstretch of the cross country course at Salmon River. At the invitational, 61 girls competed. Malone captured first place with 34 points, followed by Canton with 59. Norwood-Norfolk was third just a point behind at 60, followed by O.F.A., Potsdam and Brushton-Moira.

Gouverneur Improves To 5-1 in Win Over B-M Panthers

Gouverneur seniors Mathalyn Sweet (left ) and Michaela O’Riley (right) celebrate their team’s victory over Brushton-Moira 25-32 on senior night for the Wildcats. Margeaux Simmons finished first the race for the Wildcats (22:57) followed by teammate Gabby Dunkelberg (23:02) in second place.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Game Gallery

Brushton-Moira’s Destiny Ploof crosses the finish line in seventh place overall at 30:31 in a meet against Gouverneur. The Wildcats won a hard-fought meet 25-32. After Margeaux Simmons and Gabby Dunkelberg in the top two positions, Brushton-Moira’s Veronica Stauffer finished in third (24:31) while Gouverneur’s Brandi Lamanteer (24:47) and Brushton-Moira’s Carly Taylor (28:09) rounded out the top five.

Malone Runners Sweep Brushton-Moira and o.f.a.

With the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge over the St. Lawrence River as a backdrop, competition begins to develop as Brushton-Moira’s Veronica Stauffer begins to move through the middle of the pack and ends up in second place at the end of the tri-meet. The Malone team placed first, B-M second.

A group of runners near the head of the pack swing past the Ogdensburg facilities at the U.S.-Canada border. Ogdensburg’s Sara Mitchell finished the race in first place, while Brushton-Moira’s Veronica Stauffer clocked in second. Malone took the next three positions to claim overall first place in team totals. Madeline Champagne rolled in third, Alyson Hyde claimed fourth and Carrie Pomainville crossed the finish line in fifth place. The Huskies improved to 4-0 with 20-35 wins over both Ogdensburg and Brushton-Moira. The Panthers edged ahead of Ogdensburg 25-30.  (Shonn Surber photo)  Meet Gallery