Malone, Norwood-Norfolk, Canton Top Interdivisional at Gouverneur

2018 Boys Section X
Final Cross Country Standings

Salmon River
Tupper Lake
 W-L   Pct.    GB
 8-0-0   1.000   -
 7-1-0     .875   1
 5-3-0     .625   3
 5-3-0     .625   3
 5-3-0     .625   3
 3-5-0     .375   5
 2-6-0     .250   6
 1-7-0     .125   7
 0-8-0     .000   8

Ogdensburg's Nathan McNally was top runner at the Section X Boys Cross Country Championship meet, recording a time of 16:48.  McNally was followed by Malone's Dylan Perry in second at 16:58. Malone's Sam Dumas (17:43) and Keegan Reyome (18:04), along with Norwood-Norfolk's Owen Haas (18:11) rounded out the top five individual finishers.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Championship Gallery


Meets of 2018 Season

  NCSN Boys Cross Country Scoreboard


Section X Championships at Canton HS
Class B Championship
Malone 15
Class C Championship
Canton 33
Gouverneur 46
Potsdam 79
Ogdensburg 111
Salmon River 163
Class D Championship
Norwood-Norfolk 19
Tupper Lake 44
Complete Section X Championship Results



Section X Interdivisional at Gouverneur CC
Malone 26
Norwood-Norfolk 52
Canton 86
Gouverneur 103
Potsdam 151
Ogdensburg 157
Salmon River 183
Tupper Lake 201
Brushton-Moira incomplete



Malone 20, Ogdensburg 43
Malone 16, Gouverneur 46
Gouverneur 20, Ogdensburg 42

Potsdam 25, Canton 31
Potsdam 22, Salmon River 33
Canton 23, Salmon River 34

Norwood-Norfolk 15, Tupper Lake 47
Norwood-Norfolk 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete
Tupper Lake 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete



Norwood-Norfolk Invitational
Norwood-Norfolk 25
Gouverneur 40
Ogdensburg 84
Salmon River 90
Brushton-Moira incomplete



Section X Invitational at Canton HS
Malone 22
Canton 72
Norwood-Norfolk 72
Gouverneur 102
Potsdam 149
Ogdensburg 161
Tupper Lake 192
Salmon River 208
Brushton-Moira incomplete



Beaver River Invitational
Beaver River 27
Norwood-Norfolk 96
Canton 103
Carthage 110
Watertown 140
Potsdam 150
Adirondack 169
Holland Patent 186
Indian River 226
APW 279
Complete Team & Individual Results



Malone 15, Norwood-Norfolk 41
Malone 15, Canton 47
Norwood-Norfolk 19, Canton 41

Potsdam 19, Tupper Lake 45
Potsdam 20, Ogdensburg 40
Ogdensburg 23, Tupper Lake 36
Gouverneur 19, Salmon River 39
Gouverneur 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete
Salmon River 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete



Norwood-Norfolk 19, Potsdam 36
Norwood-Norfolk 19, Gouverneur 36
Gouverneur 20, Potsdam 40

Canton 21, Ogdensburg 34
Canton 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete
Ogdensburg 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete
Malone 15, Salmon River 50
Malone 15, Tupper Lake 50
Salmon River 23, Tupper Lake 37



NAC Invitational at Gouverneur
Malone 33
Norwood-Norfolk 54
Canton 68
Gouverneur 107
Potsdam 131
Ogdensburg 158
Salmon River 175
Tupper Lake 233
Brushton-Moira incomplete



Plattsburgh Invitational at SUNY Plattsburgh
Saranac Lake 35
Malone 66
Lake Placid 113
Norwood-Norfolk 148
Beekmantown 156
Seton Catholic 188
Saranac 196
Plattsburgh 212
Peru 249
Potsdam 250
AuSable Valley 257
Ogdensburg 262
Salmon River 290
Galway 293



Canton 26, Gouverneur 29
Canton 19, Tupper Lake 36
Gouverneur 18, Tupper Lake 37
Malone 15, Potsdam 40
Malone 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete
Potsdam 15, Brushton-Moira incomplete

Norwood-Norfolk 20, Ogdensburg 35
Norwood-Norfolk 17, Salmon River 38
Ogdensburg 26, Salmon River 29

Malone takes a win in the try meet at Brushton-moira

The boys race in the cross-country meet at Brushton-Moira gets underway.  A large contingency of Malone players led by Tyler Shorette captured the Huskies sweep of Potsdam 15-40.  Both teams won with Brushton-Moira incomplete.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Meet Gallery

Malone swept the top five spots.  Here Tyler Shorette with the quickest finish in the meet with Sam Dumas second.  Fellow Huskies Dylan Perry was third, Keegan Reyome fourth and Brandon Bombard finished fifth.  Skye Crocker was Potsdam's top runner in sixth, while Coalby Cox was B-M's top runner in eighth place overall.

MCnally tops salmon meet; flyers take first place

Individual winners of the season-opening meet at Salmon River: Left to right in order of finish: Ogdensburg's Nate McNally, who clocked 18:22 and finished first by 39 seconds over the rest of the field, followed by Norwood-Norfolk's Clayton Reed, Levi Sochia, Thomas Hopsicker and Michael Richards; and Salmon River's Shakohentehtha Elijah.  The Flyers won the meet.  (Bob LaRue photo)  Meet Gallery  Complete Results

McNally grabbed the quick lead from the starting line and quickly set the pace from start to finish.


Runners from Tupper Lake, Gouverneur and Canton break off the starting line to begin their first tri-meet and to kickoff the 2018 cross country season in Tupper.  Canton edged Gouverneur 26-29 and beat Tupper 19-36, while Gouverneur downed the Lumberjacks 18-37 in their opening meet.  (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery

Canton's Jaden Caldwell set the pace for the race, finishing at 19:24, while Gouverneur's Cole Shields finished second just 15 seconds off the lead.  Wildcat Carter Baer finished third, followed by Tupper's Patrick Cote fourth and Canton's Richard Pandel in fifth place.

Malone, Canton & Norwood-Norfolk win xc titles

Ogdensburg's Nathan McNally was top runner at the Section X Boys Cross Country Championship meet, recording a time of 16:48.  McNally was followed by Malone's Dylan Perry in second at 16:58. Malone's Sam Dumas (17:43) and Keegan Reyome (18:04), along with Norwood-Norfolk's Owen Haas (18:11) rounded out the top five individual finishers.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Championship Gallery

Ogdensburg's Nathan McNally dashes to the finish line to capture the individual victory in the Section X Championship Meet.  The Malone Huskies captured the Section X Class B Championship, while the Canton Golden Bears took home the Section X Class C title. The Norwood-Norfolk Flyers brought home the Section X Class D Championship.

ALlen EDGES crocker at FINISH to win by one sec.

Canton’s Timmy Allen leads Potsdam’s Skye Crocker to the finish line, posting a time of 18:12, to pick up the individual points in the tri-meet. Crocker took second place recording a time of 18:13. Potsdam’s Dean Finnigan (19:19), Hayden Trejos (19:26) and Canton’s Robert Reed (19:27) rounded out the top five. (Cody Jenne photo) Game Gallery 

Athletes from Salmon River, Potsdam and Canton burst off the starting line to begin the tri meet at the Potsdam Cross Country Course along the Raquette River. The Potsdam Sandstoners captured victories over both the Salmon River Shamrocks 22-33 and the Canton Golden Bears 25-31.  The Golden Bears defeated the Shamrocks 23-34 to take second place.

Malone claims TOP SPOT, CANTON 2ND AT invitational

Runners from across Section X fire off the starting line to begin the Section X Invitational on the Canton Cross Country Course.  The Malone Huskies captured the team victory with 22 points, while Canton claimed second place with higher positions with 72 points than Norwood-Norfolk in third, also with 72 points.  Gouverneur (102) and Potsdam (149) rounded out the top five team finishes.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Ogdensburg’s Nathan McNally dashes across the finish line in a time of 17:20, thirty seconds ahead of the rest of the pack.  Malone's Dylan Perry finished at 17:50, followed by the Huskies' Sam Dumas, Keegan Reome and Brandon Bombard, claiming the top-five places in the Section X invitational.  Cole Siebels was Gouverneur's top runner in sixth place.


 Runners from host Norwood-Norfolk, Canton and Malone head into the back woods during their tri-meet in a regular-season battle of the unbeaten.  Malone beat Norwood-Norfolk 15-41 and Canton 15-47 to improve to 6-0.  The Flyers claimed second place with a 19-41 win over Canton.  (Sam Wangerin photo)  Meet Gallery

Malone captured the first five finishes, led by Dylan Perry with a time of 17:39, followed by teammate Sam Dumas, 23 seconds off the lead pace, and third place Tyler Shorette at 18:11.  The top finisher for Norwood-Norfolk was Clayton Reed who finished sixth.  The top runner for Canton was Timmy Allen who finished in seventh place of 42 competitors.

Potsdam RUNs TO wins over tupper lake and o.f.a.

Runners from Ogdensburg, Tupper Lake and Ogdensburg dash off the starting line to begin the tri-meet at the scenic Potsdam Cross Country course, along the Raquette River. The Sandstoners swept the tri-meet claiming victories over the Blue Devils 20-40 and the Lumberjacks 19-45. Ogdensburg captured second place over Tupper Lake 23-36.  (Cody Jenne photo) Meet Gallery 

Ogdensburg’s Nathan McNally makes his final push toward the finish line, winning individually posting a time of 17:40.  Potsdam’s Skye Crocket finished second at 18:59, followed by teammate Fin Dean at 19:58. Ethan Plague finished fifth and Hayden Trejos 6th to contribute to the Potsdam win.

norwood-norfolk sweeps gouvERNEUR & Potsdam

Runners from Potsdam, Norwood-Norfolk and Gouverneur dash into the third bend of the Norwood-Norfolk Cross Country Course to start the tri meet. The Flyers swept both the Sandstoners and the Wildcats, both 19-36, for the team victory. The Wildcats came in second place defeating the Sandstoners 20-40.  (Cody Jenne photo)  Meet Gallery

Norwood-Norfolk’s Clayton Bond sprints into the home stretch of the meet, leading individually with a time of 15:13.  Bond was followed by Gouverneur’s Cole Seibeis with a time of 15:24. Potsdam’s Skye Crocker, Norwood-Norfolk’s Thomas Hopsicker and Owen Hass rounded out the top five finishes.

 mcnally wins invitational; malone wins team scores

Ogdensburg’s Nathan McNally celebrates winning the first Northern Athletic Conference invitational of the season with a time of 17:47. He was followed by Malone’s Sam Dumas in second and Dylan Perry in third. Norwood-Norfolk’s Clayton Reed took fourth, while Malone’s Keegan Reyome rounded out the top five. (Jenne photo) Meet Gallery  Complete Results

Ogdensburg’s Nate McNally dashes across the finish line capturing the win in the Northern Athletic Conference invitational at the Gouverneur Cross Country course.  After a three-way challenge for much of the race, before McNally pulled away for a 22-second margin.  The Malone Huskies took home the team victory with 33 points, while Norwood-Norfolk placed second with 54 points. Canton (68), Gouverneur (107) and Potsdam (131) rounded out the top five team finishes.