Malone (B), Canton (C), N-N Flyers (D) Win Class Championships

2017 Girls Section X
Final Cross Country Standings

Salmon River
Tupper Lake
 W-L-T Pct.    GB
 8-0-0   1.000   -
 7-1-0     .875   1
 6-2-0     .750   2
 5-3-0     .625   3
 3-4-1     .438   4½
 3-4-1     .438   4½
 1-6-1     .188   6½
 0-6-2     .125   7
 0-7-1     .063   7½

Runners from all nine Section X teams break from the starting line to begin the Section X Girls Cross Country Championship meet at Brushton-Moira.  The Malone Huskies won the Class B Championship with 15 points. The Canton Golden Bears claimed the Class C Championship with just 15 points, while the Norwood-Norfolk Flyers won the Class D Championship recording 18 points. (Sam Wangerin photo) Championship Gallery

Meets Of The 2017 Season

 NCSN Girls Cross Country Scoreboard


Section X Class B Championship
Malone 15
Section X Class C Championship
Canton 15
Potsdam 49
Salmon River 85
Section X Class D Championship
Norwood-Norfolk 18
Brushton-Moira 41
Top 5 Individual Finishes
Grace Bessette (Canton) 19:08
Sydney Levison (NN) 19:11
Madeline Dinneen (NN) 19:31
Arianna Wittaker (Canton) 19:33
Ciera Royce (Canton) 20:16
Complete Results posted shortly



Section X Interdivisional Meet at Canton HS
Canton 25
Norwood-Norfolk 59
Malone 64
Potsdam 100
Brushton-Moira 138
Salmon River 174
Gouverneur incomplete
Ogdensburg incomplete
Tupper Lake incomplete



Malone 15, Salmon River incomplete
Malone 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete
Salmon River inc., Brushton-Moira inc.

Potsdam 15, Ogdensburg incomplete
Potsdam 15, Tupper Lake incomplete
Tupper Lake inc., Ogdensburg inc.
Canton 25, Norwood-Norfolk 32
Canton 15, Gouverneur incomplete
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Gouverneur incomplete



Burnt Hills Invitational - Division II
Canton finished 1st, Malone 9th of 20 teams



Sectionwide Meet at Brushton-Moira
Canton 27
Norwood-Norfolk 53
Malone 64
Potsdam 87
Brushton-Moira 134
Salmon River 175
Ogdensburg incomplete
Gouverneur incomplete
Tupper Lake incomplete 



Beaver River Invitational
Beaver River 33
Canton 51
Norwood-Norfolk 99
South Jefferson 115
Saranac Lake 130
Potsdam 157
Watertown 160
Indian River 212
Salmon River 261



Norwood-Norfolk 26, Malone 31
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Tupper Lake incomplete
Malone 15, Tupper Lake incomplete
Canton 15, Brushton-Moira 50
Canton 15, Ogdensburg incomplete
Brushton-Moira 15, Ogdensburg incomplete
Potsdam 16, Salmon River 44
Potsdam 15, Gouverneur incomplete
Salmon River 15, Gouverneur incomplete



Norwood-Norfolk 15, Salmon River 50
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Ogdensburg 50
Salmon River 15, Ogdensburg 50

Brushton-Moira 15, Gouverneur incomplete
Brushton-Moira 15, Tupper Lake incomplete
Gouverneur inc., Tupper Lake inc.



Canton 15, Malone 48
Canton 15, Potsdam 49
Malone 22, Potsdam 35



Section X Invitational at Canton HS
Canton 30
Norwood-Norfolk 53
Malone 64
Potsdam 104
Ogdensburg 147
Salmon River 175
Brushton-Moira 190
Gouverneur incomplete
Tupper Lake incomplete



Wayne Eagles Invitational
Division I - Canton 14th, Potsdam 25th of 25 teams
Division II - Malone 22nd of 26 teams



Malone 15, Ogdensburg 50
Malone 15, Gouverneur incomplete
Ogdensburg 15, Gouverneur incomplete
Norwood-Norfolk 16, Brushton-Moira 37
Norwood-Norfolk 21, Potsdam 36
Potsdam 17, Brushton-Moira 44



Canton 15, Salmon River 50
Canton 15, Tupper Lake incomplete
Salmon River 15, Tupper Lake incomplete

canton sweeps tri meet to to open 2017 season

Runners from Salmon River, Tupper Lake and Canton break off the starting line to begin the first race of the season on the Canton High School course.  The Golden Bears started the season on a high note, sweeping the first home meet with 15-50 victories over both the Lumberjacks and the Shamrocks. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery

A runner from Canton crosses the finish line in first place to complete the first race of the 2017 season.

norwood-norfolk beats potsdam and b-m in opener

The field of Norwood-Norfolk, Brushton-Moira and Potsdam girls varsity cross-county teams cross the opening stretch of turf. The Flyers picked up 15-50 wins over both the Sandstoners and the Panthers.  Potsdam downed Brushton-Moira for second place.  (Jeff Brashich photo)  Meet Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk's Maddie Dinneen beat the rest of the field with a time of 23:34.  Potsdam's Violet Dean was second at 24:27, followed by the Flyers' Clare Snell at 25:04, Sydney Levison at 25:05 and teammate Lily Palmer at 25:31.  Brushton-Moira's top runner was Keirsten Dabiew who finished eighth in a time of 28:04.


Norwood-Norfolk’s Sydney Levison takes first place with a long lead to finish at 19 min. 37 sec with a 48-second lead. While Norwood-Norfolk claimed the first and second-place runners, Canton produced the lowest team score with 30 points. The Flyers were second at 53, followed by Malone 64, Potsdam 104 and Ogdensburg 147 to round out the top five. (Sam Wangerin photo)  Meet Gallery

Flyers teammate Madelyn Dinneen in second place. Canton posted the next three finishes with Arianna Whitaker at 20:52, Clara Royce at 21:20 and Hannah Tupper 21:36.

Bessette set pace; Malone, Canton, N-N Win titles

Runners from all nine Section X teams break from the starting line to begin the Section X Girls Cross Country Championship meet at Brushton-Moira.  The Malone Huskies won the Class B Championship with 15 points. The Canton Golden Bears claimed the Class C Championship with just 15 points, while the Norwood-Norfolk Flyers won the Class D Championship recording 18 points.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Championship Gallery

Canton's Grace Bessette captured the individual victory in the Section X Cross Country Championship, recording the best time of 19:08, closely followed by Norwood-Norfolk's Sydney Levison posting a 19:11 time.  Norwood-Norfolk's Madeline Dinneen, along with Canton's Ariana Wittaker and Ciera Royce rounded out the top five individual competitors.

canton clinches regular season title with sweep

Runners from Canton, Norwood-Norfolk and Gouverneur dash off the starting line to begin the final tri-meet of the regular season. The Golden Bears earned the team victory sweeping both Norwood-Norfolk 25-32 and Gouverneur 15-50 to capture the regular season championship.  The Flyers picked up second place beating the Wildcats 15-50.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk’s Sydney Levison makes her final burst toward the finish line capturing the individual victory in the tri meet posting a time of 19:42, followed by teammate Madelyn Dinneen with a time of 19:48.  Canton captured the next eight positions to pin down first place in the meet.

N-N'S levison dashes to victory; CANTON TOPS RACE

Runners from across Section X break off the starting line to begin the section-wide invitational at Brushton-Moira. The Canton Golden Bears captured the team victory recording 27 points, followed by Norwood-Norfolk second with 53 points. Malone (64), Potsdam (87) and Brushton-Moira (134) rounded out the top five teams.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery   Complete B-M Girls Invitational Results

Norwood-Norfolk’s Sydney Levison runs through the second stretch of the Brushton-Moira cross country course. Levison topped the individual results, posting a time of 19:25, followed by teammate Madelyn Dinneen with a time of 19:36. Canton’s Grace Bessette, Gouverneur’s Grace Cummings and Canton’s Claira Royce rounded out the top five finishers.

canton sweeps brushton-moira and ogdensburg

Canton teammates run side-by-side while being chased by an Ogdensburg competitor around a bend on the Ogdensburg course. The Golden Bears swept the meet capturing victories over both Ogdensburg 24-31 and incomplete Brushton-Moira 15-50. Ogdensburg claimed second place over Brushton-Moira 15-50. (Jeff Brashich photo) Meet Gallery 

A Canton runner makes a final push toward the finish line to complete the course in Ogdensburg.  Canton claimed seven of the first eight places. Grace Bessette finished with a lead pace of 23:11. Arianna Whitaker and Clara Royce finished second and third for the Bears. Only Ogdensburg’s Lexi Beaulieu broke up a complete sweep by placing fourth with a time of 25:25. Gabbie Walker and Maria Allen, both from Madrid-Waddington, places fifth and sixth for the Canton squad. Olivia Bobbie led the Brushton-Moira corps with a ninth-place finish


Runners from Salmon River, Norwood-Norfolk and Ogdensburg dash off the starting line to begin the tri-meet on the Flyers' course. The Flyers picked up victories over both the Shamrocks and the Blue Devils 15-50.  Salmon River picked up second place over OFA 15-50 as well. (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk’s Sydney Levison and Madeline Dinneen run side-by-side along side the course's treeline. Levison won the meet at 22:44.00, closely followed by Dinneen at 22:44.34.  The Flyers' Clare Snell finished the trifecta at the top with a 24:12 time.  OFA's Lexi Beaulieu clocked in fourth at 24:52 and N-N's Lilly Parmeter was fifth at 26:05. Shannon Ryan was the top Salmon River runner at 28:32 in the 11th spot.

malone picks up wins over gouverneur and o.f.a.

Competitors from Gouverneur, Malone and Ogdensburg dash along the first straight-away to begin the first meet of the season on the Franklin Academy course. The Huskies earned a sweep, capturing victories over both the Blue Devils and the Wildcats 15-50.  Ogdensburg also defeated the Gouverneur 15-50.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery 

Gouverneur's Grace Cummings dashes toward the finish line placing first in the meet in a time of 22:47.9.  Carissa Robistow was second at 23:56, followed by Elara Martin at 24:28, Bethany Poirier at 25:06.6 and Veronica Nichols at 25:06.8 to round out the top five finishers among 15 runners.